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Jul 13, 2018

SciXFriday - 'The Machine', AI, ET Consciousness explorers and Energy Healing frequencies

“Hello babies. Welcome to Earth. It's hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It's round and wet and crowded. On the outside, babies, you've got a hundred years here. There's only one rule that I know of, babies-"God damn it, you've got to be kind.” - Kurt Vonnegut, Goodreads

OddnsEnds -
  • Anti-aging pills that work? MIT
  • Tech novelty. AI wearables. Entrepreneur, One example: MUSE, a brain-sensing-headband designed to improve meditation effectiveness.
  • Reprogramming DNA to heal with frequency and vibration. Mysterious Times
  • Energy Medicine scores science cred. "We studied if stored or recorded "energy" has an impact on breast cancer cells in vitro. Bottom line: Yes." SagePub. Thanks for the lead on this Dean Radin. Newest book: Real Magic
  • Alien Conundrum.  Hidden in plain view. “I suspect there could be life and intelligence out there in forms we can’t conceive. Just as a chimpanzee can’t understand quantum theory, it could be there as aspects of reality that are beyond the capacity of our brains.” Martin Rees, Fellow of Trinity College and Emeritus Professor of Cosmology and Astrophysics at the University of Cambridge, Daily Galaxy - 2017 interview. (Says he suspects Alien Intelligence will be in the form of an electronic entity. Interesting that various Contactees mention the electronic voice phenom. And I've heard it too. Bone-chilling, unfortunately.) Longer form interview: The Conversation
  • No joke. Forest Service not amused at the Fake Sasquatch warnings. Coast-to-coast
  • Armadillo Chill. The Dodo Cue pool mix. Kicks105FM 

The Machine. A young man meets an older man who says he is a time traveler. At one point there is a line in the script: "Things are not what they seem." I can identify with that one. Each and every day, I experience that reality confirmed.

From the Director: Michael Poole. "So here is the tale of how this movie got made. After starting the San Diego Sci-Fi Filmmakers group in 2009, a group of us (Phil Roberts, Jason Lethert, etc... ) decided to make a feature film. Then a second one. During filming of the second one, I told Jason that we should make a few short movies to fill in our down time. He agreed. That night I wrote an 8 page script called The Machine."

There is an extended version and there were plans to continue but the Actor who played the older man died. The future of this project - may yet evolve.

Short story Sci-Fi reading detour - Ray Bradbury plays with time in A Sound of Thunder. Note the target date: 2055

A few links more -
  • Star People and UFOs. Supernatural Magazine
  • Tesla and the healing Purple Energy. Supernatural Magazine
  • Brother of Terence, Dennis McKenna, numbers 9 basic parallels between the experiment at La Chorrera (E@LC) (London Real video interview/YouTube) and ‘standard’ alien encounters –understanding the term as an umbrella encompassing any alleged interaction with non-human entities, in which angelic encounters and religious apparitions could also be included. Daily Grail
Wendy's Coffeehouse schedule
7/15 - Board Camp Crystal Mine, Orville and Cheryl Murphy and son Josh. Update from my April visit. Paranormal activity continues.
7/22 - Gary Hart, The Sasquatch Whisperer. Researched and explored Board Camp Crystal Mine
7/29 - Keith Linder, The Bothell Hell House book: Poltergeist of Washington State
8/5 - Tick Gaudreau, Spirit Rescue: A Dowser's Ghostly Encounters. Utilizing specialized techniques, he has worked with spirits in a safe, respectful, and loving manner. Gaudreau shares these methods with you to help you identify different types of spiritual beings.

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Jul 9, 2018

Sensing Bigfoot and Afterlife impressions. In 'Calling Earth', the dead are seen and heard...

“All goes onward and outward, nothing collapses, And to die is different from what any one supposed, and luckier.” - Walt Whitman, Goodreads

The most recent radio interview is in the Wendy's Coffeehouse podcast archives: Avrel Seale talks about his adventure searching for Sasquatch in Texas and, in writing the book, finally fessing up to being a believer.

  • Today's google "Bigfoot" search flagged a very recent local sighting (2018). A Boy Scout leader reported finding tracks near their Lake Jacomo campsite. KMBCTV.
  • Bigfoot Research Organization lists sightings. Share if you have one (past or present).
  • Lenexa, KS. 2013 sighting on a local bike trail. Read that report at BFRO.
  • Even more intriguing, 2012 sighting near Mayetta, KS. Driver reported hitting something she couldn't identify that damaged her bumper and discovered there were numerous other unusual and unreported encounters. BFRO.
  • And then there's the Joplin Globe report from 2012 that suggests Bigfoot sightings are not uncommon in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma.
We continue the Sasquatch/Bigfoot conversation on the next show, 7/15, with Cheryl and Orville Murphy, owners of the Board Camp Crystal Mine in Mena, Arkansas. I visited in April and saw first-hand evidence of Sasquatch presence. Fascinating.

OddsnEnds - 
  • The New York Times Magazine. Ghost in the Dream, 2007. Contact from the deceased can be so subtle as to be misconstrued, dismissed or simply denied.
  • Unexplained. Woman found unconscious on a beach near the place she was thought to have drowned more than one year ago. Dressed in the same clothes. Family had not believed her to be dead. Uncle dreamed she told him to look for her on the beach where she disappeared. Recurring dream. He finally decided to check it out. Oddity Central.    

Calling Earth - A documentary on ITC, Instrumental Transcommunication contact with the deceased through electronic devices. With permission from Dan Drasin, I appreciate the opportunity to share the full program here. Or please watch on Vimeo.

Contact with the deceased in this film is anything but subtle. Researchers provide clear and distinct audio communications, authenticated by those who knew them.

Calling Earth from Daniel Drasin on Vimeo.

Calling Earth, Produced, Directed and Edited by Dan Drasin.

"FOREWORD • Because the conscious survival of physical death makes no sense in terms of our materialistic (essentially 19th-century) scientific paradigm, Western science is only now beginning to play catch-up in this arena. So please don't take this documentary as the final word. 

In another decade or two we may well look back on this type of research as primitive, but for now it's a start. Just try it on for size and see what you think, keeping in mind that a documentary film can only scratch the surface of any subject. We hope you enjoy it."

I appreciate the inclusion of the 'how to' segment (at 34:00) featured in this film. To really understand what ITC is and how it works and whether it is authentic, the best advice is to try it yourself. Instructions are given on how to do that, what equipment to use and what you might expect.

There is no outrageously expensive program to buy or complicated multi-course prerequisite, simply a desire to see what happens and the patience to experiment and see if there is a method or process that works for you.

*Included in the film is a segment about Robbert Van den Broeke. Nancy Talbott and I talked  about her Crop Circle research and she mentioned some of her experiences while visiting Robbert. Interview Link.

Additional information and links:
  • Definitions of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)
  • World ITC.org Homepage
  • The organization founded by Sarah Estep is ATC, Association Transcommunication. The research Sarah started continues.

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