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2017 Schedule

“The important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existence. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day.

- "Old Man's Advice to Youth: 'Never Lose a Holy Curiosity.'" LIFE Magazine (2 May 1955) p. 64”

- Albert Einstein

Guest list -- 2017

1/22 - Irma Slage - A guide to having your own psychic contact: Smashwords
1/29 - Nancy Talbott on Cognitive Dissonance (Crop Circles) - BLT Research
2/5 - Hans Wilhelm - Inspired and inspiring vbook - LifeExplained 

2/12 - Kewaunee and Kelly Lapseritis - The Sasquatch People
2/19 - Retired Literary Agent Sandra Martin and her who's who list of clients from the New Age, Conspiracy, Paranormal Categories - Snapshots: Memories and Recipes

2/26 - Richard Gordon - details his newest energy healing insight/and more Quantum Touch
Cameo by Energy Healer Edd Edwards.

3/5 - PMH Atwater - Proof of God in the near death experience
3/12 - Leslie Kean - New book 3/7/17 - Surviving Death
3/19 - Stan Seba and Nancy DeSousa - Kansas MUFON - update on a photo I submitted.
3/26 - Krsanna Duran - UFO Initiation Ultraterrestrial Time Travelers

4/2 - Mike Clelland - The Messengers - Owls and ETs
4/9 - Gary Wimmer - NDE changed his life. Lithomancy, Intuitive, Psychic
4/16 - Nick Redfern - 365 Days of UFOs
4/23 - PMH Atwater - A Manual for Developing Humans (NEW)
4/30 - Carl Greer PhD, PsyD - Change the Story of Your Health (NEW)

5/7 - John DeSouza - FBI (retired) X-Man - UFOs, Extra-Dimensionals and X-files
5/14 - Atherton Drenth - Clairvoyant and Medical Intuitive
5/21 - Michael Grosso - The Man Who Could Fly
5/28 - Lance Mungia - Psychic Spies in the CIA - Documentary: Third Eye Spies

6/4 - J.M. DeBord - Dream Interpretation Dictionary. Follow on Twitter. Even old school Dream workers will learn a thing or two with this approach.
6/11 - Blynne Olivieri - Ingo Swann Collection, Ingram Library UWG 
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6/18 - Russell Brinegar - Overlords of the Singularity. NDE and Non-fiction experiences with UFO and Paranormal.
6/25 - Patti Conklin - Medical Intuitive Healer. The word Extraordinary applies. Patti has been compared to John of God.

7/2 - Garnet Schulhauser has a fantastic story about connecting with his Spirit Guide Albert who appeared in physical form and then proceeded to take him on an incredible journey.
7/9 - Wendie Colter - Intuitive, Clairvoyant. Currently writing her first book based on her experiences as a medical intuitive, healer and teacher. Available for readings by appointment. The Practical Path
7/16 - F. P. (Frank) Dorchak, Paranormal Author: Sleepwakers. Talking writing, blogging and our Float experiences/note: his blog post may not remain. He's merging content to the new website.
7/23 - Jason DeBord Dream Interpretation - The Dream Theater. Revisiting dreams.
7/30 - New intro/Replay Nancy Talbott Crop Circles. She's seen one being formed. Still unexplained. 

8/6 - Jon Kelly, Reverse Speech Analyst: Your Inner Voice and NewsInsideOut
8/13 - Stanley Krippner Ph.D. - The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder
8/20 - Chad and Alta Dillard - Orbducted in the French Quarter. Paranormal, UFO, Unexplained - 'High Strangeness' overload. Audio Interview Podcast Episode 25/The Confessionals.
Book available in Etsy

8/27 - Rey Hernandez - Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters/FREE at Experiencer.Org. UFO Contactee studies ongoing. Results suggest the phenom is happening on multiple levels of awareness. Consciousness Studies

9/3 - Dr. Richard House - (Real name) Voice told him when he was a teenager, he would die at age 33. He did. NDE. Then he came back to a life shift and an extraordinary mystic awakening, Between Now and When
9/10 - Annie Kagan - The Afterlife of Billy Fingers, life after death revelations from a brother who checks back in. Book Promo on YouTube
9/17 - Fate Magazine Editor-in-Chief, Phyllis Galde
9/24 - Brent Raynes, Publisher, Editor - Alternate Perceptions Magazine  

10/1 - Ghost Tales of Weston, MO.
10/8 - Steve Hammons, Blog Communications Professional, Writer, Editor, Journalist, Novelist: Mission into Light and Light's Hand
10/15 - Keith Linder, Living with a Poltergeist/Supernatural Magazine, Q13Fox, and Demons in Seattle/Ghost Adventures
10/22 - Bruce Gernon, YouTube recounts his incredible experience, Home Site/Electronic Fog, Beyond the Bermuda Triangle
10/29 - Kathleen Odom Bio, (also featured in Video), Letters from the Big Man Trailer, Sasquatch Film Site

11/1 - Elaine Clayton, Intuition Art, Making Marks. Pugs, Art, Intuition and Creativity - Revealing the inner self through doodles. Reading the symbols via lines, squiggles, curly q's and circles. Enlightenment in Art form. (Rescheduled - January 2018) 
11/12 - Curtis Rivers, Seven Paths to Freedom. "carefully written to enhance your life; it subtly shifts any fear based programming that is sub-consciously holding you back." Empowering insight from an accomplished, motivated and dynamic Stuntman - The Stunts
11/19 - Nauman Naeem, Dr. Naeem is a critical care specialist, pulmonologist and palliative care specialist, whose unique insights into healing stem from caring for tens of thousands of critically and chronically ill patients for more than a decade in two countries. Healing from the Inside Out. Amazon 9/17 Link between negative emotions and disease? Blog
11/26 - Dr. Scott Kolbaba, Physicians' Untold Stories: Miraculous experiences doctors are hesitant to share with their patients, or ANYONE!
12/3 - Jean Walker, Family Secrets, Mike Clelland's post
12/10 - Cheryl Costa, Author, Blogger, UFO Columnist, Syracuse NewTimes
12/17 - Lynn Andrews and Robert Taylor, Sacred Vision Oracle Cards - Shamanism
12/22 - James Schwartz, Hypnotherapist Blog: "Actual transcripts of clients experiencing the phenomena of visiting different planes of existence during their hypnosis sessions." One Voice, Sacred Wisdom 
12/31 - Highlights from 3 2017 Interviews TBA

ETC - The 2018 schedule is coming - January is full. 

Undated - Joe Slate, PhD, Self Empowerment, PSI, Reincarnation, Psychic Vampires, etc.

Belinda Womack, Angel Messengers - 10/13 Conscious Living - 9pm Empower Radio Message from the 12 Archangels

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