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Monday, July 25, 2016

7/23/16 - Connecting with Coincidence - Dr. Bernard Beitman

"One of the great cosmic laws, I think, is that whatever we hold in our thought will come true in our experience. When we hold something, anything, in our thought, then somehow coincidence leads us in the direction that we've been wishing to lead ourselves." - Richard Bach

  • Star Trek Beyond debuts and delivers. USA Today
  • Men in Black mystery? Two UFO researchers dead and questions remain. Daily Express
  • NASA Code word for aliens? -- this is way too easy: "gospel" ... Mirror
  • And the Twins who speak in Unison are mesmerizing -- link --

What if you could connect and actually arrange the events in your life that are referred to as coincidence? Maybe you can. My guest has invested a lifetime of research trying to quantify that very topic. The word Telepathy factors into the equation.
Catch the podcast for Dr. Bernard Beitman, AKA Dr. Coincidence @ Connecting with Coincidence
and follow up for more info at his website: Coincider.com
He blogs at: Psychology Today 

And he offers advice on YouTube and he has fun trying to connect the dots.
"I am Dr. Coincidence. I’m here to Connect you with Coincidence."

Listen to his description of a Psychic Touchdown - here:

Dr. Bernard D. Beitman: Psychic Touchdown
from David Strabala on Vimeo.

We talked about the Coincidence Survey - you can take it too. Survey Link

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