Jul 17, 2017

Paranormal Author F. P. Dorchak, 7/16/17 - Twilight Zone, Floats, Weird things happen

“There is nothing in the dark that isn't there when the lights are on.” - Rod Serling

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Main Street Galleria - Ice Cream,
Fudge, Candy ... Soda Fountain.
Ghost Tales of Weston - Dinner and Ghost Walking Tour.
Plan now

Andy and I went for a drive Saturday afternoon and stopped in to see Verna at Main Street Galleria, home of the haunted Captain's Desk and great fudge. Yum to go. Chocolate Brownie Fudge. (Yes, you can order online.)

Here's a post from a few years ago (Already!) with a few of the quirky antics from that event. Link.

Some haunted regional (hotel/business) sites keep a low profile (including some in Weston), preferring to avoid the label and/or rely on word-of-mouth. CJonline

Dinner Theater Reservations
Those who are comfortable with public visits may also be open to Q and A but not paranormal groups.

It's a mixed bag. Do your homework and inquire in advance. There are listings for many places and those who invite paranormal groups often advertise their availability.

In Weston, we picked up some fantastic smelling candles from (actively haunted) Weston Bend Candle Company

The owner says they have more stories to add for this tour. 2016 Video interview w/Kathy Quinn of KC's Fox 4
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Wendy's Coffeehouse 7/16/17 interview - Paranormal Author F. P. (Frank) Dorchak

Frank and I have a few things in common - including being fans of The Twilight Zone (I had to sneak out of bed to watch the show - long story.), a love for writing scary stories as kids and experiencing all manner of strange and unusual things.

He also does the isolation floats so I was looking forward to sharing and comparing our experiences. Float number 8, Frank's Blog. We have had some interesting incidents but he has an even better resource in a float diary he's been keeping. For the whole story, start at the beginning and chart the progress. This is why we float. Frank's other Blog, Float 1 -7.

I think I am at about 8 or 10 and it continues to shift and change each and every time. Great for decompressing and unwinding. Always relaxing, no matter what the encounter. Floating KC offers a special rate for first timers, 30 percent off, if you mention the show or this post. 

Haunts, frights, weird, disturbing, mind-bending, Frank peppers his stories with personal incidents. We talk about a few, including a disappearing grape and the reappearing ring.

That ring story isn't so far out when compared to one I posted about Psychic Spy/Remote Viewer Lyn Buchanan who talked with Jeffrey Mishlove about the reaction he got when he perfected his PK talent of putting a rock through a metal plate. Blog Post. Unappreciated to say the least.

Preview of Frank's Book - 'Sleepwalkers' -

Interview highlights include Frank's brother - and the Silver Man sighting and a visitation from dancing Vaudevillians. He includes some of the strange encounters he has experienced in his books as part of the storyline. Which book and what encounter? You'll have to follow-up with Frank. Link.

A collection of short stories is due out this fall, 'Do the Dead Dream?' ... Asking me? Depends on POV and definition of "Dead"... We've got a lot to learn about consciousness, reality, the dream plane and non-corporeal states and abilities. We might be their dream. Imagination is limitless.

Check out some of Frank's stories and his float experiences on his blog: Reality Check

Exciting times we are living.

*Next interview with Frank will give us a chance to share more stories. September 6, 9p central Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett on Empower Radio. 

Join me for the live show or catch the podcast download 24/7
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