Oct 6, 2017

SciXFriday - ET, Spidey Sense, Premonitions and the Astral Plane

“The depth of learning is in direct relation to the intensity of the experience.” - Robert A. Monroe

OddsnEnds -
  • Blade Runner 2049 - Robert Butler gives it a smile. Review 
  • Today is #WorldSmileDay - Smiley on Twitter
  • 3 Prequels will get you up to speed - RadioTimes
  • The future is checking in. Guy says he's from 2048 and his return date is off but the warning is heartfelt. ETs are coming! Pad he launched from was supposed to land in 2018 and that ET date is a year from then. So ... we are warned. And he's sleeping off a hangover. HuffPo 
  • Something's missing. Cat Pillow therapy - has a tail and it purrs. Futurism 
  • Holy Cow! Water on Mars! Futurism 
  • Premonition at the Las Vegas Shooting - News reports carried the story of a woman who said security escorted out a couple who warned "they're all around" - that everyone was going to die. Here's the story link. Daily Mail
    • Sometimes the unexplained happens. Given the agitated and odd behavior the actions indicate and the sheer magnitude of the tragedy, I think the woman could have been seeing a glimpse of the astral plane. Her reality would have been fuzzy. To discern the difference between the spirit presence and the physical plane, touching something would have helped or it was just mesmerizing. Some of the beings she saw might have been glowing and or transparent and that would have been very disconcerting. And "they" (Angels, Deceased, Spirits) would have been present to help both the survivors and the victims. I think she was frightened and what she saw was quite foreign to the present state, physical reality. (Such as this post from the Stanley Hotel - photo was examined and deemed legit or a brilliant piece of work - Fact or Faked.)
    • William Buhlman addresses the astral plane in his presentation and I have included links to some instances of encounters with spirit beings, Butterfly People in Joplin, encountered during the tornado. Deceased Relatives and Angels witnessed in the Cokeville Miracle and Angels on the scene at the crash site of Flight 93 (Lilli Leonardi).
    Coincidence - Fatality shooting in Lawrence, KS on that same date. An Uber driver said something felt wrong about that night. He describes a feeling that indicated discomfort. That's insight and perception awareness. Spidey Sense/Navy Researchers 
Upgrade your reality now. Exploring the OBE multidimensional landscape with William Buhlman. YouTube Link  More info on The Monroe Institute. Here's and intro to Bob Monroe - YouTube

Sci-Fi Short - part one of a series in progress - ADAM. The next link is posted under the visual. 

Next installment - The Mirror

UFO Intelligences influencing humanity? Russell Brinegar's 2009 NDE ignited a passion to explore a broad spectrum of  topics including Physics and Higher Consciousness. That search continues to expand. Here's our most recent interview on Conscious Living/Empower Radio

Here's Russell's previous interview on Wendy's Coffeehouse. He talks about that 2009 NDE mindshift, stepping out of his body, meeting his higher self ... [and the higher self presences of others who are still -- in their astral form.] 

Several links for the stuff we mentioned during the recent show - Urantia
Abduction Research
Singularity - it's complicated.
From Here to Andromeda
And the post with a short excerpt from Chapter 4 of Russell's book Overlords of the Singularity 

Wendy's Coffeehouse

10/08 - Steve Hammons, Blog Communications Professional, Writer, Editor, Journalist, Novelist: Mission into Light and Light's Hand
10/15 - James Schwartz, Hypnotherapist Blog: "Actual transcripts of clients experiencing the phenomena of visiting different planes of existence during their hypnosis sessions." One Voice, Sacred Wisdom
10/22 - Bruce Gernon, YouTube recounts his incredible experience, Home Site/Electronic Fog, Beyond the Bermuda Triangle
10/29 - Kathleen Odom Bio, (also featured in Video), Letters from the Big Man Trailer, Sasquatch Film Site
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