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Dec 27, 2017

James Schwartz, Alchemical Hypnosis: One Voice, Sacred Wisdom, symbols, signs and parallel lives

The Sound of knowing. Increase atmosphere volume (+). Reduce emotion volume (-). Enhance Insight (~). Suspect a strong correlation to OM. Listen and/or Meditate to the sound. More info on OM

"Hopis have lived in America longer than anyone. We wanted to explore the concept of Earthly visitation through the eyes of people who have also witnessed the rapid evolution of modern culture. For us, their beliefs ring true on so many levels. Hopi prophecy speaks to the destiny of man...in a universe where we are not alone." - T. J. Wolf, A Gleam of Light, Author's website. Revisit my interview with Ardy Sixkiller Clarke on Star People

In the podcast archives now - Wendy's Coffeehouse, 12/24/17 interview with James Schwartz: One Voice, Sacred Wisdom

OddsnEnds -
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  • Also revisiting how strange can things already be right here on planet Earth? Associated with that Pentagon UFO study and Robert Bigelow: Skinwalker Ranch At least one of these elements is familiar. I've encountered an invisible helicopter. Mystery unsolved.
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  • Links for some of the headlines included in the interview segment with James are also referenced in prior posts on this blog. The following interview surfaced after our session was recorded. 
George Knapp reports on the Pentagon/UFO study - in an interview exclusive with former Senator Harry Reid. LasVegasNow

  • Best holiday headline. Winner! Fark: 'Fruitcake continues reign of terror, triggers bomb squad investigation.' - "..package was deemed suspicious because it was unmarked and was the only gift under the tree." Source StuffNZ
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What happens when we die? Does Karma exist? Do we exist in different dimensions? How does time work? Why are we here? All that and more is explored in One Voice, Sacred Wisdom. The interview is available in Wendy's Coffeehouse podcast archives.

James Schwartz uses his method of Alchemical Hypnotherapy to help clients access spiritual guidance in whatever form manifests for the highest good of the person involved.

One of the most surprising sessions detailed in the book involved a woman who had been very resolute in her determination to avoid religion. The guide who appeared to offer assistance to her? Jesus.

Guides who manifested for the clients represented a broad spectrum, including angels, alien entities, future incarnations, mythical creatures and animals. A repeating message from the guides: There is no such thing as time.

We work with time on the Earth plane but, on the expanded awareness playing field, the guides say it does not exist. Some of that was experienced in the sessions as the guides often demonstrated to the client how it might feel to visit another realm and encounter other life forms or beings there. Those travels, while they might have registered as movement within a certain time frame, could be instantaneous.

Removing time from the equation validates the shamanic experience but it messes with our current application in our daily lives and long-held beliefs of how time works. Another perspective echoes the wonky time factor and offers illustration: Beyond Past Lives

Fascinating encounters like those James shares from his clients challenge the consensus world view, inspiring reexamination and further exploration. Interested in finding out more for yourself?

Connect with Hypnotherapist James Schwartz at Rocky Mountain Hypnosis

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