Mar 24, 2017

SciX Friday - Musing the Future from the Past - are we the Present?

"The dissatisfaction of the masses is not based on economic deprivation but on a sense of ineffectuality. Not an increased standard of living, but more social power, is their fundamental goal. Because of their emotional orientation, they arise and act when a powerful leader-figure can coordinate them into a functioning unit rather than a chaotic mass of unformed elements." - Philip K. Dick, Vulcan’s Hammer (1956)

Have you not wondered what will become of humans in the future? No better place than SciFi to ponder the possibilities.

Eye candy and substance in the extended trailer for Ghost in the Shell/IMBD. Effective tease!

Weekend viewing. Boggle your mind with this excellent time-travel film from 2014: Predestination/IMBD  Details in this one are everything. Positive vibes at Rotten Tomatoes

Extras -
 "I don't know where I'm going from here, but I promise it won't be boring." - Davie Bowie  

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