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Jun 22, 2018

SciXFriday - Strange, Unusual, Aliens and Spirits - Totally Unexplained and Beyond Curious - Updated Repost

“Other cultures have always known that there were other realities,” he told the Seattle conference, “other beings, other dimensions. There is a world of other dimensions, of other realities that can cross over into our world.”- John E. Mack, The Aliens are Always with Us by Bryan Appleyard, Originally published in The London Times

TBS Alien Therapy Cancelled - Hollywood Reporter says People of Earth has been UNRenewed for Season 3. Help: Follow Jeff [fan] on Twitter and Ken Hall and Conan O'Brien and whomever else might shout loud in protest. The petition to Syfy - needs some attention.

Oddsnends - 

  • Invisibility Cloak progress. (No doubt ET has already mastered this.) Geek
  • "We saw these radar signatures telling us there’s water, but we thought it was impossible that there could be liquid water underneath this ice, where it is below -10C.”  Score points for Alien Life and hidden potential. ATTNet
  • How the 'Gorilla Effect' could be preventing Humans from 'seeing' ET. Newsweek
  • 3D Motion tracking from radio signals off of the body - even works through walls. WiTrack Via Bill Gross on Twitter
  • AI - (r)evolution - Natural Selection replaced by Intelligent Design. Shift in authority from humans to algorithms - Prof. Yuval Noah Harari
  • AI - can predict death and it could be a life saver. Futurism
  • Lost in Space Reboot. On Netflix now. (April 13) CNN
  • Signing "Goodbye" - The amazing Koko, the Gorilla who knew sign language has died. UPI
  • Cue Mission Impossible Theme for Daredevil Rat. Buzz60/SFGate
... what if? A young man and his friends experiment in Toronto, Canada with human-initiated contact techniques in an attempt to develop a peaceful relationship with extra-terrestrials.

A film by Mitch Fillion

NOTE: At the :35:30 mark in the film, Nick Pope talks about (Rendlesham Forest) witnesses who saw a UFO shining light beams on the ground in front of them. That sounds very similar to the light beams witnessed by Orville and Cheryl Murphy at the Board Camp Crystal Mine. The source of those lights remains unexplained. Their story: Beams, is on Amazon Kindle.

I did visit the site and will reconnect on 7/15/18. [Previous interview link/Wendy's Coffeehouse.] Board Camp Crystal Mine is open daily for tours and crystal digs. Visible Sasquatch activity is drawing tremendous interest from paranormal groups and research with that is ongoing.

FYI - Here's an opportunity. Huff Post Guest Writer. Example: This submission from Gayle Saks: I Thought Mediums were Frauds Until I Met One Who Knew Things She Couldn't Have Known.

"With only five minutes left until we wrapped up, the medium invited all of our dead pets to join us and people actually looked toward the empty aisles and smiled as she described being able to see them happily run around the room."
... That wasn't one of the things ... Link

Marisa Ryan, Psychic Medium says her experience with ET/Aliens didn't start until after she attended a UFO Conference. Take note of that. There is something to be said for receptivity, access, awareness and proximity.

News and Notable
- Stories from the Messengers. Mike Clelland's newest book is out (Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview on the first book)

Says Mike: "My pal Red Pill Junkie just posted a full chapter from my new book on The Daily Grail."

[He wrote this in the article: “If it’s not weird, I don’t trust it.”

Our neighborhood Owl - also dropped by the day
we left for Sedona vacation.
 Synchronicity = Condo Décor theme:  Owls.
  (UFO pic coming.) - wendy
That was the motto of Anne Strieber, the late wife of author Whitley Strieber, and her way to deal with the hundreds of claims of non-human intervention she and her husband received from the readers of Communion.

Mike Clelland, author of The Messengers, totally agrees with this idea—though he probably would add “and if it doesn’t have owls, I trust it even less.”]

Preview on The Daily Grail: Link

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Jun 20, 2018

Interview Repost from the archives - Jean Walker: Family Secrets, a lifetime of paranormal encounters

“He knew perfectly well (even if he wasn’t inclined to admit it) that the material body
had a spiritual aspect. He knew that “spirit,” however explained, was real, because of his own undeniable experiences - which, though he might suppress them, he couldn’t altogether erase from memory.” - Sol Luckman, Snooze: A Story of Awakening, Author reading his work: Sol Luckman on YouTube

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Missouri native Jean Walker - Family Secrets

OddsnEnds -
  • Cat and Mouse - we are and/or we are not (US Military) tracking UFOs. Depends on when you ask and who is doing the replying. Newsweek has this interesting article detailing a change on the website documents, scrubbing the reference to UFO. That story and more in a Newsweek special edition exploring: Life Beyond Earth 
  • Explore archives of the unexplained and curious. John Greenewald, creator of The Black Vault, has compiled nearly 2 million pages and more than 1.4 million declassified government documents on the site.
  • Example of the content includes - Mystery lights and a UFO sighting. Photo from 1997, appx. TBV
  • Botnik, the content creator bot, is writing stories and entering contests. Vice
  • Follow Botnik on Twitter
  • Photo of the week keeper - Side by side smiles. Little girl and a lovely candid photobomber.  

In this video, Jean Walker shares her story. She worked with her brother to recover some of the childhood memories.

Jean's stories cover a wide variety of encounters. Her grandmother was incredibly psychic and that relationship offered a positive PSI influence.

Jean remembers being followed by an alien and afraid of him. She said he was small in stature, wore a silver suit and hid out in a pond. She also talks about seeing fairies, a Bigfoot sighting and more. A MUFON investigator, she is currently tracking several interesting cases.

-- Jean works with Missouri MUFON investigator Margie Kay -- a subsequent interview detailed cases and other experiences the two have had together while researching or attending other events. Missouri MUFON

Jean Walker's book is available on Amazon
Connect: Jean's Website

Here's a link for my interview with Marcia Schafer. She also remembers contact from early childhood: Wendy's Coffeehouse: How Extraterrestrial reality is shaping our future
-- As promised, links for some of the books I noted prior to our interview. Just the usual homework I work with.

Richard Bach says it took him several decades to realize he had a Guardian Angel. Life with my Guardian Angel: Richard Bach

A new find, the best I have seen incorporating dowsing techniques and spirit work. Spirit Rescue - A Dowser's Ghostly Encounters, Tick Gaudreau - Interview scheduled August 5, 2018

Far Journeys - Robert Monroe
Journey of Souls - Michael Newton
The PK Man - Ted Owens. When I interviewed author Jeffrey Mishlove (Wendy's Coffeehouse) about his experience with Ted, we didn't mention the students Ted worked with. However, there is a comment in the book from a former student who ceased contact with Ted and the inference is telling. He notes a pattern of deaths associated with Ted: Andy Eastman
Here's another account from someone who connected with Ted is posted on WilliamJames.com
Ted claims he had assistance from ET sources/Space Intelligences. His first book provided instructions on how to contact SIs. How to Contact The Space People

Ingo Swann addresses the ET aspect in his book, Penetration

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Jun 17, 2018

John DeSouza, FBI (retired) X-Man - Extra-Dimensionals, UFOs and X-files - Archive Re-Broadcast

“Do you ever wonder if--well, if there are people living on the third planet?'
'The third planet is incapable of supporting life,' stated the husband patiently. 'Our scientists have said there's far too much oxygen in their atmosphere.” - Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles

Wendy's Coffeehouse 5/7/17 Podcast Interview with John Desouza, X-Man

 - News, notes, odds, ends and otherwise -
  • Real and Unreal? Head Transplant. Doctor on board. Volunteer Human patient ready. Did not watch and not going to post here, videos of the animals who have been subjected to this procedure. Chinese Media following at CCTV
  • Ghost Busted - Little girl seen on trail cam is exactly what she seems. USA Today
  • Other headlines (Nessie Sighting, etc.) I referred to from a previous post. Wendy's Coffeehouse
  • Recent Kansas UFO sightings in Hutchinson and Lansing. UFO Stalker As of 5/2017 - the original time of this post - sightings are up 31 percent over the previous year.
  • California is the UFO hot spot CBS News, according to the new UFO Desk ReferenceNew York Times 
  • Reviewer Earl Grey says - (Yes, we like the name.) "As a member of The Board Of Directors of MUFON Los Angeles, I'm always searching for scientific works on the phenomenon. Cheryl Costa and Linda Miller have provided a great resource to anyone interested in the field. The Desk Reference notates every reported UFO sighting in The United States over the last 16 years." - Cheryl Costa saw her first UFO when she was 12, she's Co-author of the Reference book. Follow her at Syracuse New Times 
  • Not a UFO just a humble critter being a nuisance and a story that shows...for what it's worth...most of us probably had a better week than this guy, who started a fire to scare away opossums and destroyed his house. One injured Firefighter. No word on the opossum/s.
My guest for this interview, John DeSouza, is also featured in an interview - much longer - with Kerry Cassidy. They have time to cover more background.

Barring any unforeseen complications or holidays, Podcast uploads are usually available in the next 24 hours following the show.

20 years of X-Files. Retired (FBI) X-Man, John DeSouza, has a fantastic archive to pull from. Site: Tama Books

Available on Amazon, The Extra-Dimensionals: True Tales And Concepts of Alien Visitors and The Para-Investigators: 52 True Tales And Concepts of Supernaturally Gifted Investigators

Amazon link
DeSouza's jaw-dropping encounter (two) as a kid gives him a unique, insider's perspective on UFOs. Experience changes everything.

He advocates ASAP reclassification of UFOs and urges preparing for engagement. They're out there - and they're here.

Background links for topics we hit during the show:

The Vault and the smoking gun "a memorandum of importance" - 7/8/1947, the most popular item in the library. P. 22, 6751
Men in Black, Nick Redfern's Blog
Kathleen Marden, Niece of Betty and Barney Hill
Richard Jewel, NYTimes Obit/2007 - NYTimes Video/The Wrong Man

And the kicker from the book that we ran out of time to explore - "Roswell was a multi-layered PSYOP." 

More books are in the pipeline. 

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