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Feb 21, 2020

SciXFriday - "Tree House Time Machine" - plus Balls of Light, UFOs, Paranormal, Guardian Angel, Reincarnation and Flat Earth Flub

“Fantasy, if it's really convincing, can't become dated, for the simple reason that it represents a flight into a dimension that lies beyond the reach of time.” - Walt Disney

OddsnEnds -
  • Alien Expo 2020 - March 14 Knoxville, TN. Link.
  • Bugs get the last laugh. Scientists say we're dead if we kill them. The Guardian.
  • Scientists discovered the brains of bullies are unique. They are smaller. Futurism.
  • Guardian Angel cameo? Still a mystery. Watch what happens after the 'tap" The Sun
  • Bigfoot River Cruise 2019. Portland Spirit entertained Sasquatch seekers on a 7 hour boat tour of the Columbia River Gorge. Source.  Update for 2020?  
  • 14 when he filmed UFO *balls of light in 2012. Footage ruled legit. Daily Star
  • History Channel's Project Blue Book includes the case of a U.S. Fighter Pilot who had a dogfight with a UFO "ball of light" that could not be explained. Link.
  • Haunted painting victim? Woman says it caused her to faint. Unexplained Mysteries.
  • Flat Earther Fumble - accidentally disprove their theory. IFL with video.
  • For more on that score visit the site: Behind the Curve.

12 year old Charlie and his friends are playing a game of Russian Roulette whenever they decide to travel through time and space. Their "Tree House Time Machine" is powered by lightning.

"Tree House Time Machine" by Alan Ritchson IMDb
Follow DUST for more Sci-Fi Short films.

Contact Research. - Jeffrey Mishlove interviews Bob Davis. [Robert Davis, PhD] 3,000 plus people surveyed [in-depth].
- About 70% said their experiences had a positive impact in their life.
- Some 25% reported strong, waking memories of having been taken aboard a craft.
Note: I took that anonymous survey - extremely time consuming - 500 questions. Completed about 3/4. My experiences are positive, intriguing and ongoing. 
More information on the results and ongoing studies at Experiencer.org

Pre-Birth Memories. Chapter 7,  Cosmic Cradle: When Jennifer was pregnant with her son Tyson, her 5–year-old daughter Catalina asked, “Mommy, how did the baby get in your tummy?” “God put him there,” I answered. “Well, he must have needed to grow for a little bit to turn into a human, because when you are in heaven, you are a "ball of light"." Website. 2014 IANDS Presentation: YouTube.

Ponder - 'Ball of light' then ponder reports relating UFO balls of light, light balls, orbs. 
Interview with Irena McCammon Scott. Secrets of UFO cover-ups and Inside the Lightning Ball.

Wendy's Coffeehouse -

Feb 23 - Jiulio Consiglio - The Healing Frequency. STE insight, challenges, expanded awareness. Life changing mind expansion.
March 1 - Who is Maitreya? Wiki answer. The future Buddha.
March 8 - Margaret Thompson - Finding Color in the Darkness, the aftermath of losing a loved one to suicide. John was Bipolar. Introducing Posttraumatic growth. And connecting with John - beyond the physical form. Love does not die.

*Published 3/8/19. Updated and republished 2/20/20

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Feb 19, 2020

Links: AI, UFO, Alien, Paranormal, Spy Bugs and Bugs on the Menu - Revisiting Contactee Enrique Villanueva's message

"In the kingdom of glass everything is transparent, and there is no place to hide a dark heart." - Vera Nazarian

OddsnEnds -  

Peruvian Contactee Enrique Villanueva (Bio: 2018 CAUFOCON) remains a favorite interview on Conscious Living/Empower Radio. He saw his first UFO when he was 7 and says we are undergoing an expansion of consciousness. Link.

I spoke with Journalist/Reporter Paola Harris when she was organizing the First Annual Women's UFO Symposium in Glen Rose, Texas. 2012. Link. I am glad to find her interview with Enrique.

I attended the Glen Rose event. Memorable oddities include sighting a huge, white owl flying above where we stayed. Extraordinary! Without knowing the location, I drove to the hotel housing the event guests. Given a telepathic message to leave at a certain time, I delayed to take pictures then had to stop when my eyes started watering and would not quit until we exited. It was as if I had been sprayed with something. It had no scent and didn't effect anyone else. Those incidents stand out. 

Paola posted her 2015 interview with Enrique on her Youtube channel. His book, 4 Days in the 4th Dimension is only available in Spanish. He told me at the time he had plans to release an English translation. Fingers crossed. For now - there is google translate.

My anomalous experiences keep me guessing. Time shifts, alternate dimensions, heightened senses, weather anomalies, odd animal behavior, visions, telepathy, premonitions, spirit guides, ghosts and expanded consciousness are some of the elements I can identify.

Descriptions are inadequate. Appearances relative. Labels insufficient. I have no idea what I am seeing beyond what human intelligence can allow. I tag it with something familiar because I am without a template for the form of origin. It's a constant game of charades.

When I compare Enrique's (Peru) (link to interview on Gaia) encounters with the extraordinary interactions John Foster (Nebraska) (link includes presentation in KC) describes to expand my frame of reference, I appreciate the individual value in the unique perspectives we each bring to our efforts to express and explain experiences that are beyond the ability of many to even consider possible.

These events underscore a blind spot in the conventional view of reality and demonstrate just how easy it is for the 'un-real' to instantaneously up-heave status quo 'real' unanimity.

Might that be the point?

My answer. The more you seek, the more you find that has yet to be quantified. Anomalous experiences continue. Life is ever the wonder world full of potential when - really - anything is possible.