Apr 18, 2017

Nick Redfern, 365 Days of UFOs, A Year of Alien Encounters

"I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done." - Steven Wright

Wendy's Coffeehouse Podcast 4/16/17 Nick Redfern - 365 Days of UFOs Nick explores all things Fortean. His books have numbers and pages. Smile. Books by Nick Redfern/Amazon

OddsnEnds -
  • True meaning of Star Wars according to George Lucas - to be 12-years-old once again: HuffPost 
  • Truman's secret crash site debrief? Another Roswell reveal?: Express (Nick's next book revisits the Roswell case.)
  • Missing student Bruno Borges. Continues to confound. Time Travel? Alien Abduction? Updates on the case post here: Reddit thread 
  • Woman and her Therapy Dog attend a Furry Convention and we all get educated. (Might be just me.) Turns out they are people (mostly guys) who enjoy going to a costume event dressed up as animals. Link the dog now has a new scrap book of memorable photos and a bunch of new furry friends: HuffPost 
  • And there's this guy. Jiji is 94 and didn't care much for cats. That was before Alzheimer's. It was a cat who reintroduced him to joy: Metro Jiji's granddaughter is the wonderful photographer who documents this story. Home site for Akiko DuPont

*Here are the stories I mentioned from a previous post: Wendy's Coffeehouse

While we're on the topic of Fortean, the latest entry from Jeffrey Mishlove's 'New Thinking Allowed' teases the topic of Skinwalker Ranch. Unexplained and then some. John B. Alexander opens a lot of doors.

In the Wendy's Coffeehouse archives, Jeffrey Mishlove talks about the enigma that was Ted Owens. He demonstrated extraordinary PK abilities and attributed some of that to his UFO/space brothers.  

Recapping the 4/16/17 show with Nick Redfern -

Nick covers a lot of ground in his recent book, 365 Days of UFOs, A Year of Alien Encounters. Stories include ETs, Contactees, Men and Women in Black, Orbs and Bigfoot (at least 3 Bigfoot encounters that include UFOs sightings) and stuff that doesn't fit into a category.

We talk about several fascinating accounts. Here's an example - and one we didn't get to during the show: Paraphrasing from the book entry for September 28, 1984 in Adelaide, Australia. [Too Amazed to be Scared. Woman walking home from the late shift nearly bumps into a small man about two feet tall, dressed in a one-piece silver suit with a large helmet. He ran across the road and disappeared.]

So many stories; so many unanswered questions. Anyone who has ever had a run in with something too wild for words will appreciate the variety and the possibility there are others who know that same mind boggling feeling when "reality" is eclipsed by the unfathomable. No putting the Genie back in the bottle after that. 

Asked who or what, if he had to narrow the focus to one topic of interest, Mothman is the winner. Nick wrote about a recent road trip in search of Mothman.

Coincidentally, this item surfaced about a recent sighting: Chicago Mothman sighting/Source. Lots of mysteries to inspire more wandering and wondering. 7 Feet tall, half man, half bird. Also posted on Mysterious Universe

Inspired and prolific, Nick has written at least 40 books on Fortean topics and keeps a running tally on his blog. I've interviewed him on at least 3 of his books and I hope to continue following up when he is ready to share the next installments.

Follow Nick on his blog. Nick Redfern

From 2015, Nick's video presentation on Crop Circles. Courtesy of MUFON/YouTube

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