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Sep 20, 2021

Sci-Fi and Paranormal. Parallels beyond Time. The Polaroid "Ghost"? Ghostwriter remains an unsolved manifest tour de force from "Wright"

“The ufo is nothing more than an assertion of herself by the Goddess into history, saying to science and paternalistically governed and driven organizations: You have gone far enough. We are going to turn the world upside down. Your science is going to be shown up for what it is, nothing more than a pleasant metaphor usefully extrapolated into the production of toys for healthy children. That's what science is good for. >It is not some meta-theory at whose feet every point of view from astrology to acupressure to channeling need be laid to have the hand of science announce thumbs up or thumbs down.” - Terence McKenna 

  • Hindsight ignored. On target to blow past the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic death count. Yahoo. 
  • Tal Kopan @TalKopan Washington Correspondent, @SFChronicle. "And a lede for the ages: "Forty-two years ago, I gave the Unabomber travel advice.” Letters found when his wife told him to clean out the attic. Twitter. 
  • Silicon Valley, Calif.-- Scientists are now feverishly testing physical debris obtained from alleged UFO crashes in Colombia and Argentina, according to Science News. UnknownBoundaries.
  • Creating Matter from Light. Vice. Imagine how an advanced civilization might apply this as we work to catch up.

EPIC trailer: The Matrix Resurrections. Music nails it. Wow!

In the Youtube comments: Matrix Explained: “Mr. Anderson, welcome back. We missed you.” Indeed.

Mind of the Maker
Did Philip K. Dick disclose the real matrix in in 1977? Video link: Open Culture.

Series of extracts (source) from one of Philip Dick's essays written in 1977 entitled "If You Find This World Bad, You Should See Some of the Others":

Philip K. Dick. "...I submit to you that such alterations, the creation or selection of such so-called 'alternate presents' is continually taking place. The very fact that we can conceptually deal with this notion - that is, entertain it as an idea - is a first step in discerning such processes themselves. But I doubt if we will ever be able in any real fashion to demonstrate, to scientifically prove, that such lateral change processes do occur. Probably all we would have to go on would be vestiges of memory, fleeting impressions, dreams, nebulous intuitions that somehow things had been different in some way - and not long ago, but NOW. We might reflexively reach for a light switch in the bathroom only to discover that it was - always had been - in another place entirely."

Mr. Dick speaks of a period in his own life where he "remembered" another reality in which he had just existed - a reality of a "prison." He was unaware of the fact that this was what he was writing about in Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said.

Dick says: "The world of Flow My Tears is an actual (or rather once actual) alternate world, and I remember it in detail. I do not know who else does. Maybe no one else does. perhaps all of you were always - have always been - here. But I was not. In novel after novel, story after story, over a twenty-five year period, I wrote repeatedly about a particular other landscape, a dreadful one. 

In March 1974, I understood why. 

... I had good reason to. My novels and stories were, without my realizing it consciously, autobiographical. It was - this return of memory - the most extraordinary experience of my life.

...You are free to believe me or disbelieve me, but please take my word on it that I am not joking; this is very serious; a matter of importance. I am sure that at the very least you will agree that for me even to claim this is in itself amazing. Often people claim to remember past lives; I claim to remember a different, very different, present life. .

...I rather suspect that my experience is not unique; what perhaps is unique is the fact that I am willing to talk about it." Continued. Link.

Paranormal visitations

2019 YouGov poll numbers show 45% of Americans believe in ghosts. Adding the political element. Republicans are more likely than Democrats to believe in Demons and Vampires. More than one-third of Americans (36%) say that they have personally felt the presence of a spirit or ghost. Just over one in ten (13%) Americans say that they have communicated directly with a ghost or spirit of someone who has died. Source.

Ghostwriter, Amazon
Ghost Photography

'Wright' - is the name claimed by the enigma who could
manifest actual letters and words on polaroids.
At one point the question was asked - where is Wright
when he is not appearing as a 'ghost'? The answer was 'flux'.

That leaves a lot to the imagination. And it does not provide
an answer to the real question. What is 'Wright' ...

The type of polaroid camera and the film used to capture
the messages from 'Wright' have been discontinued -
shutting down that method of interaction. But further communication may simply require another novel method
yet to be introduced. Is digital film a possibility or
has 'Wright' retired?

There have been multiple attempts to explain, define, debunk 
and refute the case. None successful.

Several thousand polaroids exist to stir the pot. Writing on the polaroids happened in the presence of witnesses on multiple occasions over a period of years. Author Joe Augustyn researched the case on site and was present to corroborate many events. He says most of the pictures in this book are being shared for the first time.

John Huckert lives in the "Wright" house and says paranormal activity is a constant presence. Our interview is posted in Wendy's Coffeehouse. He talks about several different types of supernatural encounters. However, the ghost writing experience is outstanding by far - in the fact that it delivered physical evidence of contact from another realm.

Ghostwriter is a fantastic example of what is possible when a door opens to the infinite and fear stands aside. 

According to The Daily Star, there are some 12 thousand photos with messages from the ghost. The book features several photos and provides translations of the messages. A novel feature: the ghost is multi-lingual.

One exchange resonates for me. Again, these answers are written on the polaroid images.
Question for Wright: “When might you show yourself to us?” 
Response: “When you are ready.”
Questions continue: “When will we be ready?” “What is stopping us?” 
Response: “Your fear.”

There is a wonderful example of that fear issue in the book. One guest decided to show up at their Halloween party dressed as the Grim Reaper. Page 173. The ghost had extra fun with him.

Ghostwriter: The Polaroid Ghost and Other True Tales of the Paranormal
by Joe Augustyn, Amazon
Preface by Dan Aykroyd
Foreword by Bill Murphy
Essays by Mary Maruca
With over 150 Polaroids, most never before seen.
Background from the website: On Friday, February 5, 1993, the Fox TV reality show SIGHTINGS examined what may be a landmark discovery in parapsychology: convincing evidence that ghosts exist and can actually communicate with us.

The ghost or spirit calls himself “WRIGHT”. He shows signs of erudition and intelligence, writing many of his messages in Latin. The ghost first appeared on film in March 1992.

Previous post about the Ghostwriter Interview: Wendy's other blog.

Synchronicity - Paranormal Encounter on the home front

Personal side note. We had an unexplained early am house call on the day the Ghostwriter book arrived, 9.8.21.

Jack (dog) wanted out. 2:30 A.M. He headed for the door – then went on full-attack-mode-barking-frenzy. Andy rounded the corner in time to see Jack chasing a shadow figure. He said it looked more like a dark cloud blob thing than a human figure. It was about the same height as he was but there was no form to it. It glided through the room and seemed to exit through the front door but he lost track in the dark room.

Imagine my surprise a short while later - when talking to John Huckert - he mentioned frequent sightings of shadow people in the 'Wright' house. I regard the experience in our house as an affirmation - like a handshake - the enigma is checking in. This extra segment includes that conversation: Link.

Doesn't mean it will stay or that further contact in that manner is implied. It is simply the process of dots connecting. Reality check. We exist in the superficial layer. Realty operates at a deeper level. Shadows manifest for us to acknowledge the presence and wonder about all that and more and to imagine what else might exist in this reality - flying under our radar - encouraging us to question, evolve, grow and know more.

A ghost is a ghost - except when it is isn't. It might something we have yet imagine.

9.20.21 Timely insight from the twitterverse:

Matthew W. Johnson @Drug_Researcher · It’s official. I just receive a U01 grant from NIDA to study #psilocybin for tobacco addiction. To my knowledge it's the 1st grant from the US government in over a half century to directly study therapeutics of a classic #psychedelic. New era in legitimacy of psychedelic science.

Lisa M Christie, PhD @LisaChristiePhD · We don't really exist as separate entities. We are a process comprised of other processes. #ProcessPhilosophy

Estate of Ingo Swann @EstateIngoSwann · Both imagination and waking dreams need to be defined since Western culture disbelieves in the vital reality of imagination and is uninformed of the function regarding waking dream processes.

ufostalker.com @ufo_stalker · Almost halfway here and halfway somewhere else it appeared. very strange. Link. Fulton, Missouri #UFO

Variations in Flux
Very difficult to identify the Matrix and to notice each and every foreign element from within. The guides gave me a dream scene to ponder years ago. It compares to the blind men and the elephant parable. Wiki

They showed me a section of huge metal sheet with holes in it. The sheet curved but it was so large I only saw the portion directly in front of me. I 'knew' (assumed) it was a colander. But it was impossible for me to find a way to view the entire structure to confirm that assessment/assumption.

I thought one possibility was if there were a way to create a mirror and see the object in the reflection. I didn't have a mirror. 

The guides responded. One who is unable to see the entire scene is forced to work with that disadvantage - to address the issue from one point of view. All else is conjecture.

It took me years to get the joke. At this level - on the manifest plane of reality - we are dealing with a sheet full of holes.

That which is seen in our limited view ... is a ghost of the real thing. 

They have a wicked sense of humor. To give them credit - they have also saved my life. I listen. I question and I learn.

Reality is beyond seeing.

Sep 13, 2021

Obvious, Obfuscation, Invisible, Diversion - Messaging the Mindful - they've been here all along: ETs, Aliens, Space Intelligences, Star Brothers

“It’s unkind to point out the Obvious To those who don’t want to see it. But it’s worse to point out the Invisible To those convinced it doesn’t exist.” - Ingo Swann

"Ingo Swann -- renowned psi researcher -- reveals a long-held secret series of experiences with a "deep black" agency whose apparent charter was simple: UFOs and extraterrestrials on the moon and worries about ET telepathic/mind control powers." - Read Penetration. Amazon. And open source, another link.


Ethereal Light Pillars - recent sighting in the Philippines. "This aurora-like phenomenon forms when tiny ice crystals in the atmosphere reflect the moonlight, according to state weather bureau PAGASA." Beautiful. Link.

Alien Nostalgia. 1977. Saturday 26 November. That time Vrillon and the Ashtar Galactic Command hijacked the airwaves for a mind bending proclamation. Independent.

"Hear now the voice of Vrillon, a representative of the Ashtar Galactic Command, speaking to you. Be aware also that there are many false prophets and guides operating in your world. They will suck your energy from you – the energy you call money and will put it to evil ends and give you worthless dross in return."

If the goal is to blast through the mind fog cloaking humanity - attaching a dollar sign is the perfect carrot. And if numbers are important - now is a good time to relaunch a social media blitz for broad exposure.

One could simply profess this message was delivered again on some obscure channel as a reminder that the clock is ticking on the human race and - even as it might appear to the human eye that no other out there is paying attention to the grand experiment on planet Earth - it may simply be enough to refresh the message and suggest there had been a telepathic prompt to offer a gentle reminder... (free will to opt out) just in case.

Now to drive interest. As this is what passes for authority in this day and age: Imply this information is forbidden and has been purposely withheld and furthermore - banned - due to the potential for moral corruption of the masses. Insinuate that it was an extraordinary fluke that the information made it through in the first place and all such further efforts were suppressed. Bingo! 

That should do the trick.

Broadcast interrupted ... with a 6 minute redirect.


"We of the Ashtar Galactic Command thank you for your attention. We are now leaving the plane of your existence. May you be blessed by the supreme love and truth of the cosmos."

 The source is still a mystery. 

"You know now that we are here, and that there are more beings on and around your Earth than your scientists admit." 


"The idea that we could be reached by some other kind of being, creature, intelligence that could actually enter our world and have physical effects as well as emotional effects, was simply not part of the world view that I had been raised in. So that I came very reluctantly to the conclusion that this was a true mystery." - John E. Mack. Nova Online - Kidnapped by UFOs.

NOVA: Aren't you really at risk of losing quite a bit, personally and professionally, because of ...criticism?

MACK: I think that, in some ways, I've gained more than I've lost in terms of inviting people into this mystery, having a dialogue with all kinds of very wonderful, open, intelligent, brilliant people from many different fields. It's been quite exciting. I mean I've been attacked, but the attacks have not been really nearly as serious to me as the openness that I've found among many people throughout the culture and internationally, who are saying: Yeah, I always suspected something like this was going on, and I'm glad you were willing to come forward and report about it."

Mack's story is featured in a docuseries on SyFy.
Touched: John Mack. Experiencers share their stories. Available on Amazon.


Yet another opportunity to refresh the thread on John Foster UFOs. He does not classify himself as an abductee. He is an Experiencer. 

His memories cover decades of interaction with ET/Aliens: The emerging memories shattered him. "I was completely devastated," he remembers. "I had to change my concept of what reality was." - Seattle Times archive.

"He says, he remembered thousands of encounters, and even the size and shapes of the ships or enclosures into which he was taken. He remembered an examining table, an alien with a wig ("To make you more at ease," she told him) and conversations with extraterrestrials who called themselves the "monitors of the Earth."

John's recent blog post: My story is so lengthy and complex, it took me over 14 years to understand it, and to write my first book Eminent Discovery. When Brad Steiger heard about it, he asked me to write an article to be included in his and Sherry’s then new book Real Visitors, Voices from Beyond, and Parallel Dimensions.

Because he and Sherry were so kind to me when I attended his workshop/lecture in Omaha, Nebraska in the early 1990s, I wrote an original article that summarized what I had experienced intermittently for over forty six years of my life. As it turned out, it is the best summery/overview I have written. Continued on John's blog.

My interviews with John Foster are in the Wendy's Coffeehouse archives. I also interviewed his daughter Kindra. Link.

remembers the day her father's memories came flooding back. She was also there when he made contact with the "familiar strangers" who remembered meeting while undergoing similar encounters.

On the heels of what is being referred to as a "soft disclosure" (Ken Wilber and Corey deVos: still not on board with the UFO/Alien thing), we get an Alien Abduction game.

Due out in 2022: "The game follows a journalist who investigates an alien sighting at the Grayswood farm and must explore the area in the dark, using a flashlight and take pictures to gather evidence of alien presence and get to the bottom of the horrifying events." - Free demo. Space.com

Alien Bake Off "UFOTwitter" - Contact in the Dessert. (Could also double with as a Ghost: White frosting.) Twitter.