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Nov 8, 2023

Afterlife Communication and beyond – The Dentist

“I tell you with all the strength and conviction I can utter that we do persist, that people over there still take an interest in what is going on here; that they still help us and know far more about  things than we do, and are able from time to time to communicate with us.” – Sir Oliver LodgeA Pioneer of Connection: Recovering the Life and Work of Oliver Lodge, Link.

Oliver Lodge published Raymond, the book of communications with his departed son, in 1916, Amazon. Lodge is also remembered for his studies of life after death. He first began to study psychical phenomena (chiefly telepathy) in the 1880s through the Society for Psychical Research.

Encounter anomaly … Novocaine side effects

“When you have eliminated all which is impossible then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” – Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Wanderings of a Spiritualist, Project Gutenberg.

I had no idea a ghost could give me a shot of novocaine – but that is exactly what it felt like – and his way of telling me he had been a dentist.

My ghost encounter happened during a spontaneous visit with Mom.

After completing our impromptu project, we opted to stay for dinner and try a new place she recommended. No go. It was booked. Option number two offered to seat and serve us at the bar. We took a look but the bar had two open seats on opposite ends. Nope.

So, across the street we landed. Not a problem. Informed by Mom the building had just celebrated a 100 year anniversary, the main level restaurant is one of her favorites.

Taking a table in the corner, we were talking about dental issues. Mom’s dentist’s plan to retire would mean her choosing a new dentist closer to home. That’s about the time I felt something poke my lower back – where a purse would usually hit me – but I wasn’t carrying a purse or a bag and the poke was strong enough to make me turn around to see what the heck was stuck in my chair.

My reaction was so abrupt, I had to explain myself – saying something poked me. Our chairs were beside the wall. Andy thought I meant him. Not the right trajectory. Nothing could have hit me. Then I remembered the 100 year anniversary of the building and chalked it up to a ghost.

Then something really odd happened. I was eating a sandwich when I felt something like an infusion and my lower jaw, tongue, and right side of my face went numb. Perplexed, I wondered if there had been some sort of bean or something in the food causing a reaction but that made no sense.

Slowly, I began to rethink the details. I heard a name. ‘John’. A complication. Mom had just been with a friend who had that name and a similar last name to what I was hearing and I couldn’t pull the last name into focus. So I stopped at John.

We left the restaurant and my phone did some unusual things. I thought I forgot it. Mom tried to call to find it. No ring. Instead, it activated the car. [That doesn’t happen.] We found the phone under the seat and things begin to add up. I realized I was being tagged by a dentist. Was his name John?

Listen to the podcast – I get into the details there.

Interesting note, I found out later the ghost saw us when we checked out the bar at the second place, and – since he knew my mom – he decided to tag along. [Hitchhiker effect? FYI – they travel – attracted by our energy, our emotions and our thoughts.] He pegged me an abstract thinker and took that as a sign I might be able to make a connection. There was no missing the clues he gave me.

  • 1. Physical contact. Something poked me at the top of my hip – made me turn around in my chair to see what the heck was going on.
  • 2. Undeniable sensation. The right side of my lower jaw and tongue became numb – exactly like it does when you are given a shot of novocaine. It lasted for about half an hour.
  • 3. Phone malfunction.
  • 4. Telepathic. The first name: John.
  • 5. I was woken up during the night, and given the second name.

Active in the community – My mom and the dentist knew each other. She could and did corroborate the information he gave me.

Even more interesting to me – the name he provided turned out to be the journalist who filed the report about this death. Link.

Thanks to him, I decided to become more intentional about some of the encounters I have had with the alive and well, deceased but not departed. This is the related site.

Sci-Fi – Veiled Truth

Are we living in a computer simulation? Physorg link.

The Best of Philip K. Dick adaptations. Link. New Issue PKD Otaku.

Reading his work [and work from those who were fortunate enough to access him and his material], I believe he experienced encounters with interdimensionals and attempted to weave those encounters into fiction that would hint at hidden realms operating within our reality.

Given my own encounters – which defy explanation via our consensus interpretation of ‘reality’ – I see clear parallels.

Example: Film – The Adjustment Bureau link. Main Character, Norris goes to work one day and literally sees everyone completely frozen while strange men make ‘adjustments’ to our reality.

STE in 1997 opened me up to new PSI awareness. Intense experiences with alternate realities happened over a period of several months in 2009. This is a brief sample.

I was given telepathic instruction on various occasions and perceived it as a test to see if I understood the communication (telepathic) and if/how I would respond. One time, when I followed a certain route, I witnessed white males at various points who seemed to be observing my actions and know what I was doing as if they were there to track me.

Most wore some variation of black and white clothing. Short hair. Clean shaven. They nodded or made eye contact when I encountered them and let me pass. I called them ‘the watchers’.

I had one basic Instruction: DO NOT TELEGRAPH my position as being different from those with whom I engaged. Warned: If I did call attention to myself, it could stick me to that timeline and I would be ‘lost’. It could not be reversed. I was allowed to mingle, witness, and return.

[This is why PKDick titled it Fiction.]

I chose to limit or avoid personal interaction. However, on one occasion, I deviated slightly from the directed course and took a route I believed would be a short cut through what turned out to be an apartment complex with a single entry point.

As I drove around the area, Andy (thank-you for a witness) asked why I took that route. At the same time, we both looked out the window to see all the geese on the pond – swimming in a synchronized pattern – to form a question mark. Andy said, “I guess ‘they’ also want to know why.”

My response? I really thought it was a short cut. I was going to save time. (Without having a clue to the exact purpose of the exercise. Right.)

I was curious. Strange things were happening. Was my experience ‘real’ or imagined? When I opted to deviate, it changed the program. I was then given a demonstration of the ability [by ‘them’] to manifest action, via a proxy, that allowed me to see a direct influence on my reality.

My answer came in the form of that incredible synchronized swimming display by the geese. ‘They’ had the ability to hear my thoughts, witness my actions, and impact my reality in real time. It happened multiple times, giving me direct examples of how our ‘reality’ can be influenced – with and without – our knowing.

[Much like John Foster describes in his decades of encounters.]

Because of my STE – I KNOW my reality is unique. My fanstasical experiences affirm that. Along with countless others, I have been offered insight and information that is UNIQUE to my perception and awareness.

What I choose to do with that information is where ‘rubber hits the road’.

[When the “rubber hits the road” It used to indicate the moment of truth or to the moment when something happens to make a situation become volatile.]

Sometimes – there is nothing to be done – it is insight – offered to allow understanding that a larger game is afoot and certain things will play out – with an assist from anomalous others [or not] – whose origin and motives we cannot begin to fathom or comprehend. Intervention by us is impossible at the current – material – level. We are required/destined to EVOLVE spiritually. As some already have.

That is why those who influence me – my guides – and others – say the one thing that will help us on a grand scale – as in – our species as a whole – is to focus on improving our PSI abilities/skills.

Consciousness is the engine that will carry humans past physical limitations to awareness that exists beyond the material plane.

When humans eventually refrain from bickering over manifest, manufactured contrarian minutia that puts the entire planet and ALL species in peril – our benefactors will present new ‘materials’ in matter form to assist in our development.

There is no timeframe for this – ‘they’ don’t operate within our dimensional constraints. And that is in our favor. It means anything is possible.

At present, our species is considered primal, prone to violence, disconnected from a higher path. That is evolving. Baby steps in progress – with helpers dropping feathers to encourage us to look beyond the form to the formless – the immeasurable void. That’s where magic happens. Magic is real.

OBE influencer Robert Monroe suggested a helpful mantra: 

“I am more than my physical body. Because I am more than physical matter, I can perceive that which is greater than the physical world.”

UFO Experiencer John Foster  Documentary

New development: John has informed me a documentary about his experience is underway. One of the most helpful (and amazing) aspects of his story is that he was rarely alone.

The documentary will include some of the co-experiencers he calls ‘familiar strangers’ who were also present during the encounters. Link.

John’s extensive documentation of his experiences includes watching entire crowds being ‘frozen’ as the interaction between himself, certain related others in some kind of program, and the UFO entities played out.

In addition to corroborating his account, their information can provide more insight about the encounters.


At some point today, I landed on a FB comment made by someone affiliated with an area dispensary. I liked his comment, so I followed up to check out the actual site: Elevate Missouri. Excellent marketing vibe.

Still writing and working on this blog, I grabbed (easier than opening the multiple books I have from this author) the Robert Monroe quote from Pinterest – noting it came from another blog I follow. Then came the connect – the trigger for that blogger’s Kundalini Awakeningmarijuana.

Beyond the Physical

Beyond what we think we know – we are surrounded by unknown wonders. Normal? Paranormal? Supra-normal? Unexplained. I hesitate applying a name or label because I believe we have more to learn about what is possible.

As we evolve our awareness, we will discover some of our experiences and encounters have been mislabeled, misinterpreted, and, as a result, entirely misunderstood.

Here is a short video example of my interactive nightlight. Link. I channel and this is the counterpart. Activity (anomalous, paranormal) has been ongoing for 25+ years. The entity I connect with has always preferred the definition: non-corporeal.

Reality. Is. More.