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Apr 2, 2024

Entertainment: Thelma's Revenge, PSI Highlights, The Hum, and Meg Hansen Interview

“Old age ain’t no place for sissies” – Bette Davis

It may take a decade – or several – but when you eventually realize the ladder of success has a flip top – you can hop off and have a whole lot more fun exploring the spooky fringe.

'Thelma' strikes back

Things no one tells you about getting older: They’re still not telling.

According to my mom: NO ONE ANSWERS the OVER 60 Free Legal Help for Seniors Hotline. It is a perpetual time suck that sends you from one recorded line to the next. She called (severely overheated) to inform me of that travesty shortly before I was due at my health appointment [perfectly timed for my blood pressure update].

After a few quick questions and a google search, I redirected her to the main/online page/website for that department and left for my appointment.

She cooled down, found the site, filled out a form and has been advised that she is on a list and someone will call in 3 to 5 days. The clock is ticking… along with the fuse. [3 to 5 days turned into weeks.] 

This is why I prefer dealing with the endless parade of non-physical, unexplained enigmas [ETs, Ghosts, Fairies, Sasquatch, etc.], and all things liberated from the inane, bureaucratic fixated wormhole commonly referred to as ‘reality’…

For Mom - and all elders trying to adjust to an increasingly fickle social landscape - 'Thelma' is based on the real-life experience of writer-director Josh Margolin's grandmother: Trailer Link.

In the film, the 93-year-old Thelma (June Squibb) gets duped by a phone scammer pretending to be her grandson, then sets out on a treacherous quest across the city to reclaim what was taken from her.

The film world premiered to critical acclaim at Sundance, where Magnolia landed rights in a competitive situation. Details. Source. June 2024 release date.


  • PSI Curious. “I didn’t know if I believed in the afterlife. Then my dead father sent me a message.” Source.
  • Experience changes everything. As A Scientist, I Didn’t Believe In Psychic Powers. In 2013, while working at the University of Missouri, something happened that reignited my interest in the paranormal and changed my life forever. – Jeff Tarrant, Ph.D., BCNSource.
  • Unexplained. 1947 UFO sighting in Norway. “Now, in a renewed bid to solve the mystery once and for all, diving crews have started scouring the bottom of the lake in an effort to locate the object and determine what it is.” Source.
  • UF-O Canada. {Pardon my Geddy Lee Diversion}”Although the number of official reports has decreased since 2022’s 768 sightings – Chris Rutkowski says that doesn’t mean less people are seeing UFOs.” Source.
  • Paranormal Norm. “In short, [due to the data listed] we have a strong rationale for suspecting that most human beings at some point in their lifetimes will have at least one experience that they regard as a mysterious or paranormal encounter with the deceased.” Source.
  • World wonders. Slime Mold. Who knew? “It’s been a consultant for NASA, shot at by police and mistaken for an alien.” How slime mold—a brainless, single-celled organism—mapped the dark universe, keeps challenging the top minds to rethink what intelligence even is and has an ability to fill us with wonder beyond the human kind. Source.
  • Animal Kind. How to befriend a Crow. The comments on this video are wonderful. Crows have some devoted friends who appreciate their special abilities. Krari the CrowYouTube.
  • Relax and refresh with this audio sample from The Monroe Institute. “Composer and performer David Young, known for his work on “In the Stars” and featured in Expand Plus, invites you to embrace tranquility and inner peace through this soulful musical exploration.” YouTube.

Mystery unsolved: The Hum

Can you hear the Hum? This video explores the mystery. YouTube.

In the comments: “I lived in Taos for many years, and I have personally heard the hum. For me, the sound is louder on the other side of town toward the mountains, and not out by Two Peaks and the Gorge Bridge. I talked to an old-time local about it, and he told me there is a “hollow” mountain in Taos Canyon, containing a secret military installation. This is consistent with another incident that happened to me in the canyon, so this is plausible. Also.. For a brief time during a return to Taos, I lived in the same hotel you stayed at for about 6 months. It looks like the place has experienced a major renovation since then, haha. Great video!”

More info about the Hum – Dr. Glen Macpherson’s Worldwide Hum Map and DatabaseSite.

Seeking UK participants for a Documentary about the Hum. 2.8.24 Source.

Wendy’s Podcast – Meg Hansen

A great resource for guided Meditation Audios is Meg Hansen of Metaphysical Ireland: “From Automatic Writing, Spirit Guide contact, Mediumship, Telepathy and Remote Viewing to Psychic Archaeology, it’s an experiential adventure of a lifetime.”

Our interview is available on YouTube and on the various podcast sites. We covered a variety of topics and the interview is longer than I usually post but I didn’t want to cut it short. She talks about losing everything in the Woolsey Fire and her process of recovering from PTSD.

Also available on YouTube.

Also available on YouTube.

Explore Meg’s meditation audios – YouTube.

All music is licensed binaural beats (theta) to help you relax, rest, and if you put one of the meditations on and fall asleep to it at night, it will help you sleep well and dream :)”
1. Meg’s Past Life Regression Audio: 
2. Remote Viewing Giant’s Causeway: YouTube.
3. Sedona Spirit Communication
YouTube. (I love the experience I had during this meditation. Automatic writing. – wendy)
4. Ireland Past Life Regression: 
5. Atlantis Past Life Regression: 

 Parting shot

“Live your life, take chances, be crazy. Don’t wait. Because right now is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll be ever again.” – Suzanne Collins, Tiny Buddha Wisdom Quotes. Pinterest

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