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Apr 14, 2017

SciX Friday: odds-n-ends and otherwise interesting

“Perhaps there is more sense in our nonsense and more nonsense in our 'sense' than we would care to believe.” - David Bohm

Tech and Wows

  • Tricorder (Trek cool!) in the works. Fast Company 
  • Would you wear a microchip for work? Game changer. UPI 
  • Packaged water - Edible bubble cube. CNET 
  • Doctor Who New season (10) launches this weekend. Trailer 2 
  • He refused to stay behind. You might have heard about the dog who joined an extreme race in progress. ESPN has the story of Arthur. What a dog.
  • Even more research showing, not only are Elephants highly intelligent, they are self aware. Washington Post

Catch of the Week -- UAP/UFO Local KMBC Channel 9 Traffic Reporter Johnny Rowlands is buzzed by darting white objects that zip across the sky behind him as he adjusts the cam in the helicopter, preparing to give his report. Link  Look fast! Doesn't help that the caption is directly over the image. Pause and play and the scene is visible for a moment.

Sci-Fi break -- a future world where color is used as energy... and a price must be paid. An award winner.

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4/16/17 - Sunday night, 8pm on KCMO Talk Radio, Nick Redfern is back. He covers all things Fortean. We'll talk about his research for the book 365 Days of UFOs - includes joint ET/UFO and Bigfoot sightings. Exploring the world of curious and more. Here's the link for a previous interview. Does the presence of Trinitite indicate the incidence of previous Nuclear War? Wendy's Coffeehouse -Weapons of the Gods (Aliens)

4/16 - Follow Nick on his blog. Nick Redfern - 365 Days of UFOs
4/23 - PMH Atwater - A Manual for Developing Humans (NEW)
4/30 - Carl Greer - Change the Story of Your Health (NEW)

5/7 - John DeSouza - FBI (retired) X-Man - UFOs, Extra-Dimensionals and X-files
5/14 - Atherton Drenth - Clairvoyant and Medical Intuitive
5/21 - Michael Grosso - The Man Who Could Fly
5/28 - Lance Mungia - Psychic Spies in the CIA - Documentary: Third Eye Spies

6/4 - Stanley Krippner Ph.D. - The Voice of Rolling Thunder

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