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Jul 16, 2018

Board Camp Crystal Mine - Unexplained and open for business, a paranormal gateway

"Until you know Bigfoot in all his characteristics, including his relationship to such craft (UFOs), you don't know him well enough to find him." - Ida Kannenberg, My Brother is a Hairy Man, An Extraterrestrial View on Bigfoot and Human Genesis

Wendy's Coffeehouse - Road trip to Board Camp Crystal Mine /Podcast - direct link/ Orville and Cheryl Murphy are joined by son Josh who was present for that initial beams event. They announce their new plans for the facility.

OddsnEnds -
  • UFOs in Canada. 2017. 3 sightings per day. CTV
  • About that maybe not so recent discovery re: proof of life on Mars. Turns out NASA may have had that evidence 40 years ago. Weather
  • That winning premonition. Times 9. UPI
  • Building a machine to predict the future - might be possible. Windbridge Institute
  • Entity unknown. Trail note.  "It was invisible but I could see its motion by the way it disturbed the vegetation. It made a hole in the forest as it ran. I repeat: It made a hole in the forest as it ran away from me up a steep hillside." - Phantoms and Monsters

Mena, Arkansas - This was the 
surprise part of the trip. Sasquatch. 
Sometimes you are just drawn to a certain place. Such is the case for me with Board Camp Crystal Mine.

After our interview in March, I really wanted to check the site out first-hand. Curious about the crystals and very interested in the paranormal light activity. After all, my nightlights are a paranormal anomaly.

What we didn't expect was a crash course in Sasquatch.

Turns out, Mena, Arkansas is also known as a Sasquatch/Bigfoot hotspot and home to at least one unsolved Sasquatch related mystery: Sasquatch Chronicles

And various sighting reports. Example: Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization

Cheryl and Orville graciously gave us a tour of the property and we sat out late at night observing the event sight. (Details on that in the interview.) Dark skies were perfect for viewing the first night. As it happened, we also synced with meteor showers but it was a quiet night for the event site.

The odd shadow made us curious. 
However, I did get an initial sense of something different about the space when Andy and I both thought we must have 'misremembered' the arrangement of items in our room.

Comparing notes - we pegged the same object as being in a different location than previously seen. That was the first night.

With camera in tow, we explored the area during the day.

I took pictures of the patterns in the road and then added one of the landscape to bookmark the spot and later noticed an interesting shadow in the background. Returning to the space to investigate the shadow, we realized it was actually a moss covered tree stump, alongside an overgrowth area filled with classic Sasquatch markings.

The log in the tree is impressive. Also a bit intimidating. 
We didn't notice any of that until we
returned to try and identify
the shadow.

Even more curious is the log in a tree
that appeared, seemingly overnight
and prior to our arrival.

(Estimates on this part.) The log is more than 12 feet above the ground supported by two branches. 12 feet in length with a diameter of 1 and a half feet.

Look at the picnic table beside the tree for perspective.

It would have taken a crane to manage the weight and height. And that definitely would have damaged some of the branches. None were.

And there were no footprints or markings at the base of the tree.  

Board Camp Crystal Mine is featured on Expedition Unknown: Hunt for Extraterrestrials Episode 4.

From Yelp - Cheryl writes: In 2008, we found the crystals by "accident" on our property, and in 2012 opened a public rock hounding site.
Telepathic prompt - I was told to look down for a gift
 on the ground. Reluctant to take anything at that 
point, I finally did look down and, at that spot,
found this crystal covered rock. Andy is holding it.
It had friends beside the tree. We only kept the one. 
The others had a different purpose. 

Since then, it's becoming more than that...
it is growing into a spiritual place, a healing center, a sanctuary of love, peace, acceptance.

We are only the guardians, we will keep it all natural. That is the way nature intended and we will take the crystals that are offered to us for our use and delight! We believe because we have cared for the property, and kept it all natural, there is a message we've been given.

Why did all these strange things begin happening here? Is it crystal energy? Fringe Science? Supernatural? We do not know, but we decided to share with the world, because no one should own knowledge.

It's a gift of wonder from God that we can study, to benefit our lives here on our beautiful home, Planet Earth! We are one people so let us live in peace, be good to each other and the planet, enjoy what gifts are here! TY for reading and for your patronage!

Our previous interview in March. Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives Board Camp Crystal Mine 3/17 and the previous blog post.

So grateful for my incredible healing crystals
 from Board Camp Crystal Mine.
BEAMS - is the book about how Cheryl and Orville
 (and son Josh) get their introduction to a bonafide
and ongoing paranormal mystery. 
Categories once believed to be separate are not. Those willing to do a deep dive discover Paranormal, UFO and Sasquatch events have common elements.

It's more than I care to get into here, however, when you start to investigate patterns and history, it becomes apparent that reality at this level, challenges and defies our previously supposed definitions.

The good news is that there are lots of breadcrumbs to follow and a whole pie of curious where each serving is a call to action.

Other known locations with unexplained, anomalous, fortean activity:
- Sedona, Arizona: Bradshaw Ranch
- Ballard Utah, Skinwalker Ranch, Wiki
- West Phoenix, Arizona, Alien Ranch   Property listing, Arizona Central

Tips, clues and a different approach to the Sasquatch/Bigfoot mystery from UFO/ET Contactee, Ida Kannenberg: My Brother is a Hairy Man. I interviewed Krsanna Duran about Ida (Deceased).
Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Krsanna, also an ET experiencer.

Thank you for listening!
Stay Curious.

Jul 13, 2018

SciXFriday - 'The Machine', AI, ET Consciousness explorers and Energy Healing frequencies

“Hello babies. Welcome to Earth. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It's round and wet and crowded. On the outside, babies, you've got a hundred years here. There's only one rule that I know of, babies-"God damn it, you've got to be kind.” - Kurt Vonnegut, Goodreads

OddnsEnds -
  • Anti-aging pills that work? MIT
  • Tech novelty. AI wearables. Entrepreneur, One example: MUSE, a brain-sensing-headband designed to improve meditation effectiveness.
  • Reprogramming DNA to heal with frequency and vibration. Mysterious Times
  • Energy Medicine scores science cred. "We studied if stored or recorded "energy" has an impact on breast cancer cells in vitro. Bottom line: Yes." SagePub. Thanks for the lead on this Dean Radin. Newest book: Real Magic
  • Alien Conundrum.  Hidden in plain view. “I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there as aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.” Martin Rees, Fellow of Trinity College and Emeritus Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics at the University of Cambridge, Daily Galaxy - 2017 interview. (Says he suspects Alien Intelligence will be in the form of an electronic entity. Interesting that various Contactees mention the electronic voice phenom. And I've heard it too. Bone-chilling, unfortunately.) Longer form interview: The Conversation
  • No joke. Forest Service not amused at the Fake Sasquatch warnings. Coast-to-coast
  • Armadillo Chill. The Dodo Cue pool mix. Kicks105FM 

The Machine. A young man meets an older man who says he is a time traveler. At one point there is a line in the script: "Things are not what they seem." I can identify with that one. Each and every day, I experience that reality confirmed.

From the Director: Michael Poole. "So here is the tale of how this movie got made. After starting the San Diego Sci-Fi Filmmakers group in 2009, a group of us (Phil Roberts, Jason Lethert, etc... ) decided to make a feature film. Then a second one. During filming of the second one, I told Jason that we should make a few short movies to fill in our down time. He agreed. That night I wrote an 8 page script called The Machine."

There is an extended version and there were plans to continue but the Actor who played the older man died. The future of this project - may yet evolve.

Short story Sci-Fi reading detour - Ray Bradbury plays with time in A Sound of Thunder. Note the target date: 2055

A few links more -
  • Star People and UFOs. Supernatural Magazine
  • Tesla and the healing Purple Energy. Supernatural Magazine
  • Brother of Terence, Dennis McKenna, numbers 9 basic parallels between the experiment at La Chorrera (E@LC) (London Real video interview/YouTube) and ‘standard’ alien encounters –understanding the term as an umbrella encompassing any alleged interaction with non-human entities, in which angelic encounters and religious apparitions could also be included. Daily Grail
Wendy's Coffeehouse schedule
7/15 - Board Camp Crystal Mine, Orville and Cheryl Murphy and son Josh. Update from my April visit. Paranormal activity continues.
7/22 - Gary Hart, The Sasquatch Whisperer. Researched and explored Board Camp Crystal Mine
7/29 - Keith Linder, The Bothell Hell House book: Poltergeist of Washington State
8/5 - Tick Gaudreau, Spirit Rescue: A Dowser's Ghostly Encounters. Utilizing specialized techniques, he has worked with spirits in a safe, respectful, and loving manner. Gaudreau shares these methods with you to help you identify different types of spiritual beings.

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