Dec 11, 2017

Cheryl Costa Interview, UFO sightings Desk Reference: a whole lotta stats suggest we have ET visitors?

"Well if 70 percent or 218.69 million Americans think the government is not being forthcoming and transparent about this UFO business, isn't it time to present some data?"  - Cheryl Costa - reporter for the Syracuse New Times, co-author with Linda Miller Costa, of the new UFO Sightings Desk Reference 2001-2015.

Interview with Cheryl on Wendy's Coffeehouse. Good news for those who are curious about local details in the USA, the City Directory is in the works. A possible TV deal is also being discussed. No details on that yet.

Some of the links related to this show are highlighted in a previous post: Link. Refresher here on the Pigeon studies and their aptitude for abstract: University of Iowa

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The Curse of the Man who sees UFOs: Motherboard/Vice. He started seeing them when he was 8 years old. Here's the trailer. Christo Roppolo has been documenting his experiences on video.

"Until the last breath of my life I will be making sure that people know this is no bullshit," Roppolo said. "From the bottom of my heart: it's all real." - Rent or buy the film on YouTube.

Back to the UFO Sightings Desk Reference, USA 2001-2015. No stories, just charts, graphs and stats. One stat Cheryl and her partner worked out: Only 1 in 42 people reports a sighting.

Couple of notes from the current book:
1. Observers who report UFOs can be flagged in a search by two activities. They smoke and/or they have dogs.
2. Leisure time and temperate weather play a part in the sightings.

Cheryl was a kid when she saw her first UFO. 1965, late August, just before school started. The family, loaded in the car, returning home, still out in the country when they saw a curious object hovering in the sky. It stayed for some 20 minutes or so, silver and round and definitely unexplained.

Having multiple people see the UFO gave it credence. She and her mom talked about it and even though Cheryl says she didn't go full throttle UFO researcher mode at that time, her curiosity was piqued. A second sighting kept the interest alive but it was the downtime in an apartment stocked full of UFO reading material that sealed the deal. Researcher mode fully engaged.

Accolades from readers and other researchers are a testament to the credibility of the work presented in the book, the New York Times had a great piece on Cheryl and Linda.

A plug for Stanton Friedman. Cheryl says his stuff inspired her to dig deeper into the UFO phenom. Why is he so fascinating? Explore -

On a related note and geared toward those who are interested in the experiencer research, I've interviewed Kathleen Marden (Niece of Betty and Barney Hill) a couple of times. Most recently with 
Denise Stoner about their book on Alien Abductions: Conscious Living with Wendy Garrett on Empower Radio, The Alien Abduction Files Kindle Edition

County sightings are available for Jackson County, MO and Johnson County, KS. Cheryl notes those and leaves us with a tease... She says "something interesting coming up in the New York Times in the next couple of months." And certainly, we will reconnect. The curious is out there and it's also very much alive and kickin' right here in the heartland.

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