Nov 3, 2017

SciXFriday - Pyramids, Space, AI, Unexplained and Curious

Anything is possible with two words: ''What if..."

OddsnEnds -
  • Nix "cavern".  "Big void" is the term for the new discovery in the Great Pyramid. BBC
  • 'Monster planet' unlike anything our current theories support. Independent
  • Stephen Hawking, again sounding the alarm, says AI will replace Humans. Fortune. So, leaving the planet in a hundred years might not save us. Couldn't hurt to give that a shot. Time   How to build a Time Machine, might be our saving grace. Daily Mail
  • Bot dog is back. Sony's Aibo is just as adorable and a bit more engaged. CNET Beware. As you watch Aibo, Aibo is watching you. Independent
  • Star Wars new Trailer: Luke. YouTube (Thank Harrison Ford. Vanity Fair)
  • Holiday Head start. Gift giving bookmark: Star Wars Augmented Reality headset. Wow! Sample.
  • Dolphins. #Family ties - "The study created a large dataset of information on brain size and social behaviors of 90 different species of dolphins, whales, and porpoises. It found overwhelming evidence that the animals have sophisticated social and cooperative behavior traits, similar to many found in human culture." The Guardian
Future as possible, probable or dicey. Any Questions? -

"2084" by Taz Goldstein
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Coming up on Wendy's Coffeehouse - 
11/5 - Leslie Kean: A Journalist Investigates Proof of the Afterlife. Surviving Death. Site

“With a keen eye and a no-nonsense approach, investigative journalist Leslie Kean explores what the actual data tells us about the question of survival past death. Examining the material with penetrating depth and insight, she takes us on an engaging, personal, and transformative journey that challenges the skeptic and informs us all.” - Harold E. Puthoff, Ph.D., Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin

One of the most fascinating areas of Leslie's investigation is physical mediumship. Watch this presentation on her site of physical medium Stewart Alexander: Video

Neuroimaging - Studies of Psi at the University of Virginia School of Medicine include:
Altered States
Advanced Meditators
Trance Mediums
- Volunteers are encouraged to apply to become a study participant. Requirements are listed on the website.

11/12 - Curtis Rivers, Seven Paths to Freedom. Empowering insight from an accomplished, motivated and dynamic Stuntman - The Stunts
11/19 - Dr. Nauman Naeem. His unique insights into healing stem from caring for tens of thousands of critically and chronically ill patients for more than a decade in two countries. Healing from the Inside Out. Link between negative emotions and disease? Blog
11/26 - Dr. Scott Kolbaba, Physicians Untold Stories: Miraculous experiences Doctors are hesitant to share with their patients, or ANYONE. - Dreams foretelling future events, apparitions, and other miraculous experiences fill this book, as practicing doctors recount the most unusual moments of their careers.

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