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Oct 9, 2017

Steve Hammons, Spidey Sense, Remote Viewing and Writing for Curious Minds

Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real? - 'Best of' Albus Dumbledore quotes, Pop Sugar

Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Steve Hammons: Tag along with the Joint Recon Study Group as their assignments merge Metaphysics and Military Intelligence.

"Researchers try to put together pieces of a strange cosmic puzzle. They conduct urgent operations to understand the emerging intelligence affecting the United States, the human race and planet Earth." Source

OddsnEnds -
  • SETI bet: We'll find intelligent life in 20 years. Futurism  and Newsweek (Suspect intelligent life has found us is keeping a relatively low profile so as not to further disturb that which might be considered from a higher consciousness state, a cross between sentient challenged and blissfully unaware.) Consider Sentient Laptops and Sentient Fish 
  • 2 Million dollar prize up for grabs? Develop a Jet Pack that will carry a person 20 miles without refueling or recharging and it's yours. Details: NPR  Register: Here 
  • Who knew? Tears generate electricity. Science Alert 
  • Ariel Phenomenon. Facebook. Now promising a 2018 release date. Seeking funding. Main page
  • Couple of great (and unexplained) ghost image captures on film. Links to those will be included in the next post.
Original Blade Runner pre-set for seeing 2049. Several versions of the first film create a different perspective given the film POV. Slate offers up a view on where to begin.

Having followed my guest on his blog [off and on over the past several years], I wanted to talk a bit about current events, remote viewing, 'spidey sense' along with his books and the screenplay he wrote for the story.

Author, blogger, Steve Hammons has written two metaphysical, military intelligence novels: Mission into Light and Light's Hand. Check out his stories on the blog and the comments for his books on Amazon.

Reader reviews on Amazon ...
Excellent story from a gifted writer! The book was difficult to put down. I recommend it highly and am buying a second copy for a gift. It was fast-moving with lots of action. The short chapters made it easy to read and a lot of fun. The book ties many relevant and cutting edge topics into an incredibly interesting story. I particularly liked the scientific and government intelligence issues. Don't miss this one! - Franklin J. Fields, Jr. 

Interested in more information about Remote Viewing? YouTube  Check out Angela Thompson Smith at Mindwise Consulting

Steve writes on Linkedin (also links to his blog). I have had some tremendous metaphysical experiences in Sedona, Arizona. He writes about Sedona's Energy Vortexes and what might be influencing the magnetic energy in that space. 

NOTE - I posted this again because these two stories are related to the interview with Steve. We address 'Spidey Sense'. That intuition played into a fatality shooting in Lawrence - an Uber driver said something about the day just felt off or odd. Shawnee Dispatch 

Las Vegas Shooting and a premonition? Daily Mail Woman and companion who were escorted out - told festival goers "you're all going to die." Why do I suggest it was a premonition or altered state? Two things, if what the report said is accurate. 1. She reportedly said "they're all around": Indicates an altered state (impairment is a possibility too). 2. Witness said she was touching people and fingering their hair. If what she was seeing created an altered image or effect, touching people would help her determine if they were transparent or physical. Update: The story has now changed. Snopes

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What is real here? More than one can possibly imagine. And that keeps life interesting beyond measure. - Talking to Nightlights II 

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