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Mar 18, 2023

Acknowledging the Entities - EVP cameo - Paranormal Reality

"What you contemplate, you touch. What you enter into in imagination, you make yourself one with."  - Dion Fortune, Principles of Esoteric Healing

Open the door - meditate on the meaning of life...

Sharing this *audio highlight from my podcast. I discovered an EVP surprise during a previous show. I did a solo show, no guest. The anomaly appeared after I processed the track or I would have missed it. Even better - what it said.

*Highlight Audio Segment with EVP LINK.

This is a brief segment. Given the specific word chosen -- nightlight -- I believe this is an overt attempt to provide another indication of an interactive - NON-physical - presence that may or may not be sensed by any known scientific method unless the effort is supported by the originating source.

I have been told as much by the entities when participating in a 'ghost' research project and the audio capture tech failed to produce results indicating the existence of an anomalous source as I channeled. I felt the energy and received telepathic channeling input = not recordable or verified.

The presence was indicated by other means. I experienced physical interaction in the space. Twice I visited in the company of others who were part of that 'ghost' research group. Twice my necklace was unfastened and dropped down the front of my shirt.

The source determines the target and that interaction may or may not be trackable or repeatable as required by our current technology. I suspect that is because their actions are not limited by our laws of physics because they originate beyond (and interpenetrate) our dimension.

Somewhere - the science for this exists - but that is not my focus. My focus is on the experience.
The agate light had the bulb replaced.
The neon light has been interactive for nearly 25 years.

Talking to Nightlights

Transdimensional/Interdimensional beings are capable - whatever label is applied - of interacting with us and influencing our reality, if and when the conditions are favorable.

My interaction with non-physical entities includes the 25 year relationship with the entities who activate and engage via my nightlights and other electronics.

Paranormal EVP activity is just one example of a non-corporeal/non-physical presence that inspires me to speak out about existence of those who - although lacking a human form - are quite capable of producing/creating/triggering an event that can be observed when we are fully engaged and investing our attention into our own spiritual progress - rather than getting caught up in ongoing superficial distractions - that may or may not seem more 'real.'
Listen for my words "the dog said, "hey, dude, wake up." EVP audio after that sentence. The word is "Nightlight" ...


Side note: More experiencers (Contactee/NDE/OBE/STE/Fortean/Anomalous) are sharing their stories. Some (and sometimes all) of the things they say challenge what is claimed as "reality". Even when much information is tailored to a personal journey, the stories provide support for other experiencers who may find validation for their own unique incidents and awareness. 

While each individual requires different methods for growth and learning, the common denominator is Consciousness. No matter what the external projection, the journey provides a course for spiritual growth. Breadcrumbs delivered - are open to interpretation.

          ~ ` ~  .  . . .  . . .  . . .   ~ ` ~  .  . . .  . . .  . . .   ~ ` ~  .  . . .  . . .  . . .   ~ ` ~
                            `                                  `                                  `                                  `

Seek the highest point within knowing, ask for *spiritual assistance, and grow beyond it. 

*Anticipate variation in the form chosen for representation. The goal is learning. Enjoy your time.

Investigating the connections - Evolving Insight. Reality is more than we know.

The audio segment is an excerpt from the entire show: Link

More paranormal and metaphysical content posted on my blog: Link.

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