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Jul 8, 2019

Adnan Ademovic, UFO HUB Founder and the upcoming Lecture Series in August. Metaphysics, Consciousness, Paranormal and UFO

"After my personal experiences as a child and later on more intensive experiences as an adult, I’ve learned that there is so much more to these “UFOs” then we think. We have been in the process of contact and a change in consciousness for quite a while now." - Adnan Ademovic, UFO HUB, Ozark Mountain Publishing

OddsnEnds -
  • Talking with Adnan, I mentioned the 7/2/19 Solar Eclipse. Space. Did you feel an energy surge? FYI energy shifts for those who note them. World Healing Academy Link. Plan ahead with this list of Eclipses Space.
  • Steamboat Geyser charting record level activity in Yellowstone. CNN
  • Aftershocks and nerves on edge in CA. Headline trend: "the Big One"... CNN
  • Contemplating property rights on Moon Real Estate. Slate.
  • Brain on the radar. Reanimating dead (Human) brains. New York Times.
  • Brain to brain interface - telepathy assist. Science Daily. Scientific American.
  • Busy Crop Circle season - July 1, 2019. Link.
  • Thank you to the Florida inmates who spent July 4th calming shelter dogs. Link. Our dogs cower during fireworks events. The 4th was a neighborhood ear blast from 8p - 2a. The most locally active year I can remember.
  • Bilingual, even multilingual pets. Houston Chronicle.
  • Totally awesome Guard Bird with his dog pals barking at the gate. 

Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Adnan Ademovic - UFO HUB Founder.

Here's a smile: Video of the family trek to confirm local UFO HUB Billboard messages were up. That moment when the kiddos decide being seen on your adventure won't ruin their reputation. Note the squee of recognition from the backseat. Link.

I've been following UFO HUB for a few years and am glad to see the archive growing plus the addition of a lecture series. This is my shout out to anyone who also finds this content informative, inspiring and worth sharing.

When 'woo woo' works ... results are hard to knock. In this video presentation at the 2019 Ozark Mountain UFO Conference, UFO HUB Founder Adnan Ademovic shares a few details about his history and background fleeing war-torn Bosnia to Germany and then to the USA.

Familiar and comfortable with OBEs as a child, it was another type of trip that triggered his NDE ... one of those 'school of hard knocks' journeys.


We each find our own method of connecting to a higher source and finding direction on the path. Every story matters. I am happy to see this venue exists and will continue to post links and updates for the events. Even better, I hope to actually attend.

Three speakers are featured in the upcoming August UFO HUB Lecture Series. Although my experience has been a telepathic connection, the topic most intriguing to me is Bigfoot/Sasquatch speech analysis by Scott Nelson - Crypto Linguist, Aug 3, Eureka Springs, AR. For more information on the guests and setting up for the event, here's the video with Adnan and Kristy.

Lecture Series: Link.
UFO HUB Videos on YouTube.

Related content - 

DMT: Not everyone gets Machine Elves. Daily Grail.

SOS. Science could use some help: Moon influence on Human Behavior stories are still referencing (1985 meta-analysis review of 37 studies) data from the 80's as the ultimate word.
Lunacy and the Full Moon, Psychology Today, Live Science.

Personal experience waking up for years - even when the room was completely dark - finally realizing the Full Moon connection. Also has factored into answering phones as a DJ, working retail and traffic reporting. What gives? Full Moon synchronicity with Human behavior exists. Please, more research and less jeer/bias.  

Thank you for listening!
Stay curious.

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