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Apr 11, 2021

The Hits Keep Coming, UFO, Confounding Physics, Consciousness, Healing, ET Oddities, Afterlife, Ants, Monkeys and Fairies

How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress. - Niels Bohr 


  • "The confounding results - if proven right - reveal major problems with the rulebook physicists use to describe and understand how the universe works at the subatomic level." PhysOrg.
  • Bingo! I remember getting channeled information that each and every being leaves a trackable residue in its wake. Here is a confirmation. "First reported collection of human and animal DNA from ambient air." Vice.
  • Royal footnote. In addition to the passing, recent news on Prince Phillip notes his interest in UFOs. Express.
  • Lost and found:
    1. Egypt. City found. Civilization footnotes. CBS.
    2. Australia. Aboriginal site destruction. The Guardian.
    3. USA. Petroglyph vandals. CNN. 
    4. CIA. Found Page 25 of CIA's Gateway Report on Astral Projection. Spoiler: in the Monroe archives. Brilliant NFT Art project included. Magnify to see the session notes. Vice. Note the Monroe Spindrift 3 on Soundcloud.
  • Traits in common:
    1. Ants and Humans. PhysOrg.
    2. Monkeys and Humans. "Researchers make the case that one non-human species - the rhesus macaque - also has a conscious awareness of the world around it."  Yale.
  • Mystery Wire George Knapp - New UAP photographs
  • Pentagon affirms leaked UFO images are authentic. The Debrief.
  • Can't happen soon enough. Future of medicine: Yoav Medan: Ultrasound surgery - healing without cuts. (2011 Ted Talk) YouTube.
    Also recommend O.T. Bonnet. Confessions of a Healer, Amazon.
  • Discovery imminent. Astronomers detect bright-blue bridge of stars. About to blow. Live Science.



Reincarnation Pioneer. Dr. Helen Wambach was a psychologist who did research on reincarnation in the 1970s.  This is a 3 part audio series featuring a fantastic glimpse into her research and what she learned through that process. 

Helen Wambach part 1: Comment regarding Helen: "The experience of hearing Seth teach his ESP class is unforgettable."

Regarding Helen's statements at 56:30 - about people who remain aware of all that goes on around them while being anesthetized can be corroborated. It is referred to by O.T. Bonnet in his books as well and one of the reasons I am posting these two as resources. They corroborate each other.

Personal experience (Wendy): OBE during wisdom teeth extraction at 14. Aware of the scene of the office and watching over the left shoulder of the doctor as he worked on me and all of the blood. I found it fascinating. After the surgery, I knew I had been out of my body to witness that scene.

Helen Wambach YouTube. part 2

Helen Wambach YouTube. part 3. Starts with a woman who says she experienced a past life as an extraterrestrial. 

*Additional information: Interview Hosts: Michael Toms & Anna Turner. Date: 8/4/1976. New Dimensions Radio.

Book: Life before Life. Amazon.


Explore the Rabbit Hole

Ivan T. Sanderson. Time Slip Into Another Dimension: "Finally, she took my hand and, pointing, described exactly what I was seeing. At which point, I became speechless. She said, “How did we get to Paris 500 years ago?” - Mysterious Universe.

Grant Cameron with Preston Dennett. YouTube. Healing encounters with UFOs, ETs, alien abduction, portals, healing stories, plants, zoos, flying the ship, the inside of the ship, TTSA, good vs evil aliens. 

2 Books mentioned referring to healing pointing to beneficial agenda: UFO Healings: True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials. Amazon.

The Healing Power of UFOs: 300 True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials, Amazon. 


Astrology by Moon Rabbit (known for her Death Chart Readings) - Spring Update 2021 excerpt:

"A primary astrological marker for the pandemic, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, has completed, but in its wake comes a new astrological cycle where Saturn, our stability and safety is being challenged (squared) by Uranus, the planet of change and unpredictability. We see this reflected in the ongoing difficulty of controlling the spread of the virus. This heavenly square stays in effect until March of 2022. It seems like we face another year of world-wide struggle with the pandemic." - To schedule a reading and/or sign up for the newsletter: Astrology by Moon Rabbit.


About the Good People

Little People, Fairies. Source

Respect for the Fairies. Irish Times. 

They are in other places (my yard) as well. 

"Voices of the Forest" DVD on Fairies in new Zealand by Gary Cook. Official trailer.

Fairy Congress: 21st Annual Fairy and Human Relation Congress. July 23-25. Salem, Oregon. 

Interest and study of any and all of the above contribute to shifts in consciousness and evolution in being.


Stephan A Schwartz. Authority on Remote Viewing and Nonlocal consciousness. Published in 2018. Science could use a reminder. Source: "Those individuals who produce extraordinary research do so not by force of intellect or will alone, although these are important, but because they have had, as they explicitly report, insights arising from nonlocal consciousness at the same time that there was a crisis."


Abduction vs. Withdrawal 

Cartoonist on this? Found on Facebook. Link.


Hidden in Plain View 

John Foster UFOs. They've been here all along. = "As we approached the room I could hear a strange hissing and roaring…and I could hear a voice speaking clearly but it was a little muffled. As we entered the room she pointed up to a storage shelf near us. She then began running for her shipping desk in the back of the room, still confused but still talking." Link.



After the Gold Rush. Neil Young/YouTube


Mar 31, 2021

DNA Alien/Bigfoot, UFOs, Sci-Fi, Science, Fairies, PSI, and Uri Geller Moon Shots

“The world is one, and the vastness of human experience in many possible fields is one.” - Credo Mutwa

OddnEnds - 
  • Clover the Dog Hero - stops traffic when owner has seizure. CNN.
  • Science curious - Humans could be Venomous? Live Science.
  • Pandemic pastime - UFO sightings - were up in Canada. Source.
  • US sightings also up. State by state breakdown available. Mystery Wire.
  • Uri Geller making waves ... says Mind Power got the ship unstuck in the Suez Canal. JPost.
  • Moon makes a timely cameo. "We were helped hugely by the strength of the tide,” Berdowski said. “You’re dealing with a force that is actually greater than that of the two seagoing tugs.” The Guardian.
  • Official Title: Full Worm Moon - credited for moving the boat. CNN.
  • Everything else that helped unstick the obstacle. Time Magazine.
  • Stockholm Art Walk - Subway Cool.
  • William Shatner celebrates his 90th birthday by preserving his memories in an AI video file that will be made publicly available in May. CBR 
  • "Archives for the Unexplained (AFU) preserves a rich world-wide heritage of paper archives, book libraries, recordings, e-files, objects and other materials related to all kinds of unexplained phenomena." Site.

Alien DNA -

Shout out to George Knapp for the interview with Australian UFO Researcher Bill Chalker. Now reading Hair of the Alien: DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abduction. Link to the interview and transcript. Book includes powerful observations from Credo Mutwa. B. July 21, 1921, D. March 25, 2020
1. Regarding UFO Research: “Africa has been totally ignored by many arms of research in the western world and people like me can’t correct this great injustice and imbalance. There’s more to learn in Africa than in any other continent on earth.”
2. Regarding ET origin: “Here, we have an interesting phenomenon which I’ve been studying for years, of creatures which walk about with their hands unprotected and their faces unprotected, which means they breathe the same air we breathe, and for some reason are not afraid of the many microbes which could attack them.”
3. Regarding Experiencers: “Humanity is being the lamb of sacrifice to entities they don’t even believe exist… There are gray aliens! Illusions and dreams and hysteria do not leave stigmata upon the bodies of hundreds of men and women in remote parts of the world. No!”
4. Regarding Humanity: “The world is one, and the vastness of human experience in many possible fields is one.”
Source: Returning to Hair of the Alien: DNA and other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abduction. Bill Chalker's blog: The Oz Files.


Bigfoot DNA -

Continuing to work my way through several other books for upcoming interviews. I am excited about the interview with DVM, Dr. Melba Ketchum. (No book… yet.) Dr. Ketchum says, not only does she have DNA evidence of Bigfoot, but there is more DNA evidence to reveal – in addition to Bigfoot. Veterinary Practice News, 2013.

Details about the other evidence and her work in progress are in the interview. What happens when you have DNA evidence of a thing that isn’t supposed to exist? Frustration is the word that fits best. At this point she has become numb to the onslaught of ridicule. (Google. I am not linking it.) It is what it is. 

However, she has a plan going forward – and when the time is right – she says more will be revealed.
Follow the progress and updates at The Sasquatch Genome Project.

Interviewed on KCMO Talk Radio, April, 4, 8p CST. Link to Wendy’s Coffeehouse archives. Related post on my other blog. Link.


UFO Misc. -

The man who patented the UFO. Youtube. Story: Bloomberg  Alexander Weygers also featured in this article. Atlas Obscura. 

They Are Already Here: UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers. "Add this sharp, thoughtful book to your collection.” - Popular Mechanics, “The Best Space Books of 2020”Preview on Amazon


Time out for Fairies - 

Richard Sugg is the author of eleven books, including Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires (2015), A Singing Mouse at Buckingham Palace (2017), Fairies: A Dangerous History (2017), and The Real Vampires (2019). Inspired be fairy folklore, Our Week with the Juffle, is a children’s story. Filmed at Conway Hall, London, in 2019.


For more info about the London Fortean Society:​

Encounters with the Good People. Arthur Conan Doyle. (Fairies) Site.


Sci-Fi -

Drama - The Expanse. Started on SyFy. Now on Amazon Prime. 
ComedyResident Alien. Don't have SyFy - Bookmarked this one for DVD. 

Greatest Sci-Fi Movie Quotes - Top 25 of the past 25 years. SyFy

5. "God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys god. Man creates dinosaurs." / "Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth." - Jurassic Park

19. "To infinity, and beyond!" - Toy Story 


Stay curious!