Jun 5, 2017

JM DeBord, Dream Interpretation Dictionary - contemporary perspective - update w/2nd interview

“All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.” - Edgar Allan Poe

 Wendy's Coffeehouse - 6/4/17, J. M. (Jason) DeBord, Dream Interpretation Dictionary

Odds, ends and otherwise - notes and news -
Indie film with a killer (really) female lead and a funky, twisty, dreamy, Sci-Fi story line: Colossal
"Made on a budget that would just about cover Kong's left bicep..." EmpireOnline

Out now - hasn't made it to the Midwest market just yet. Trailer. Enjoy!

Into the dreamscape. J. M. Debord has carved a solid niche as the Reddit Dream Interpreter. We talk about dreams and his newest book: The Dream Interpretation Dictionary

We had to fill a bit due to a phone snafu at the beginning of the interview and that gave me a chance to reconsider a question or two. So, when I asked the question about the falling dreams, I didn't actually know it led directly into one of Jason's core, life-changing dreams. There are always reasons for redirects.
Dream Interpretation Dictionary

Jason gives a few specifics on how he approaches dreams and the intention of his work. Easy to use and accessible, Jason's dictionary is designed to offer insights that apply to anyone trying to develop a key to decipher the uniquely personal landscape of the dream plane.  

Before we talked Sunday, Jason told me he had listened to some of my Conscious Living interviews and really enjoyed the show with Joe Gallenberger on Liquid Luck/Inner Vegas. (Books)

He said the show resonated because the concept (opening your heart) was familiar and he had already used it with positive results.

Need to remember to have him explain what happened. He isn't the only person I have had feedback from on that show who affirmed the process.

**We reconnected for another interview on Conscious Living (9pm central each night on Empower Radio). Link  We cover what he calls Hub Dreams and other information that demonstrates a contemporary theme.

My blue alien dream would have been a challenge. It actually related to a guest I spoke with later that same day. She told me about her ET experiences and said she was married to a Blue Alien.

This was long before Guardians of the Galaxy. However, when I saw that character, he looked very much like the blue guy in my dream. But no beard, more blue and much friendlier. Gif

Could be a morph between two characters. Better blue here: X-Men Still too much hair. You get the idea. He was a blue alien.

Interested in deciphering your dream code? Find Jason aka/RadOwl interpreting dreams at Reddit
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You can also find him at: Dreams123.net

**Next interview with Jason is July 23, 8pm central time on Wendy's Coffeehouse. 

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