Sep 12, 2017

Annie Kagan, 9/10/17 - The Afterlife of Billy Fingers

“To be a pearl maker, your oyster needs a good strong shell to protect you from a hundred million irritants in your environment. Your shell helps you tell one grain of sand from the other. You know which one can become a pearl and which one isn't worth the irritation.” - Annie Kagan, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There's Life After Death 

Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Annie Kagan - The Afterlife of Billy Fingers (He's got a new POV about life in the hereafter. Annie started taking notes from the first moment he checked back in.)

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  • Evidence for Life After Death? Lots of info in this article by Scott S. Smith, scroll toward the end of the article to find: pet ghosts. HuffPost 
  • Annie mentions Eben Alexander's NDE - his interview is in Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives 
  • Animal Rescuers are overwhelmed and taxed to the limit with recent hurricanes. NYTimes 
  • High and dry - water gone - Manatees rescued. NPR 
  • Hemingway Cats stayed dry - rode out Irma with several caretakers.  NYTimes 
  • Timing on this title - No coincidence. The Water Will Come, Jeff Goodell
Annie Kagan, Author, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers has had tremendous success with her book on life after death. Here's just one example of the glowing recommendations she's received. --

Dannion Brinkley (who woke up in the morgue after being struck by lightning) is the bestselling author of Saved by the Light:  "The Afterlife of Billy Fingers reaffirms the NDEs experiences of the light and love I encountered on the other side. It's an engaging account of the transformation of the spirit and I highly recommend."

Annie had been taking a break from media when I requested an interview but the timing was great so we had a chance to recap all that has happened since she started hearing from her deceased brother. No matter what it sounds like now, after a few years of integrating and becoming more comfortable with the process and confident in the connection, the initial event still required a significant mind shift.

From personal experience, there are a lot of mixed emotions involving wonder, curiosity, euphoria, questioning one's sanity, to name a few. But the continuity and the routine, combined with information so personal that only the person who shared those moments with you could really provide the intimate details, helps the relationship gel. Everything changes.

That's what happened. Everything changed when Annie's brother checked back in to report on his new surroundings. His sense of humor is intact. Here's the book promo for Annie's Bestseller -

Does she still hear from Billy? Yes.

Read the first chapter: link

From a 2013 interview with Annie - Hamptons Neighbor:

"Billy has reminded me that we are literally made of stars, that the intelligence that runs the Universe is available to us. The same intelligence that breathes our breath and heals our wounds and beats in our hearts also gives birth to stars and galaxies. As Billy says, when you imagine the infinite, you're touched by the infinite itself."  

Visit Annie's site and sign up for the Newsletter: link

Related Topic - this classic, award winning film on the Afterlife: Astral City - Full film/subtitled on YouTube and DVD link, from the Channeled book, published in 1944. About his abilities and his writing with a warning or a prophecy? Deadline/YouTube

Wagner de Assis: “Only a few lucky people have seen this early Afterlife TV episode. Brazilian medium Chico Xavier channeled the story of Dr. Andre Luiz who experienced an enlightening spiritual awakening after his death. Chico Xavier published Andre’s story in his bestselling book, ‘Nosso Lar,’ which is Portuguese for Our Home. The book has been made into a movie. Filmmaker Wagner de Assis wrote and directed ‘Astral City: A Spiritual Journey.’ Trailer - YouTube

- For those who would die, there is life.

For those who would dream, there is reality. 

For those who would hope, there is knowledge. 

For those who would grow, there is eternity. -

Robert Monroe - Out of Body Research Pioneer - Far Journeys

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