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Jul 10, 2019

Exorcists, UFOs, Consciousness, NDEs, Death, Dinos and a 911 Gummy!

"One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end." - Krishnamurti, also, Fear of Inner Solitude.

OddsnEnds -
  • PSI moment? Stromboli eruption filmed from the start. Twisted Sifter.
  • Annual Exorcist conference is coming up in August. Mysterious Universe.
  • Note the increase in calls for Exorcists. The Atlantic.
  • Prof. Sean Daley offers classes on the Paranormal at JCCC. He mentioned accompanying an (unnamed) exorcist. Related blog post includes interview link.   
  • One Exorcist was publicly noted as practicing in Missouri in 2008. ThePitchKC
  • Topics in the Journal of Abduction Encounter Research: Alien Implants, Undersea UFO Bases and 50's Contactee Orfeo Angelucci: Secrets of the Saucers. JAR Magazine. Researchers and Resources: Alien Jigsaw
  • Worth watching. UFO YouTube series just wrapped 6 segments. The Basement Office.
  • UFO - 11 Effects on Experiencers - UFO Scoop.

UFO Experiencer Sherry Wilde - The Forgotten Promise - will be at the upcoming UFO HUB Lecture Series - covered in the previous post. Hear her story in this video introduction.


UFO HUB Lecture Series
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Other interests - 
Sitting next to my stepfather as he was dying from cancer, I saw/sensed a (spirit) woman in a floral patterned dress seated beside him on his left. I asked if he could see her. He said no. But it was clear to me she was there to help. He checked in later (after death) and gave me an overview. 
Also told me - "You were/are half wrong and all right." - Humor - regarding my living status as a female. And I thought that especially humorous - given his exit helper was female. 

  • Dino-mite day at the track. Any bets on this catching on? Twitter
  • Hottest Gummy on the planet: Lil' Nitro. Oddity Central. - Anticipating Hospital visits.

- top shows this week -  above link takes you there -
Gerard Aartsen, 50's Contactee George Adamski 
Adnan Ademovic, UFO HUB Founder, Contact and Consciousness.
Terry Albright, the Dorothy Izatt project, ETs, Orbs and Interdimensional Beings.
Tina Erwin and Laura Van Tyne, Ghost Helpers and Kids who see Ghosts.
Robbie Holz, Secrets of Aboriginal Healing

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