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Jun 11, 2017

6/11/17 - Blynne Olivieri, Ingo Swann Archives/PSI Treasure Chest

“Don't you understand that we need to be childish in order to understand? Only a child sees things with perfect clarity, because it hasn't developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things that we don't expect to see.”  - Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency 

 Wendy's Coffeehouse: 6/11/17 - Blynne Olivieri, Ingo Swann Special Collection at UWG

Misc and Etc -
  • Old Bones rewrite our evolutionary timeline. Ancient History's new wing. The Guardian 
  • Another page uncovered in Aztec History. The Guardian 
  • Got lost looking for UFOs - 9/8/17. Happy ending includes rescue + UFO sightings. One said to be an orb bigger than the moon. Boston Globe 
  • Off World First: Asgardia. Futurism Press conference coming up 6/13/17. "Over 180,000 Earthlings have reportedly pledged allegiance to the space colony." Asgardia.com 
  • Summer Road Trip - Pack the PJs and make tracks for the Sloth Slumber Party CNN 
  • Ingo Swann related - Annie Jacobsen delves into CIA psychic spy stuff - like the plane locating incident recounted in Third Eye Spies, ["It was an earth-shattering event, Jacobsen says: “A psychic was able to produce actionable intelligence that no one else could.”] and other PSI related programs in the book, Phenomena. 
  • Designations have changed but PSI studies continue within the military and elsewhere. Example: UCSB. “Presently, the Office of Naval Research calls this program Anomalous Mental Cognition,” Jacobsen says. Exploring "Spidey sense" at ONR.Navy  Article Source: Task and Purpose 
  • TV Series based upon Jacobsen's book is forthcoming. Re: Phenomena, Deadline
Annie talking about another fascinating book she authored on DARPA via Google Talks -

Annie's Author Page on Amazon.

Film Teaser on Vimeo
Good read: 2010 Thesis (PDF) by Douglas A. Morris
in favor of continuing/reviving a Stargate type program mentions Ingo Swann in the acknowledgements. Anomalous Human Cognition: A Possible Role Within the Crucible of Intelligence Collection

Psychic, Godfather of Remote Viewing, Artist, Visionary, Psychic Spy. Ingo Swann died in 2013, but his work continues to inspire. Previous Post.

Fortunately, Ingo believed psychic abilities are a natural part of being human and wanted his work to remain available to the public.

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Explore his legacy in the Ingo Swann collection housed at the University of West Georgia. Blynne Olivieri manages the collection. She was a presenter at the recent Philip K. Dick festival where 'Ingo Swann, A Life Gone Wild'  won the short film category. Film Facebook page

Ingo's charm, colorful personality and involvement in extraordinary documented PSI experiments continue to drive interest in his work. He left several books and a large paper trail on his research of PSI phenomena. Papers include thoughts on his involvement with the military, contact with Space Intelligence/ETs, Remote Viewing and PSI, hours upon hours of fascinating reading. Undoubtedly, his work remains a resource and catalyst for those seeking mind expansion.

"Psychic perceptions can no longer be discredited at all, the only question now remaining is how they work." - Estate Ingo Swann Twitter
Home Page Ingo Swann Estate

FYI: Stanley Krippner's papers are also in the Archives. Link 
Professor of psychology at Saybrook University in Oakland, California. Renowned for his focus on dreams, altered states of consciousness, hypnosis, shamanism, dissociation, and parapsychology.

Read some of his articles here.

We are scheduled for another interview August - on Native American Medicine Man, Rolling Thunder. The Shamanic Powers of Rolling Thunder. Our first interview is up at Conscious Living on Empower Radio

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