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Jan 10, 2024

NHE, Non-Human-Entities, Precognition, Telepathy

Premonitions and Precognition

Channeled guidance: When I have asked why there is so little pre-cog information that might preempt large populations from having to endure extreme hardships of war, famine, poverty, eco-tragedy, and inhumane treatment on a grand scale, the response has been that we are entirely too literal in our language and communication methods (open to miscommunication/misunderstanding/misinterpreting) - and the lessons are necessary.

Whatever challenge we manage to dodge instead of facing, confronting, and/or addressing will present itself in another form. Negative circumstances and bloody confrontations are part of this phase – the ‘hope’ from higher sources is that we will learn to value what has been referred to as ‘harmony in a world of difference’ … DIVERSITY.

Source for the previous segment includes an encounter with a transparent human figure. Non-human entity? Shadow person? Previous Post.

Non-Human-Entities and Telepathy

Long time coming for those of us who have been reading between the lines over the past decade and/or more. The new section on the Ingo Swann website is devoted to NHE, Non-Human-Entities:

On the morning the NHE page went live, Elly, Ingo’s niece, gave me a quick heads up about that page. As it turns out, the dream I had that morning gave me another element to ponder.

  • I dreamed I was sitting in bed, surrounded by my notes and books, working on my computer. A guy comes bursting into the room in an excited state. I am surprised and a bit concerned because there was no warning of his approach and he didn’t knock. We seem to know each other from work and he wants my help.
  • I see that I am dressed. I do find it odd that, although I am working in bed, I am wearing my shoes. He is in dress clothes – a three-piece, brown suit – and appears to be in his mid-thirties.
  • He is full of enthusiasm about his project, but he is also frustrated because there is a problem with his printer. And that is why he is here. He asks for my help and wants me to let him use my printer. I think that’s easy enough. I’ll agree to let him use my printer.

Another interesting point and something I don’t normally do. Because I left my computer signed on, it was opened to the page that showed Elly’s message, 7 minutes after it had been delivered, alerting me to the NHE page debut – intended to be announced that day at noon.

That’s when I suspected the dream was tied to Ingo. I asked Elly if Ingo had a brown suit or a three-piece, brown suit. She said he did.

What purpose for the dream contact? I believe Ingo and others who work with him are gathering their tribe. The work continues on the higher plane and information they seeded is accessible, helpful, and needed for events yet to unfold.

Curious, I decided to look a little deeper. I have some of Ingo’s books and wondered if there were any pictures that matched the man I saw in my dream for confirmation. It didn’t take long to find one. He wasn’t wearing a three-piece suit. But it was the same face, his smile and his energy. What a great surprise to recognize him as the person in my dream. Wow!

The image that matched is featured in Stardust Highways: Ingo Swann’s Art of Entertaining.

Ingo Swann, p. 37, Stardust Highways: Ingo Swann’s Art of Entertaining

Given that much of the ET / UFO / PSI / Consciousness research Ingo participated in was classified, he was limited on how he could address it. Even had his work censored. What was so threatening? Military aspects that continue to remain classified most likely hold the key.

I believe aspects Ingo {and the help he needs with the printer – getting the word out} is now trying to highlight relate to personal encounters with Non Human Entities (NHE) or Non Human Intelligence (NHI). 

Some are alluded to in Penetration/Amazon. Others are included in the personal notes in the archives at the University of West Georgia.

From the Ingo Swann Non Human Entities Page:

  • His message: these entities have a SERIOUS type of telepathy capable of something dire; a type he names as telepathy plus, one which is beyond being a channel for information exchange, one capable of mind control and scrambling human consciousness.

  • After the book was published, he began to experience terrible headaches and pain in random places throughout his body. He determined he was being psychically attacked and found a way to make some sort of telepathic contact with these entities in order to fend them off.

  • After going through a list from where, Earth, no, space, no, the Moon, no, the Sun, no, he circled the words “another dimension.” Despite his efforts, they remained a source of sporadic pain to him for the rest of his life. Several of his sorting out the psychic attack notes are in his archives at the University of West Georgia.

Each will understand and interpret this information relative to whatever personal role has been set forth in this incarnation. In other words, it is to be expected that not everyone will view this information with the same enthusiasm or appreciation.

Ingo’s belief is clear: “We are not alone on this planet.”

And we go forward from there.

There is a reason for the Timing.

This info is also referenced in a previous post. Link. In the newest interview with Elly - we talk about some of the negative PSI experiences that Ingo encountered. 

PSI Audio cue - Metal or Mechanical?

When I revisited my contact with Elly, I found a piece of information I forgot about. She alerted me to the new page. December 17, 2023.

My response: "Outstanding .. Interesting. I had two anomalies overnight. One was a very sharp mechanical sound and the other was a single strum of a cello. Knew it was a message. The one thing my guides have insisted on for humans to work on - Telepathy. We progress as a species when that element is evolved. Great to see Ingo's thoughts on this compiled."  

That's a thing I forgot --- The sync: it happened again. This time I heard the mechanical sound on two occasions. 1.7.24. In the evening, Andy and I both heard what sounded like something being dropped on top of a metal box or sheet. There is nothing in that area that could make that sound. 

The following day. Took a short nap. 1.8.24. I heard a mechanical/metal like sound and opened my eyes to see the curtain was closed. No response from the pets. I remember leaving the curtain open and figured Andy must have checked in on me and shut it.

I turned my head to look at the clock and then I turned my head back again to see the curtain was open. In that brief moment the position of the curtain had changed. It startled me. There was no mistaking my seeing the the curtain being shut because it registered long enough for me to blame Andy for doing something to it. 

And then it was open - the curtains were parted by about 8 inches. Was that mechanical sound waking me up some kind of cue? 

Another game of charades.

Is Ingo the common denominator? 

I am learning.

What? Why? Who? How? 


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