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Oct 25, 2020

Are we there yet? Covid, UFO and Halloween Headlines

"When I was two or three years old, another young boy and I were told that they (the mysterious intelligences) were here to change humankind and the way they did it was to enlist help from people like me (or us).

It was a voice who spoke at different times as a common man, a tall lizard-like being, a small alligator being, from a certain place in the atmosphere, and from inside my head."
- John Foster, Eminent Discovery Vol. 1, Living Within and Beyond the Five Senses. Amazon 

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OddsnEnds - 
  • Covid Long-Haulers. This is not the flu. Harvard.
  • Slo-Mo vid is convincing (and sufficiently gross) case for masks. HuffPo.
  • 2020 Halloween = Candypult. Using the year's trendiest phrase: "Out of an abundance of caution", Duck! UPI.
  • Ennis the Donkey - gets a big hug after surviving the the CalWoods (Colorado) fire. Adam the draft horse made it too. HuffPost.
  • Complaints? Shop owner modified ceiling. Now under constant surveillance by upper management = his two cats. Reddit.
  • Welcome back Weekly World News. Kickstarter success. Link.
  • Pilot captured video of a UFO he saw in June, "None of my flying friends have any idea as to what it was," he said. Charlotte Observer.
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My second interview with John Foster is available in Wendy's Coffeehouse archives. Link. (The email correspondence has been posted in two parts on John Foster's Blog (Part 1) and I added that to mine as well. Link. We are continuing our exploration of this interaction by the hidden forces among us. Their activities continue. For what purpose? How do we connect? Why can't we see them?)

Decades ago, Experiencers like John Foster got a preview of future events, including some now playing out. As an example, John says a time travel experience he remembers from the 50's previewed events that transpired in the 70's.

Interestingly, one of the most distant imprints of the future presented buildings in the Midwest built and dedicated as housing for orphan immigrants from Central and South America.

Image courtesy JohnFosterUFOS.

UFOs and cousins JohnFosterUFOS
In his 80s now, John is not convinced he will live
long enough to see how all he was shown will play out. But some events now on the horizon do appear to be in sync with the timeline he saw.

I continued to correspond with John after our earlier conversation and our interview included questions
we covered in the emails. However, the time was too short to include all of my questions so John agreed to let me post our email correspondence. You can find it at this site

"If you compare the mysterious cultural, scientific, and religious events of history with UFO Eminent Discovery, it will surely expand your knowledge of human life on earth. It is a story that will provide you with astonishing revelations concerning the true nature of UFOs, as well as an expanded view of the nature of our vast eternal universe." - Bob Teets, best selling author, investigative journalist, researcher, editor, publisher – former representative of the Human Potential Foundation.

FYI: Bob Teets is author of UFOs and Mental Health. The following quote is included in the High Strangeness Interview Transcript with Patrick Huyghe.

"My book is based on the briefing Laurance presented to Pres. Clinton's science advisor . . . a year after that, President and Mrs. Clinton vacationed with Laurance (Rockefeller) at his ranch in Wyoming."

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Following up with John Foster - I had some additional questions referred to in our email correspondence.

Our conversation continues on my other blog. John has two blog posts that include our email Q&A: TalkingtoNightlights. 

Oct 11, 2020

I want the fortune cookie that foretells a future where the present isn't overwhelmed working out the kinks from the past.

“It can be very dangerous to see things from somebody else's point of view without the proper training.”
- Douglas Adams, Mostly Harmless/Amazon

Reincarnation and past lives are the topic of my recent conversation with Dr. Bernie Siegel, posted in Wendy's Coffeehouse archives. Link

Author of several books, Love, Medicine and Miracles was the initial best seller. In his first book of fiction, Three Men, Six Lives, one of the characters was developed from his own past life memories. 

We also talk about how his current life experiences include an uptick in paranormal encounters since the death of his wife. He says he feels her as a constant presence.

Stories Bernie shares from his patients and his own life are proof that, while we don't have all the answers for why some people heal and others don't, we do have proof that miracles can happen. Because they do. 

2020 headlines are delivering a delightful serving of weird, odd, offbeat and fringe.  
  • A Witch was it? Apparently, one gave the President Covid. For real? Vice.
  • Navy says UFOs are real - still dogged by little green men asides. NPR. 
  • Toxic Caterpillars that look like toupees. Don't touch. Nope. AOL.
  • Loch Ness Nessie buzz: "The most compelling sonar images of a 32-foot long object, some 500 feet below the loch's surface." Inverness Courier.
  • UFO curious: The Calvine Incident. Release blocked by MoD until 2072. And the question: "By the time the world gets to see the file, the two witnesses will be dead. It is crazy. What are the authorities trying to hide?" The Sun.
  • Ahead of the game: Guy who patented the UFO. YouTube. 2018 worth repeating.
  • Eddie Van Halen died. Outstanding 2017 interview demonstrates his guitar skill. YouTube.
  • Covid safe. Flaming Lips concert audience will be in bubbles. Rolling Stone.
  • FYI - Neck gaiters got a bum rap. University of Georgia study in what "seems to be the first actual face mask and neck gaiter study." Best result: Gaiters made up of two to three layers (polyester and spandex) provided a 96 percent reduction in respiratory droplets. Yahoo. (Bias: I own the Eddie Bauer version.)

Cases involving missing children who claim to have been helped by large dog or bears are curious. David Paulides notes a couple of those and says he isn't ready to draw any conclusions. No doubt, they remain fascinating.


- Working on another interview with Experiencer John Foster. 46 years of contact and interaction with UFOs is an incredible database. While there seems to be great interest in the topic and in nuts and bolts UFOs, there is still an avoidance or simply a lack of awareness regarding those who have reported lifetime encounters. 

John's background as an engineer makes him uniquely qualified to add insight into the machinery or lack of machinery manifested during an encounter. Will update when I have more information to share.

- Seeing footage of the Ariel school children included in James Fox's newly released film The Phenomenon is a reminder that the film about that incident is still waiting in the wings - now titled Ariel School Phenomenon - it has been a work in progress for several years. 

Film is finished but no public release date to note. However, there is increasing activity and promotion on the Facebook page. Link. 

- After the conversation with Bernie Siegel about Carl Jung, I discovered an interesting prophecy. Jung's Prophetic Visions are listed here. Here's hoping the deathbed vision is several decades further out. 

- On a POSITIVE note: The Expanse, Season 5 = December 16th. Amazon Prime. Trailer. Counting down. The Expanse Cast Interview/New York Comic Con.

Thank you for checking in.
Stay Curious. 
Be well.