Dec 6, 2017

UFO Sightings Desk Reference, Cheryl Costa, ETs, Belief, Neutrinos and Epigenetics

“At the atomic level, matter does not even exist with certainty; it only exists as a tendency to exist.”-  Bruce H. Lipton, The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles

Here are links for the topics referenced in my show, 12/6/17, Conscious Living on Empower Radio regarding the Wendy's Coffeehouse (podcast already up!) interview with Cheryl Costa on what will undoubtedly become a 'go to' Ufology resource, the UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001-2015

"It is the reference “U.F.O. researchers dreamed of having,” Gordon G. Spear, emeritus professor of physics and astronomy at Sonoma State University in California, writes in the foreword." - From the piece on Cheryl in the New York Times: UFOs Everywhere!
  • After talking with Cheryl, I do a quick search and here it is. A sighting with the pertinent earmarks:  Dog, Smoker, Daily routine. Let the dog outside. Boom: Columbia, Mo. Sighting Dec. 5, 2017. Case Number 88571. UFO Stalker, Massive in size, shaped like a boomerang. All the neighborhood dogs were barking. Reflective material on the craft made it seem almost transparent, surrounded by cloud like substance. He tried to take a photo but it didn't appear on the camera.
  • The UFO I reported in 2013 [wendy] was small and it was inside the house. Incredible moment for me, to say the least. Awakened by the soft growling of the dog, I thought the cat was creeping in, then saw an object with glowing lights hovering near the window and close to the ceiling. Dinner plate sized, round, the lights were clear and 2 - 3 inches in diameter: red and green. I focused hard, intending to imprint the memory, count the lights and detect a pattern (none). Instantaneously, it shifted to the outside of the house. Through the wall, without a sound. I could see the lights between the blinds and understood it would not allow further contact. My husband slept through it and the dog never barked. Alert but not threatened.
  • In the UFO Sightings Desk Reference: United States of America 2001-2015, Cheryl Costa and Linda Miller Costa provide charts, maps, numbers and stats. Patterns emerge. Questions remain but the blueprint for understanding the phenom starts here. It doesn't cover Alien Abduction. Cheryl says they took a lot of flack for that but rather than stories, the numbers are the focus. Detailing some of our conversation in upcoming post. Already up on the podcast site, interview airs on KCMO Talk Radio 710 - December 10, 2017, 8pm central. 
  • The stories are out there. Ex: After an encounter with a UFO and the occupants within, the Artist began producing artwork in an effort to reduce fear and educate and inform whomever on the planet might have an interest that there are ETs who want their presence known, ETs who appear to be bookmarking a date for a more public introduction at some point in our intergalactic future. 

OddsnEnds - 
  • Fascinating Animal Science. Learning how Pigeons perceive Time and Space could upend our current view of time and space being different dimensions. (Might connect a few dots on how ETs/Space Intelligences can shift the time-line:
  • Particle Physics experiment underway. IceCube Collaboration. Are Neutrinos the key to discovering higher dimensions? Newsweek
    • In my contact with spirit guides and others in the non-corporeal realm, they refer to themselves as 'transdimensional'. Contact is telepathic and varies in intensity.
  • Open Minded People view reality differently, revealed in testing of "binocular reality." More to the point, open minded people remain flexible to a broader range of sensory input. That aspect is demonstrated in an exercise highlighting 'selective attention' ...
    Take the test. Did you see it?
    • Could apply to situations where some people 'see' ghosts, ufos and paranormal phenomena while others at the same scene 'see' nothing. And both are right, given their unique perspective.
  • An Uber driver caught the incredible moment a semi truck wiped out but the scene stealer is the meteor fly-by in the background. Mirror
  • Newsweek Special Edition: Life Beyond Earth - Includes a piece questioning the complete lack - after Project Blue Book - of gov interest or dialogue on UFOs. Research: Archives,gov
    • That's a lead into the treasure trove of declassified docs house on The Black Vault.
  • Consciousness and Epigenetics. "Through the research of Dr. Lipton and other leading-edge scientists, stunning new discoveries have been made about the interaction between your mind and body and the processes by which cells receive information. It shows that genes and DNA do not control our biology, that instead DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our thoughts." - Biology of Belief
    • Upgrade your beliefs. Anything IS possible. 

To be continued ....

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