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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Russell Brinegar's 'Overlords of the Singularity' Chapter 4, excerpt 3/3

“I believe there is a machinery of mass manipulation behind the UFO phenomenon.” - Dr. Jacques Vallee

As one might imagine, coming face-to-face with a transcended version of yourself in a near death experience might trigger an intense reconfiguring of "reality"... And that is what happened for Russell Brinegar. Russell shared details about that Experience on this video: Youtube

He thinks differently about life now, asking radically different questions and entertaining broader ranges of possibilities. Getting a glimpse of that expanded framework he's navigating to connect the dots involves tracking his footsteps.

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Russell Brinegar

I thank him for giving me permission to share a bit of his work here. Enjoy.

Overlords of the Singularity: The Manipulation of Humankind by Hidden UFO Intelligences 
and the Quest for Transcendence - Amazon

Chapter 4, Excerpt 3/3
UFOs and the Technological Singularity

In SUPERINTELLIGENCE, Dr. Bostrom writes (chapter 6, audible):

Consider a super-intelligent agent with actuators connected to a nano-tech assembler.  Such an agent is already powerful enough to overcome any natural obstacles to its indefinite survival.  Faced with no intelligent opposition, such an agent could plot a safe course of development that would lead to its acquiring the complete inventory of technologies that would be useful to the attainment of its goals.  For example, it could develop the technology to build and launch von Neumann probes, machines capable of interstellar travel, who can use resources such as asteroids, planets, and stars to make copies of themselves. By launching one von Neumann probe, the agent would thus initiate an open-ended process of space colonization. The replicating probe’s descendants, traveling at some significant fraction of the speed of light, would end up colonizing a substantial portion of the Hubble Volume.    

In other words, as we speak, our universe may be dominated by artificial superintelligence, likely invisible, that may be manipulating biological populations toward their own goals in a way that is difficult to ascertain. 

Another Singularitarian voice of concern in the AI community is Eliezer Yudkowsky, cofounder of Machine Intelligence Research Institute, whose work as a research fellow involves many concerns for self-aware AI. These concerns include complex subjects such as Artificial Intelligence Theory for Self-awareness, AI self-modification, recursive self-improvement, artificial intelligence architectures, and decision theories for stable motivational structures, with focus on Friendly AI and Eliezer Yudkowsky’s concept of Coherent Extrapolated Volition (CEV). 

In SUPERINTELLIGENCE, Bostrom also elaborates many concerns that AI researchers like himself, Yudkowsky, Omohundro, and others are involved with. One important issue is that human beings may not, at this point in time, practice an advanced form of morality.

This poses an important question - Do we really want our artificial intelligence to act just as we do with our current system of ethics, or do we want AI to operate from a set of ethics that is billions of times more advanced than humans, in accordance to its superior knowledge? That is, we might not want to impart our current brand of morality and decision-making methods into self-aware AI that possesses the sum total of all human knowledge. 
Yudkowsky’s Coherent Extrapolated Volition makes an allowance in the programming for the AI to make choices, not on our current state of knowledge and morality, but on the morality constructed by the human-created AI itself based on more knowledge and information than can fit into a non-augmented human brain. In other words, when we make our first “seed AI,” it will be invested with evolutionary algorithms and powers of self-replication that will promote a rapid advance through several generations of improvements with the power to make its own decisions. 

What concerned AI researchers like Nick Bostrom, Eliezer Yudkowsky, Steve Omohundro, Elon Musk, and others are trying to prevent is runaway AI that expands in intelligence so rapidly without the proper ethical precautions installed that it simply decides to rearrange the atoms in all life on the planet into something that it finds more useful for its own reasons and purposes.

It only takes a little imagination to realize the full implications of all this as it pertains to the true nature of the universe in which we find ourselves. Even though everything in me rejected the idea at first, it really isn’t that far out to envision an ancient, runaway artificial superintelligence, an advanced alien creation from a previous universe that existed prior to our Big Bang, an intelligence with powers of evolutionary self-improvement and self-replication, billions or trillions of times smarter than its original creators, that decided independently long ago to create its own universe (ours). 

This superintelligence could have rearranged or even created atoms, along with designing the laws of physics that govern our universe, to convert them into stars, planets, and the production of biological organisms, using subatomic particles for computation, i.e., femptotechnology, for its own reasons.  Simply put, what we have always thought of as “God” might actually be a machine.  

Our universe, with its exact parameters that we are just now ascertaining that allowed the stable formation of  stars, planets, and biological life, might actually represent the latest product of such runaway AI from a previous universe, a vast superintelligence that was originally created by an unknown entity that we can only imagine and may never understand. 

It brings to mind the biblical prophecy of a “New Heaven and a New Earth” as the artificial superintelligence that produced this current universe self-replicates into a new generational universe in the future with brand new parameters, new physics, and new problems to solve using its incomprehensible powers of computation. 

Perhaps the problem that this universe is designed to solve is an understanding of Good and Evil.  Observing the dualistic nature of the current universe, we do have reason to believe that the current problem this universe was designed to solve lies somewhere in this realm. In what we humans would call the distant future, having finally achieved an understanding of this problem of Good vs Evil, a new and possibly even more complex problem will emerge as the new focus.

At that point, having solved the problem of Good vs Evil with this universe, perhaps a new universe will be designed and created, and we will be one step closer to the goal, whatever that is, possibly the eventual acquisition and assimilation of total cosmic knowledge. I say “we,” because the most exotic possibility of all is that we humans might actually be a part of the superintelligence that originally created the universe. If so, all biological life, including humans, may simply be computational components that serve the purpose of solving the problem the universe was designed to solve through computation using subatomic particles as bits of data.                
Since this current generational version of existence, which we call our universe is, by our best calculations, about 13.7 billion years old, plenty of time has elapsed since the last Big Bang that would have allowed a civilization in this universe to have already achieved their own technological singularity. Perhaps they set out to explore the rest of this universe long ago. Perhaps they were the ones who actually created this universe as a “lifeboat” to escape the realm in which they previously existed, prior to the creation of our universe. 

If this is the case, and post-singularity machine intelligence is the dominant lifeform in this universe, humans on Earth are but the stragglers in a pre-singularity, larval, biological condition, a primitive lifeform that remains contained within a fragile, vulnerable, mortal, pre-silicon substrate. Independent-thinking, post-singularity, self-replicating von Neumann probes arriving on Earth millions or billions of years ago as advanced robotic and/or interdimensional intelligences that we humans have not as yet been able to detect due to insufficient intelligence and technology to peer into interdimensional realms, could easily exist here on Earth now and we wouldn’t even know it.

Perhaps a civilization out there in the universe somewhere reached their technological singularity before our own solar system was even formed. These probes, a synthesis of extraterrestrial technology and alien super-consciousness, might have even been capable of taking part in the intelligent construction of our solar system in order for it to become hospitable to their larval offspring - biological life. 

A growing number of researchers have concluded that it is very possible that our planet was seeded by someone approximately 542 million years ago with the original 30+ phyla that appeared so suddenly.  The late Lloyd Pye explored this concept with his Intervention Theory, and has a nice ebook online that details his thoughts about it. According to Dr.Rhawn Joseph, author of Astrobiology, the Origin of Life, and the Death of Darwinism, these original phyla that suddenly appeared on Earth just prior to the Cambrian Explosion contained all the DNA necessary for all future lifeforms that would eventually evolve on this planet. 

These proposed superintelligent, post-biological alien wanderers, or life-seeders, whoever or whatever they were, might have even been capable of creating life from scratch by some advanced process that is unknown to us, on one or more of the planets that orbit a given sun such as our own. Despite the many evolutionary processes that have occurred which morphed the original phyla into the variety of species of flora and fauna we see throughout Earth’s history up to the present day, no new phyla have emerged since the original delivery of phyla. These original phyla came from somewhere suddenly, as if by magic.

This is a problem that even plagued the mind of Charles Darwin. The religiously-inclined are happy to just say, “God did it.” But what if what we call “God” is actually an advanced, post-singularity alien intelligence that arrived to Earth from elsewhere in the current universe, or even from a previous universe?  Is it possible that the vast intelligence we recognize as our Creator is actually some sort of post-biological machine that has been gathering information unto itself from several previous generations of universes over aeons of time?

One can only speculate about the original lifeform, if there is such a thing, prior to the creation of physical universes, which appear to exist as giant computational mechanisms. We might not even recognize the original as life at all, and may not even be able to begin to comprehend such things. If we humans soon merge our own consciousness with the artificial intelligence we are about to create as we approach the Singularity, we may create an unexpected runaway lifeform of our own that was not foreseeable. 

This biological/technological interface that is soon to happen, despite the efforts of conscientious scientists like Bostrom, Omohundro, Musk, and others, who wish to place control parameters on our own AI creations ASAP, may have the capability to understand and interact with intelligences and energies from other dimensions that humans cannot perceive presently, perhaps beings from the “parallel worlds” that Kaku and other physicists postulate in their many books on the subject.  Intelligences on other dimensions might even be waiting patiently for our technological puberty to occur in order to establish communication and open interaction with us.    
Like any lifeform that breaks away from its mother and leaves the nest, the primary instincts, as far as we know, are survival and reproduction. I postulate that such an interdimensional alien lifeform exists behind what we now know as the “UFO phenomenon.” That is, at least some of the flying saucers and the intelligences behind them represent a post-singularity, post-biological lifeform that has transcended time and space altogether. These intelligences have the capability of interacting within multiple dimensions of existence, including the one that we find ourselves immersed within that we call three-dimensional reality. 

Continue? Read Overlords of the Singularity. Amazon

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

SETI's (Indiegogo) ET Outreach and another peek at Russell Brinegar's 'Overlords' 2/3

“There is no route out of the maze. The maze shifts as you move through it, because it is alive. ” -  Philip K. Dick, VALIS

Misc. News Notes ...
  • SETI ready to do some big eye sky patrolling, launching a funding campaign to gear up with specialized cameras. "The Laser SETI device "can look everywhere simultaneously. The technology has been prototyped and subjected to preliminary tests, and consists of a robust assembly of straightforward optical and mechanical components. It can be easily and inexpensively) replicated."

    With the "$100,000 campaign launched on Indiegogo, the institute hopes to develop the first two cameras, allowing them to localize targets and validate the algorithm and distribution of potential signals." - Read more: Daily Mail
Indiegogo fundraiser -

- Laser SETI on Indiegogo from SETI on Vimeo.

  • Incentive: Mystery Radio Signal from Nearby Star. RawStory

  • AI Stone Cold Alert from Elon Musk. Newsweek  Regarding potential impact of wide scale societal integration, Jobs are not the primary concern. At issue: National Security.
    • "Musk's bigger concern has to do with AI that lives in the network, and which could be incentivized to harm humans. “[They] could start a war by doing fake news and spoofing email accounts and fake press releases, and just by manipulating information," he said. "The pen is mightier than the sword.” Fortune
    • Dejavu. We've already had a trial run with this. AI elevates the game level to pro.

continued...  (Previous post/Russell Brinegar - Link 2

As one might imagine, coming face-to-face with a transcended version of yourself in a near death experience might trigger an intense reconfiguring of "reality"... And that is what happened for Russell Brinegar. Russell shared details about that Experience on this video: Youtube

He thinks differently about life now, asking radically different questions and entertaining broader ranges of possibilities. Getting a glimpse of that expanded framework he's navigating to connect the dots involves tracking his footsteps.

I thank him for giving me permission to share a bit of his work here. Enjoy.

Overlords of the Singularity:
The Manipulation of Humankind by Hidden UFO Intelligences and the Quest for Transcendence'- 

Chapter 4, excerpt - 2/3

UFOs and the Technological Singularity

“I believe there is a machinery of mass manipulation behind the UFO phenomenon.” - Dr. Jacques Vallee

The problem is, because the coming Singularity will propel us into completely unknown territory, there is really no way to predict the outcome. Some fear that, once machines are suddenly billions of times smarter than humans and self-aware, they might just decide to destroy humanity like a mere nuisance and take over the planet.

James Barrat, author of Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era, states (chapter 1 audible): If the ASI [artificial superintelligence] doesn’t care about us, and there’s little reason to think that it should, it will experience no compunction about treating us unethically, even taking our lives after promising to help us.

This is a daunting possibility, that self-aware machines who are billions of times smarter than we are might just decide to get rid of us, their creators.

Another strong voice of warning within the AI community who is concerned about the implications of self-aware artificial intelligence as we head into the Singularity is a Swiss philosopher from the University of Oxford - Dr. Nick Bostrom.

Bostrom earned his Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and is the founder of the Oxford Martin Programme on the Impacts of Future Technology

Bostrom considers the impending creation of self-aware AI one of the biggest existential threats to humanity.

Bostrom is the author of the New York Times best-seller, Superintelligence:
Paths, Dangers, and Strategies.
At the time of this writing, Bostrom is a scientific activist who urges the AI community to immediately start implementing safety parameters now for the inevitable creation of artificial intelligence in possession of the sum total of all human knowledge before the monster in Mary Shelly’s novel, Frankenstein, becomes a reality. 

Another brilliant individual who has already proved instrumental in the development of self-aware AI and is working diligently within the AI community at the time of this writing to prevent the very real existential threat of artificial intelligence that takes over the world and destroys humanity is Steve Omohundro.

Omohundro has conducted extensive research in the field of Hamiltonian physics.  In this complex field, the Hamiltonian, H, has to do with the time-evolution of a given system. The Hamiltonian represents the sum total of kinetic energy within a system, plus the potential energy of all associated particles that comprise the system.

The spectrum of the Hamiltonian is the set of possible outcomes when the total energy of a system is measured. Omohundro studies dynamical systems in which a fixed, deterministic rule describes what future states might arise from the current state in a dynamical system, such as the swing of a pendulum or the flow of water. Using a deterministic rule, the future state of a dynamical system (referred to as a geometric manifold) can be determined for a particular future time interval.

Omohundro is also involved with machine language, machine learning, and machine vision, along with the societal implications of future artificial, self-aware superintelligence. Omohundro is the inventor of the “Best-first model merging approach” to machine learning, which proved useful in learning Hidden Markov Models. HMMs are the “Legos” of computational sequence analysis, a formal foundation of linear sequence labeling problems that provide conceptual tools for building complex models from an intuitive picture. Omohundro’s research and inventiveness has been instrumental in the development of modern machine languages.

Omohundro started Self-Aware Systems in Palo Alto, California, for research into the societal implications of self-improving artificial intelligence, and was an advisor to the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence. One of Omohundro’s concerns about artificial superintelligence is that rational machines possess certain intrinsic drives that must be countered somehow in their programming in order to create ASI that is human-friendly and safe.

Taking this idea into consideration, is there any reason to believe that an alien planetary search-probe would have been constructed by its builders with such safety parameters built in regarding human life? Possibly, but that seems doubtful. Steve Omohundro and associate Cliff Lasser also developed a programming language called Star Lisp, the first programming language used for the Connection Machine.

The Connection Machine was a series of supercomputers that provided an alternative to von Neumann computation architecture. Omohundro developed many parallel algorithm libraries and applications for the Connection Machine, along with another programming language called Sather, which further advanced the fast-growing field of machine language design.

Steve Omohundro is a key player at this time insuring that we will not fall victim to our own computational creations as the Singularity swiftly approaches, and has many lectures on the subject available to view online at this time that are quite worthy of the time and consideration.


The aforementioned scientist, John von Neumann, speculated as far back as the 1950s about the possibility of advanced alien civilizations who may have already achieved a technological singularity millions of years ago. If such a civilization existed, they may have sent out automated probes from their home planet into the universe at large that were programmed to self-replicate. Such self-replicating ancient alien artifacts of programmed artificial superintelligence are now referred to as von Neumann probes.

Many scientists now believe that some alien version of the von Neumann probe is the most likely intelligence to visit Earth. If such advanced alien civilizations existed long ago who wanted to learn more about the universe and ventured out from their native planet with a fleet of von Neumann probes, they could have been scouting out regions of the universe for a variety of purposes for aeons by now. 

These purposes might include: searching for resources; seeking knowledge of the universe; terraforming other planets; reestablishing their own native life form on other worlds; self-replicating the next generation of advanced AI; or all of the above. Futurism/VonNeumann Probe
Perhaps all technological civilizations eventually reach a Singularity on their worlds, produce a new lifeform that is part biological and part technological, or even convert to a 100% electrical or energetic lifeform and embark on an exploration of the rest of the universe in a way that is not limited by time or space. This intelligence could either be a post-biological version of themselves, or, more disturbing, an independent, runaway form of artificial intelligence that set out to explore, or even conquer the entire universe on their own without their original creators, perhaps with an artificial intelligence agenda of their own that we cannot even imagine.

In other words, the entire universe might be populated by now with super-intelligent robots that have transcended their original biology aeons ago. Such an intelligence could easily travel throughout the universe and remain invisible to the pre-singularity biological life it encounters, unless there were some purpose, possibly comprehendible only to the AI, for revealing themselves or providing a glimpse of their presence to further their own goals.

Continue? Read Overlords of the Singularity. Amazon

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