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May 29, 2017

5/28/17 - Lance Mungia, Third Eye Spies Documentary

"All humans have clairvoyant sensing facilities, and this is the reason they keep emerging in spite of any societal resistance to them." Ingo Swann, Psychic

Wendy's Coffeehouse Lance Mungia interview
/Third Eye Spies Documentary

Odds, ends and otherwise interesting -
  • Synchronicity on this one - CBS interview with Robert Bigelow on his partnership with NASA  aired during the show: "Lara Logan: Do you believe in aliens?Robert Bigelow: I'm absolutely convinced. That's all there is to it."
    Also in the interview, he mentions a UFO sighting witnessed by his grandparents.
  • 40 year anniversary of Star Wars. WGN/VF Cover. Carrie Fisher's character? Vanity Fair 
  • Darth Vader is alive and well and works at a Tennessee Hospital. HuffPost
  • Trendy? Sweet Coffee w/a chunk of Coal - Kopi Joss takes a nice photo. Oddity Central 
  • Review for Pojo's Vampire Repellent Soap: The Curious Fortean 
  • Star of the night: Garlic and Holy Water Vampire Repelling Soap. Order at PojoSoaps 
  • Congrats to Dr. Olivia Doll, on the board of 7 medical journals. Dr. Doll is a canine. Mashable 
  • A heartfelt Elephant greeting that makes everyone want to be part of the herd. Mashable
Lance Mungia - Third Eye Spies Documentary YouTube preview -

Catching up with Lance on the progress of the documentary, Third Eye Spies, Vimeo teaser,  he suggests the release date will be in the fall/2017. Now in post production and seeking a distributor.

I think this is terrific subject matter that greatly adds to the dialogue on what we think we know about the potential for PSI and how it may still be in use and advanced beyond the level that this documentary showcases. Website: Third Eye Spies

I spoke with Lance earlier. That interview is here: Conscious Living on Empower Radio.

Also linked later in this post is the *BBC documentary on Uri Geller that includes details on the CIA Psychic Spy program and, as in his case, those involved in the program were restricted on what they could talk about.

So, even when they shared RV and Psychic content that was true, it was often accompanied by snide comments and criticisms from skeptics who refused to credit anything PSI related with merit. The Russians weren't skeptics: Scientific American  Related: Definition of BioPlasma

In reading various materials connected to the PSI talents of Uri and Ingo, ETs are mentioned. Others in the program note Near Death experiences.

More information about RV and Psychic abilities. Suggested reading:

Some materials were published (and would have had to omit or alter significant authentication details) prior to the FOIA release of the documents related to the Psychic Spy program. Lance credits Russell Targ's tenacity and dogged FOIA pursuit in bringing the information to light. Russell Targ's banned Ted Talk

1/Psychic Warrior/David Morehouse - reviews on Good Reads offer mostly positive feedback.
2/Penetration/Ingo Swann, on Kindle - Remote Viewer Courtney Brown gives feedback on the book.
3/Memoirs of Psychic Spy/Joe McMoneagle also 4/Remote Viewing Secrets
4/Interested in learning Remote Viewing? Connect with Paul Smith at RViewer
5/Vindicated in the release of the CIA Psychic Spies documents, Uri Geller. Documentary:
The Secret Life of Uri Geller.

"I do believe in aliens. I do believe in UFOs."  - Uri Geller

You can bet, these guys all know a thing or two we don't, something our mainstream science has continued to sidestep but is showing progress at exploring. Might be wise to skip ahead and study some of the information provided. The truth is out there, hidden in plain view. Previous post on this topic. TalkingtoNightlights

"The more you hide something, the more it shines like a beacon in a psychic's face." - Russell Targ