Jun 2, 2017

SciXFriday - Hot and Flashy Headlines: UFOs, Global Warming and Wonder Woman

Chill for the Weekend ... The Color Blue
“I want to believe.”  -  Fox Mulder

Odds, ends and otherwise newsy footnotes -
  • Thank you to Robert Bigelow for his no nonsense view on UFOs and ETs. His story temporarily hijacked the focus from ominous global headlines. CBS/60 Minutes. No doubt the sighting by his Grandparents gave him an early start on bucking the skeptics. Live Science 
  • Famous Believers: Lucky number 13. - Live Science 
  • 13 who have seen a UFO. Includes Astronauts and a News Anchor: UFO Sightings Daily 
  • And another list of 10 from Time 
  • Clock ticking on what is expected to become one of the biggest ever icebergs. Scientists monitoring the crack say it could be days, hours or minutes ... from splitting from the ice shelf in the Antarctic. *Attributed to hotter temps (Global Warming). The Guardian 
  • Current and continuing GW updates. Can you spell Gigaton? The Weather Channel 
  • The 6-year-old who most likely can: Edith Fuller, top speller and "working on a fairy tale book." Inside Edition. And quoted as saying she hopes to invent a new kind of refrigerator. HuffPost.ca 
  • Spelling Fail: Bad Newspaper
Wonder Woman earns kudos from critics A.O. Scott/NYTimes and audiences alike. I had big hopes for this when I saw the first trailer. Looks like a win/win.

Wonder Woman - Featurette 'Making of'
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