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Friday, February 24, 2017

Into the Mystery - Hacking the Brain and Ingo Swann

"Well, insignificant little Moi might observe that the world turns more on belief than knowledge." -
Ingo Swann

Random Links: Odds, ends and otherwise -

  • Planet Earth II making reality look even better. Luscious! Behind the scenes. VoxYouTube 
  • Cat Reality TV stream - Meet the Kattarshians
  • Zapped! Battery power boosted learning. Does it work? Short term maybe. Long term? There's the rub. NPR  Additional info re: Hacking your Brain TEDTalks
  • Confidence boost? Is there a brain hack for that too? Somewhat. Live Science
  •  Water, It's a Mystery. Aetherforce

My upcoming interview about Third Eye Spies is slated for Conscious Living 3/1 and will be followed by an interview on KCMO when a date can be announced for release of the film.

There are several links I can provide prior to that, for background on Ingo Swann and his incredible insight into RV and PSI. He viewed Humans as so much more than a bag of bones.

Given I have met a few people who are also gifted in PSI and other extra sensory awareness, I suspect there remains a hesitation to divulge that aspect given the tendency of mainstream to ridicule or discount that element of human nature. Fortunately, the CIA material adds credence to Ingo's abilities and various others working within the secret PSI programs now available for access in public domain:

Simeon Hein spoke with Ingo shortly before his death in 2013 - 

Simeon's website and blog
Interested in a Crop Circle experience? Join Simeon July/2017: CropCircleTours

Classic Art Bell - Interview with Ingo Swann. He says he has never liked the term Psychic and considered himself a perception researcher. Very insightful and thought-provoking. He mentions the plant researcher Cleve Backster. Background on Cleve here: NYTimes

On the possibility of remote influencing, Art asks Ingo if it were possible, for example: Saddam Hussain – "that we could burst a blood vessel in his head."

Response, Ingo: “Well, I suspect if, the proper people knew how to do it, it would already have been done. And the fact it hasn’t been done, means they don’t know how to do it. Something like that. But the evidence in laboratory work that people can influence plants and mechanisms, is uh, at a small level, nothing really big, but at a small level is incontrovertible that kind of evidence. So potentially it’s possible to be developed.”   
Aetherforce files on Ingo Swann include notes on his focus. Ex: "Since faculties for expanded awareness and perception exist as a full part of the human biomind at the species level, he has always considered it necessary to research, discover, and remedy social and cultural factors that prevent their nurturing and development."

Ingo's last public appearance, a talk that includes information on ET contact and PK ability
1/7 YouTube,  Another presentation from 2006 YouTube

Art work - - Ingo Swann Exhibition 2016

UK Remote Viewer Daz Smith has an Ingo Swann section on his site:

Ingo Swann's music is still available, a project he co-created with Steven Halpern: Star Children 

Be it RV, PK, ET, human consciousness and the biomind potential, there is a take away from Ingo's work. From the CIA reports, one of the most telling results noted during the time they were conducting CRV training was the impact of belief. 

"I believe we establish our own realities of what will and won't work. We once had a viewer who believed he could view but he couldn't view different time zones, consequently he succeeded as a viewer, but failed as a "time traveler". His reality would not allow him to accomplish the same tasks as his peers, simply because he didn't believe." - Ingo Swann, Conclusions, Chapter 11

Magazine for Remote Viewing -

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The truth is out there - hidden in plain view

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

The same can be said for advanced PSI abilities. Doubters read no further. Curious? This is your catnip! Humans are evolving - believe it and/or not! Great awakenings are underway. 

Booking a couple of guests and waiting on the confirmation - topics: Ingo Swann and the New film Third Eye Spies. Have requested and hope to confirm them for both shows, Wendy's Coffeehouse and Conscious Living. (CONFIRMED Lance Mungia, March 1, 9pm central for Empower Radio) Now a few links and a bit of background on the film.

Notes of interest -
  • NASA says Bingo! - Potential remote-viewing opportunity: 7 Earth- sized planets. Engadget
  • Finally, a wealth of vetted information coming out now related to the Psychic Spy program run by the CIA. BBC
  • It's the real deal CIA Press Release 
  • FOIA stuff. Curious? Try a random page. CIA Reading Room

Excellent timing, one film, ready roll, speaks to the details behind the headlines.

From the Web Page for the film:

Producer Russell Targ - Bio, co-founded the Stanford Research Institute’s ESP research program that pioneered the act of “remote viewing” and worked for every major intelligence agency of the U.S. Government. He also pioneered the invention of the laser and has since written several successful books on the subject of ESP. Reality Sandwich PDF

"The more you hide something, the more it shines like a beacon in a psychic's face." - Russell Targ

Third Eye Spies
is currently seeking a sales agent and worldwide distribution. All rights are available. Contact Lance Mungia --

Home page - Third Eye Spies  
Russell Targ's - Banned Ted Talk on psychic abilities
Ingo Swann - Backgound and Research 

Courtney Brown's Review of Ingo Swan's Penetration
Another mention of Ingo Swann and his Remote Viewing abilities AboveTopSecret

Related audio links: 
  • My interview with Stephan A. Schwartz (mentions remote-viewing) on Conscious Living about the 8 Laws of Change. [He also uses remote viewing to examine the future. Since 1978, he has been getting people to remote view the year 2050, and out of that has come a complex trend analysis.]

Sunday, February 19, 2017

2/19/17 - Sandra Martin, Snapshots: Memories and Recipes

“Believe something and the Universe is on its way to being changed. Because you've changed, by believing. Once you've changed, other things start to follow. Isn't that the way it works?” ― Diane Duane, So You Want to Be a Wizard 

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast Archives  Sandra Martin Interview 

Unusual, Offbeat, Odd and Otherwise - 

  • Newly discovered essay - Winston Churchill believed in Extraterrestrials AOL
  • 20 year Anniversary of the Phoenix Lights event. Witnesses ponder memory loss. Express
  • Woman says a ghost scares off her boyfriends, among other things. Daily Mail
  • Joey the Squirrel is the best guard dog - NYPost
  • Woolly Mammoth slated for comeback. Telegraph
  • Coolest Science post of the week. A startled Honeybee says "Whoop"... audio at IFLScience
  • Google Street view wows - new sights include Africa

Contactees sometimes have a hard time conveying their encounters when the evidence is lacking. However, this experiencer has an edge. He's a successful artist. This is a second post on Robert Llimos. He provides an incredible perspective with his colorful and detailed recreations of those he interacted with. The ETs he sculpts and paints are beautiful and quite obviously not of this planet. From 2012, this is another video of his work.

Can't overlook this Star Trek + Cats = Crowd pleaser - People  My favorite is Spock. Hardcover book available - Amazon

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast Archives - Link for Sandra Martin Interview 

In Snapshots: Memories and Recipes, Sandra Martin, former A-list Literary Agent, offers up a mix of unusual, unexplained and unexpected in her recollections of working with clients and hob-nobbing with celebs over book deals. Recipes embellish each re-telling. (Orange Chiffon Cake looks divine!)

You may recognize some of her award winning work here too: Paraview Productions

Intuition, PSI, Remote Viewing, Conspiracy, Life after Death, Mediumship and Consciousness started finding a home under the "New Age" umbrella as the category was beginning to emerge.

Sandra Martin arrived on the scene and that category exploded.

There are plenty of star names to draw from to make the point but the book is also about Sandra's journey; how the reluctant "Literary Agent" stepped up to the plate as a favor for a friend and knocked "New Age" out of the "woo-woo" park and smack into mainstream.

Names you might recognize: Jim Marrs and John Cleese. Sandra gets a thank you in Remote Viewers by Jim Schnable and David Morehouse credits Sandra in the open of his book, Lethal Weapons: War Without Death.

(In the interview, we talk about  a dinner party with Ingo Swann that didn't go quite the way it was planned.)

Other names in passing: Richard Bach (Newsletter is active this link is the Blog)Glenn Close now getting accolades on Broadway. Link is to a fabulous review on The Daily Beast. Danny Glover (actor, author, activist: his twitter link) and one Leprechaun who will most likely prefer to remain anonymous. Read the book: Snapshots.

~ ~ ~

One more thing: Jonathan Livingston Seagull Part 4 Why not now? 

"When the book was written, it had four parts, not three. I wondered, then, why I had written the last part. It was simply not required in the world of that time, there was no force, no pressure then that bound individuals into controlled groups." ...  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

2/12/17 - Psychic Sasquatch, Kelly and Kewaunee Lapseritis

“We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” - Dr. Seuss

A Valentine!

Newest Podcast: Wendy's Coffeehouse 2/12/17 Psychic Sasquatch with Kelly and Kewaunee Lapseritis, Talk Radio KCMO archives on AudioBoom

Notes: odds, ends and curious
  • Milkomedia preview. Trippy night sky. MSN
  • Super cool vid of rare, blue, jet lightening filmed from ISS. Engadget
  • Has James Cameron found Atlantis? IndieWire  Extra on James Cameron. He talks about Avatar 2, says he's just finished the script for Avatar 5.  DailyBeast
  • UFO? Still pondering white dot aloft in tornado that also hit a NASA facility in LA. UFOSightings
  • Winter Park UFO sighting devolves into shiny tin foil hat moment. UFOSightings
  • UFO Sightings: Soviet Cosmonauts have seen them too. FateMagazine
  • Yodel Viral moment: Chicken Attack. Thanks to Mashable for flagging the video. Background on Takeo Ischi: Wiki - obviously the Chicken Yodel King
  • Nessie 2-fer - two sightings on the same day. Unbelievable. TheScottishSun
  • Lego Batman - For the kid in everyone: not a bad review in sight. LegoBatman
  • Prickly little clay monster - restored to full Hedgehog glory. TheDodo

Is Sasquatch/Bigfoot an Interdimensional being? If so, that might explain a lot. Also might be why Sasquatch sightings are so fleeting. But there are a couple more aspects of interest just now coming to light.

Many who have shared their stories about encounters also report a telepathic connection and some also include a UFO encounter. And that's what makes Kewaunee's story so compelling. He says his very first encounter in 1979 included both an ET and a Sasquatch.

Kewaunee's wife Kelly has had her own experiences with Sasquatch. And their 6 year old son saw one too. That story is in our interview on Wendy's Coffeehouse.

Curious? Kelly and Kewaunee Lapseritis answer questions in this video from 2015 -

As he says in the interview, Kewaunee has been researching and presenting his information for 60 years. Both websites offer information and resources for further exploration and for upcoming events.

In reference to the next book in progress mentioned in the show, I'll be interviewing them again.
Here is my first interview with Kewaunee,
earlier in 2017 on (no charge for any of the interviews)
Image provided by Kelly Lapseritis
Conscious Living/Empower Radio.

Connect with Kewaunee and Kelly

The Sasquatch People
Psychic Sasquatch

Facebook - Sasquatch People


Ardy Sixkiller Clarke also refers
to Sky People and Bigfoot
in her work: Sixkiller

- Conscious Living/More Encounters w/Star People

Nick Redfern addresses Bigfoot and ET sightings as well: Nick'sBlog

- Conscious Living Interview/The Real Men in Black

Krsanna Duran writes about Sasquatch and ETs. I have been reading the books she published by Ida Kannenburg. Background on Ida, an abductee in the 1940s. UFOexperiencesBlog. Ida's Books are available on Amazon too: Bigfoot and Human Ancestors. Mike Clelland has another post on Ida. Hidden Experience.

Wendy's Coffeehouse, KCMO Talk Radio -
Interview with Krsanna Duran, 3/26/17
Interview with Mike Clelland, 2/2/17

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