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Apr 21, 2017

Ingo Swann's PSI Legacy - UWG Special Collections

"The more you hide something, the more it shines like a beacon in a psychic's face." - Russell Targ

For anyone intrigued by Telepathy and inspired to improve his/her ability, 'Penetration' by Ingo Swann is a good resource. Do keep in mind, at the time he wrote the book, he would have been unable to reveal certain details of his involvement and work with the Stargate Project. Wiki

What might he have been able to add if he could reveal more information? Take a cue from Uri Geller, vindicated in the disclosure of now declassified CIA documents (Independent) on the program. Live Science.

Issues to ponder: 1/Space Intelligence. 2/Telepathy. The source? Telepathy, from the Earth side and
from Space Side.

My interest in Ingo Swann stems from the fact he had an extraordinary ability that - even now - our science is challenged to quantify. Those who had personal contact with Ingo would have been influenced in such a way that, whatever doubt they may have had about PSI abilities, that close proximity to one who could indeed produce direct results might make disbelief a bit more challenging. Ex: Remote Viewing research link, National Institutes of Health

Fortunately, Ingo wanted his work, his process and his methods to be known and available for any and all who might be curious enough to explore the far horizons of consciousness and PSI potential.

And that is his legacy, via his estate at IngoSwann.com, in leaving a tremendous body of work to help others open their own minds to the natural abilities present in all humans for expanded PSI awareness. That body of work is now housed in the Special Collections at UWG's Ingram Library: Announcement

Background on Ingo Swann, Video presentation, uploaded 2011.

I realized I had been given a gift when I was able to access the book, free at the time, Penetration. Here's an interesting audio presentation of that book from YouTube/Link. The reader 'BornSkywalker' has a nice delivery and flow with the material. 

In reading that book and additional Remote Viewing support materials authored by Ingo, I see parallels to PK Man Ted Owens and Psychic Uri Geller. Both of those men also mention contact and influence from ETs. Curious. (Aside: Do Contact/ET Encounters have a specific purpose?)

Uri's comment on how he started reviving clocks, Facebook. and his reaction when he was asked to stop the heart of a pig. Daily Mail.

There are other methods of practice known to enhance human PSI abilities to produce extreme results. Study Dr. Yan Xin, QiGong Master, called a "miracle doctor".

What surprises me?

Given the decades of study and efforts by multiple organizations [PearLab, Rhine, Menninger/Richard Ireland (Richard Ireland) (Video of Richard Ireland] in trying to validate and publicize the PSI substantiating material to a wider audience, much of the research data and supporting documentation is still buried or labeled Pseudoscience. Consciousness studies continue. For more information on that: ICRL

Be that as it may, those who need the material are finding it and they are the audience that can most benefit in the knowing that PSI and Telepathic abilities are real and can be developed and enhanced with the proper methods and training. 

More importantly in relationship to all of these topics, this stuff is not fiction.

I remember when I first heard Ingo Swann interviewed years ago on Art Bell. Whatever the topic was, he seemed genuine, authentic, matter of fact and sincere. I never forgot him.

Coast to Coast Ingo Swann Tribute show/audio from 2002: Link

To that effect, I want to support getting his work to a larger audience. He died in 2013, Link.
His written materials are still of tremendous value and for anyone seeking to explore Remote Viewing, Telepathy, PSI abilities and expanded awareness they are a treasure trove. RViewer.com/Ingo Swann-photos

-- Ingo's writings and collected works are now part of the Special Collections at the Ingram Library at the University of West Georgia. While it can be accessed on line, in-person viewing requires setting up an appointment. The items are not allowed to be removed from site. Photographs are permitted.

"Because of the national caliber of the collections--the papers of politicians Bob Barr and Newt Gingrich and psychologist William Roll as examples--people come from all over the world to use Special Collections materials in production of newspaper articles, books, and documentaries."

Researching background for the interview about the upcoming Documentary, Third Eye Spies, I also connected with Blynne Olivieri. She's in charge of managing the Ingo Swann Collection at UWG.

Blynne will be at the upcoming Philip K. Dick Science Fiction Film Festival

"Philip K. Dick's message is that in spite of forces marshaled against the human spirit, both political and technological, humanity can prevail if we can find the will and determination to pave a better future. The festival represents his voice."

Debuts at the Philip K. Dick Film Festival
The festival will debut the film on Ingo: A Life Gone Wild. 

Interview with Blynne Olivieri/Conscious Living on Empower Radio

May and June Wendy's Coffeehouse interviews include another talk with Blynne and a 2nd interview with Lance Mungia about the documentary, Third Eye Spies. Trailer in a previous post

My interview with Lance on Empower Radio: YouTube

Third Eye Spies is currently seeking a sales agent and worldwide distribution. All rights are available. Contact Lance Mungia -- lance@wakinguniverse.com

- For more information about the Ingo Swann Collection please contact: 

Blynne Olivieri
Head of Special Collections
Ingram Library
University of West Georgia
1601 Maple Street
Carrollton, GA 30118-2000
Phone: 678-839-5455

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