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Mar 10, 2023

Paranormal encounters and Time Shifts – are they increasing?

 “For the whole life-effort of man was to get his life into direct contact with the elemental life of the cosmos, mountain-life, cloud-life, thunder-life, air-life, sun-life. To come into immediate felt contact, and so derive energy, power, and a dark sort of joy.” – D.H. Lawrence,


I woke up to the sound of my alarm – it was muffled and sounded far away. Confused, I heard the noise stop as I reached for my phone. It wasn’t actually the phone. The alarm had not been activated. The time was 12 am. Birthday wake up call.

Recent quirk – my phone alarm shifted from swipe to button function. Somehow, I managed to plug in the right words to locate info on an android alarm update – the quirk: on my phone, the function keeps switching without me doing anything. Some days are button mode. Other days the swipe is back. I am guessing, with my non-selection, it will eventually settle on the button update.

Pantheism synchronicity

Recently, my channeling sources have asked to be categorized or labeled as elementals. The selection of that word is said to indicate a focus on topics which require more immediate attention and a need for collaborative focus on nature and the environment. (Animals, Plants, Ecosystem, Cosmology)

When I have asked why there is so little pre-cog information that might preempt large populations from having to endure extreme hardships of war, famine, poverty, eco-tragedy, and inhumane treatment on a grand scale, the response has been that we are entirely too literal in our language and communication methods and the lessons are necessary.

Information is given when there is no chance of altering the larger outcome in such a way that prevents us from doing our own homework and learning from the event. Change is required. Failure to adapt and redirect perpetuates stagnation and eventual decay. To change is to evolve.

Whatever challenge we manage to dodge instead of facing, confronting, and/or addressing will present itself in another form. Negative circumstances and bloody confrontations are part of this phase – the ‘hope’ from higher sources is that we will learn to value what has been referred to as ‘harmony in a world of difference’ … DIVERSITY.

3.8. 23

11:30 pm. I woke up. At the same time Jack started barking. As he barks, I am looking at a transparent figure standing alongside the bed. Jack keeps barking. I understand he is trying to alert me to the presence and tell him, thank you. I see what he is barking at and it is okay.

He backs down and settles on his pillow. How fleeting that moment, because the very minute I realized I was looking at a transparent human figure, I lost the context. No features. No clothing to identify. I remember movement. It appeared to be moving – turning away. It was the size of an adult. And it was gone.

Asleep again, I dream a wave comes up behind me and I lift myself up above the water. I am now levitating and looking down at the waves, a few feet below. I just hold myself above and wonder at the beauty of it all. Now I see people in the water. They are about chest deep and not stressed. I lower myself in the water beside them and wonder what they are waiting for.


I hear the Owl. The time is exactly 6:30 am.

Biography – Picnic at Hanging Rock – Joan’s Time Shift

Several times, the mention of someone referring to Joan as a mystic, had me curious. I needed to read the biography to see if there was anything more to offer about her metaphysical experiences and her abilities. Acquaintances said “she could see things that others couldn’t and knew things without being told.”

Much of what I read has been offered in some form through various interviews and articles but the book offers a timeline of her life experiences and her writing progress. And I did learn about a very important event in the book that underscored Joan’s unique relationship with time.

Joan hinted about a few things but kept a lot to herself regarding her abilities. She did divulge one fantastic event that defies explanation – and/or linear definition of time – plus, it substantiates her own belief that time does not run on a clock.

The book is full of pictures – including one at the close that speaks to the limited influence time has on our existence beyond physical form. There is a figure, believed to be Joan, standing at the window, looking out of her house at Mulberry Hill.

Moody Blues – UFO Encounter – Missing Time

You have to dig to find this. Worth it because the full story is impressive. John Lodge posted a photo on his facebook page“UFO’s escorting Moody Blues on their USA tour…” followed above as they were out and about.

Published in Flying Saucer Review –

“So I told the guys to pull over and we got out. We all looked over the top of the car and there was this red ball kind of thing moving across the freeway that turns into a square … like a red dice. As it approached us, it got bigger and bigger, and we were all sort of bathed in this blue light.”

We ended up getting home three hours late and wondering what the heck was that?

From what Graeme Edge told his friends, it felt like they were “mesmerized as if in a dream.” The object looked like “a fat cigar with a low protrusion on top, with seven dull red lights on it.” He told Peter Willsher, who relayed the story to the British Flying Saucer Review, that “The upper half of the object appeared metallic, whereas the lower half was red and pulsed from left to right.” – SourceMUFONOHIO

Another article with drawings and other related commentary in this forum: Link. Stepping in a Slide Zone is the song related to that encounter.

Time, space, and infinity

  • Is Time Linear or Circular – Author suggests, “Time is attached to each part of space, forming a space-time continuum, and as everything moves, vibrates, changes, it is related to the fact that time is a dimension that allows change, and spatial dimensions enable things to be in different places.” – Daria BocicovaSource.

  • Infinity Physics – Researchers working on a theory use as their example, “So everything springs from rest and is polarized. Everything remains polarized (feedback loop) until the force which keeps it apart is voided and is brought back to rest as a new awareness. This is how consciousness grows and evolves.” 

    “Some of the language being used to describe these concepts are influenced by Walter Russell’s work who incredibly was developing these ideas and awareness’s 70 years ago. So advanced for his time, the genius Nichola Tesla told him to lock his book away for 1000 years until humanity was ready to receive it!” Source.
  • Walter Russell Cosmology – “As a result of his profound insight, Russell made a phenomenal discovery – that all matter comes forth from a zero-point field of energy, which is the true essence of the universe. This omniscient field is called the universal source or mind source and is made of electricity.” Source.

NDE – Timeline of ‘future’ events revealed

I listened to an NDE story as I was working on this post. Again, the time element is addressed. Bill Tortorella had a near death experience in 1994. Video.

Spirit guardians, telepathic communication, life review and future events referred to as the “Hall of Events”. Future, Past, and Present. Angels and 9 principles of Enlightenment. including Choice, Intuition, Service, Warning, Numbers. Numbers were important and an indication to pay attention. His special numbers are 66.

The 911 tragedy was foreshadowed. The information he was given about a daughter who didn’t exist at that time includes a detail he shares in a revelation at the end of the video.

Bill shares this information in greater detail in his book: The Ninth Level of Enlightenment: The Wisdom of the LightAmazon.

Interesting that he witnessed the ‘future’ as events that were happening in front of him and happening so fast he saw the future….future….and future… indicating it had already happened as part of his experience. Fascinating and not linear.

No Time like the present

Albert Einstein once wrote: People like us who believe in physics know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion. Time, in other words, he said, is an illusion. Many physicists since have shared this view, that true reality is timeless.”- NPR.

In the NPR conversation between Ira Flatow and theoretical physicist Lee Smolin – Smolin suggests a different understanding of time might help us to better understand the universe. His book is Time Reborn: From the crisis in physics to the future of the universe.

As I understand Smolin’s theory, it seems he is suggesting that time does exist – and it is relative, an independent state, necessary to connect our material dots – but it also changes to fit the dimension, universe, space, the being, the presence. At least that is how I interpret it.

All of these experiences of normal and paranormal events emphasize the one thing that continued to play out in Joan Lindsay’s life, a knowing she tried to convey in her writing as it manifested in her private and public life. “Time is not on a clock.”

Rather than an external state, time exists in a state of flow. Coming at it from a different angle might help determine a different awareness and understanding. How does a butterfly experience time?

I set my clocks ahead … because they tend to lose time… Curious.

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