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Monday, October 16, 2017

Keith Linder, Living with a Poltergeist, A Haunting in Seattle

There are many different forms of life in the universe and human beings are unaware of most of them. Complex beings inhabit other dimensions. They can be very dangerous when encountered, unless, of course, you know how to handle or avoid them. - Zen Master Rama

Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Keith Linder

OddnEnds -
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  • The haunted dorm room - NYTimes 
  • And there are other colleges with ghosts. 50 to choose from. OnlineSchoolCenter 
  • Seats are still available for Ghost Tales of Weston - Book now 
  • Large Cat Story = Opportunist Cat steals the scene in a live shot cameo. HuffPost
Just like the original Blade Runner, this one might take a bit longer to find the audience. However, I really liked the film and thought it did an excellent job of carrying the story line forward with new elements that felt perfectly in sync. I do think the 3 short prequels filled in the gaps and are worth seeing along with the movie. Here's one: Blade Runner 2049

In my interview with Keith Linder, he talks about his ongoing experiences living with a Poltergeist and says when the activity first started he had no real belief in ghosts. After four years living in a very haunted house, moving and continuing to experience what has run the gamut of paranormal encounters, he has become educated on all sorts of ghost related issues.

Who or what were some of the most helpful resources in his case? Colin Wilson's book, The Occult was at the top of his list. The Occult/Amazon About Colin Wilson: The GuardianGoodReads

Given what I have experienced and been asked about in regard to dealing with ongoing paranormal events, I do recommend learning about Psychic Self Defense and the book that addresses that in an easily accessible manner is from someone who writes from experience - in the 1930's: Dion Fortune.
Psychic Self-Defense.

I interviewed Deborah King for Conscious Living [2/20/2009 itunes] and she described a negative psychic attack and what she did to counter it. Each event is different. Main site for Deborah King

Clearing Dark Forces - Deborah offers insight here.

My personal experiences include accidentally intruding upon a family meeting as the relatives were going through belongings at a soon-to-be-available home. The deceased was not pleased. I got slammed with a three hour headache. The learning curve. 

Curious about Keith Linder's ongoing encounters? Do take precaution to clear your own space. This type of attachment isn't one to play games with.

Keith has a blog: Follow
Connect with Keith on YouTube
Washington State Poltergeist on Facebook

*Coming up this week on Conscious Living on Empower Radio - shows include, Oct 17 (TUE): Fascinating and prolifically creative Paul Davids explains how his experiences with the deceased Forrest J. Ackerman spawned the Life After Death Project. The Sequel

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Friday, October 13, 2017

SciXFriday - Friends, Real and Imagined, Vampires, Odds and Not

Real and Imagined = Opposite sides of the same coin. When fully present, one has access to the best of both worlds, that magical state of In-Between - where ALL Things are Possible. Choose your thoughts wisely. - Talking to Nightlights II

Highly unlikely, yet, entirely probable oddsnends in the mindstream -
  • Yellowstone Supervolcano big boom odds -- sooner than previously thought. NYTimes 
  • U.N. employees recalled due to Vampires. Reuters 
  • Musical Interlude - (I wish) - Bruce on Broadway. Rolling Stone Reviews don't count. Shows already Sold Out. Bonus: Reviews are STELLAR.
  • Revisiting a Cult Classic Trailer Miracle Mile. Doomsday scenario with nukes - Motherboard/Vice 
  • Don't get down - get Light Therapy. Depression and S.A.D.. Bipolar joins the list. UPI 
  • Dog Collar Museum - Yes, there is one. BBC
“So You’ve Grown Attached” by Kate Tsang. - Love this film! I've talked about my imaginary friend before. His name was Heygo and he was with me til I was about 5 years old when I told my Mom he flew out the window and I never mentioned him again. Recently, we reconnected when I asked to see him again so I might have a better picture of what he looked like. And now I do.

Subscribe and watch more sci-fi shorts on DUST

Director’s Bio: Kate Tsang is an award-winning writer/director based in Los Angeles. Her short film “So You’ve Grown Attached” was a national finalist for the Student Academy Award, won Best Narrative Short at San Francisco International Film Festival, and was nationally broadcast on PBS.
Kate’s website: www.katetsang.com

10/15 - Keith Linder, Living with a Poltergeist/Supernatural Magazine, Q13Fox, and Demons in Seattle/Ghost Adventures
10/22 - Bruce Gernon, YouTube recounts his incredible experience, Home Site/Electronic Fog, Beyond the Bermuda Triangle
10/29 - Kathleen Odom Bio, (also featured in Video), Letters from the Big Man Trailer, Sasquatch Film Site

Setting date - James Schwartz, Hypnotherapist Blog: "Actual transcripts of clients experiencing the phenomena of visiting different planes of existence during their hypnosis sessions." One Voice, Sacred Wisdom
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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ghosts, Paranormal, Unexplained: building a case for Psychic Self-Defense

"We live in the midst of invisible forces whose effects alone we perceive. We move among invisible forms whose actions we very often do not perceive at all, although we may be profoundly affected by them." - Psychic Self-Defense,  Dion Fortune

OddsnEnds -

Please note, my upcoming interview with Keith Linder explores his ongoing experiences with a poltergeist. While the conversation might seem innocuous, some of the information might have a bit more weight than can be seen at the surface level.

From his interview about his experience, Living with a Poltergeist in Supernatural Magazine, "One night the TV kept coming on upstairs so much I finally unplugged it. Minutes later after we left it came on again. This time it was on but the cord was not plugged in the wall."

Keith has been documenting this experience from the onset of his stay in a haunted house. He has an ever expanding collection of videos compiled with the help of numerous paranormal investigators to assist in validating his account. Steve Mera and Don Philips in this short vid.

His YouTube channel is here. One of the videos that provides an overview is this video with two paranormal investigators: Demons in Seattle - Doll Video
Another video with Paranormal Investigators
And this video starts with a local news crew feature.
He's out of that house now but the story continues.


Given the nature of this subject matter, I am posting a warning and a pre-emptive defense posture. I have no doubt that Keith's experience is authentic. Sharing his experience is a way to validate these encounters and to offer counter measures to address the very real (and sometimes uncomfortable) after effects of a negative psychic attack.

My interview with Keith is coming up on Sunday, October 15th, at 8pm on KCMO Talk Radio, Wendy's Coffeehouse. The intensity level of his encounter surpasses that of the one I experienced with the interview on the haunting of Asylum 49. Not for the faint of heart: The Haunting of Keith Linder.

Psychic Self-Defense - Jeffery Mishlove interviews Terrence Palmer on the topic of spirit entities and negative attachments. Terrence opens with an event he experienced in picking up an unwanted entity when he sat next to someone. Jeffery talks about his experience with Ted Owens and feeling sick after they had an argument. Ted called back to apologize and the illness stopped. Interview with Jeffery about PK Man Ted Owens is here.

Food for thought in this interview on mind power. Valuable insight on how important it is to be very aware of your thoughts and to understand we are also susceptible to the thoughts of others, seen and unseen.

About Terence Palmer. Meditation/7 minutes: Psychic Self-Defense

The video also notes recommended books. If you do experience anything related to a negative haunting or spirit attachment, these resources are extremely useful:

Psychic Self-Defense - by Dion Fortune. About Dion: Inner Light
There is a pdf version available. Read it if you wish further understanding of the topic or have any question as to the possibility of encountering and identifying the influence of such entities. Even more socially relevant is the information regarding mind power and telepathic influence: Hypnotism.

Dancing with the Devil - by David Ashworth. David is a Spiritual Teacher who assists in consciousness awakening: Contact

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