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Dec 22, 2017

SciXFriday - Time Travel, UFO Growing pains, Miracles and Alchemical Hypnosis

“Fantasy, if it's really convincing, can't become dated, for the simple reason that it represents a flight into a dimension that lies beyond the reach of time.” - Walt Disney Company

OddnEnds -
  • Dark Matter. Answer or question in the Perseus cluster? PhysOrg
  • X-Files creator Chris Carter: MSN - Notes the tabloid slant on recent news of the UFO Pentagon study. Does he believe in UFOs? He sidesteps, says he's a skeptic but he's talked to way too many people who have seen UFOs and do believe. On the series focus this time out, one new topic on the table: Bioterrorism. X-Files reboot launches January 3rd on Fox
  • Izzy the wonder dog surprised her family - devastated - having left her behind in a desperate escape during the California fires. A Miracle.
  • Novelty. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Interactive

by Liam Conner. There are no small acts. "If you could go back in time to leave yourself a message, what would it be?"

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Timely for the holidays, Miracles with Dr. Scott Kolbaba/Wendy's Coffeehouse. Stories Doctors tell about their close encounters with things they might not feel comfortable sharing with anyone include incredible coincidences, NDEs, and healing when the odds are completely against it.

Dr. Kolbaba is also accepting stories of miracles - in any form. No details yet, but a television show is in the works. Submit them here.

Interesting coincidence. Without knowing the topic of my show, Mom called a few days after and left a message. She said, "I need to tell you about my disaster that wasn't."

Turns out, she had a very unusual experience. I told her to write it down and draw a diagram to illustrate the impossibility of the event. Seems she's still processing the incident, having driven by the place to see exactly what it looked like and how it could possibly have happened the way she experienced it that day.

Just let me say this, the encounter prompted her to want to talk about her will. Driving to an appointment, she was unexpectedly head on against another vehicle when she realized it was not slowing down and she had seconds to respond. Giving up and knowing it would be a no-win scenario she aimed for an empty space between the vehicle and the gully in hopes that would be less damaging. And then - without a moment passing - she was clear of the accident. No damage, no head on, no encounter. It was as if it had not even happened.

Miracle. Dimension Shift? Mom is still completely blown away. There are others who have experienced shifts just as baffling. Seems to be the direction or directions we are going. Strange things are happening but they may not be as weird or unnatural as we have been taught to believe. Explore Reality Shifters with Cynthia Sue Larson.

Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Cynthia Sue Larson on Quantum Jumps

Coming up 12/22/17 KCMO Talk Radio 710 on Wendy's Coffeehouse - James Schwartz. One Voice, Sacred Wisdom. Alchemical Hypnotherapy can access extraordinary insight. Clients experience visiting different planes of existence during their sessions. Incredible accounts.

Know it and not - our species is undergoing an evolution in consciousness - mind powers and awareness. Time is the challenge.

Windows and doors exist on the shamanic level to realms where time is not a factor. As that realm is already accessible, we are impacted. Better understanding of the possibilities and potential of time travel lies in the ability to numerically decode the quantum realm, offering new insight in regard to the space between the elements and how that plays out in conscious reality. We reach that level and the numbers are self revelatory. Maybe it is simply a dimension shift.

Theory that resonates: Multi-Dimensional Theory of Mind - Uplift Connect

"Not only is the Universe stranger than we think, it is stranger than we can think." - Werner Heisenberg, Across Frontiers,  Britannica Bio,  Nobel Prize winner
Game on!

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