Jul 7, 2017

SciXFriday - Film Short and a Paranormal blend

"Either that wallpaper goes, or I do." - Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Irish dramatist. As he lay dying in Paris ... and so he went ...

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Discovered a new cache of Paranormal true stories filed in the now defunct Open Vault/X-Project Paranormal Magazine. On that site, I chose this sample: Gravity.

Here's the deal. Gravity is a similar theme in the story I heard regarding a local case from 2009. I tagged along as Psychic with a KC paranormal group on their investigation at the KU campus in Lawrence. (I've spoken with Rob Garcia of Elite Paranormal about his EVP work.)

An aside from the official report, the on-site handyman shared his story, including several experiences that spooked him. He says one that first got his attention was hearing a screw fall off a table and hit the floor behind him as he stood on a ladder facing the wall.

Alone in the building and working late, the sound echoed in the room. Gave him chills, because he knew he had deliberately put the screws far enough from the edge to avoid having them fall off.

No fan running. Nothing he knew of could have re-positioned a screw close enough to the edge to drop on the floor. Mind blown.

He made several unsuccessful attempts to recreate the action. Turns out it did repeat itself. Again, when he was up on the ladder, back turned. Even more challenging, his experience of someone touching him, usually on the ear, while he cat-napped on the couch. Also heard a voice whisper to him.

When the team showed up to present the findings recorded during the investigation, my necklace fell off and into my shirt as had happened during my first visit to the space. As I recall, the fastener had to be unscrewed. Thank you, Ghost. The story link was posted on Lawrence Journal World.

Lawrence, KS. has several known haunted sites. Another is The Eldridge Hotel

Are you psychic? Some people don't admit it. And for good reason. Check out Psychic Spy, Lyn Buchanan's interview with Jeffrey Mishlove. He details a PK experience that got him in trouble as a kid when the adults found his abilities too frightening to consider "normal".  More information on Remote Viewing and Lyn Buchanan and his work: Link  


Story to share? Checking to see if there is enough interest to start a forum or expand to include more topics on Wendy's Coffeehouse. Spooky, True, Mind-shift, Curious - PG Rating.

PSI, Spooky, UFO, Unexplained. Send your experience and contact info. Must be public (real name) with the story. Email me: Wendy.Garrett@cumulus.com


Checking in and out ... Sci-Fi short film, an award winner.

Multi-Award Winner - Filmmaker Michael Ozmun
Submissions are open now for 2018 Philip K. Dick Film Festival

From Science Fiction to Science now. BuzzFeed. A favorite I have yet to try: Indoor Skydiving =  Anti-gravity room from Ender's Game (Excellent film).

If Science Fiction drives reality, The Guardian, it can't hurt to lighten it up a bit. Submitting
Galaxy Quest. Have fun Trivia Fans.

When/if hope still threatens to bail, Sci-Fi Comedy detours to The Men Who Stare at Goats/Trailer. Behind the scenes insight. Declassified (2010) Truer than fiction had any clue at the time, Wired.

Case in point: Revisit Lyn Buchanan in the above links. And Check out the rest of the story now that the CIA has dumped a few formerly classified files about the project. Update coming soon: Third Eye Spies.

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7/16 - F. P. (Frank) Dorchak, Paranormal Author: Sleepwakers. Talking writing, blogging and our Float experiences/note: his blog post may not remain. He's merging content to the new website.

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