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Mar 13, 2022

Meet the ETs – Casey Claar - Images of the Beings

 My word is Transdimensional – others call them Extradimensional and some call them Extra-terrestrial. They exist. Some choose to be seen. Casey shares her incredible images. Great variety. Extraordinary eyes. I love these views! Thanks to Casey – Updated to include a few of the photos.

Courtesy of Casey Claar

Courtesy of Casey Claar

Courtesy of Casey Claar

Casey – The eyes are fantastic.

Others have mentioned and drawn images of the Cat beings. I met the most beautiful being I have ever seen – in the OBE dream state. Decades ago. I was awestruck at his beauty and could not stop staring. He was standing in a doorway to the next dimension. Extraordinary with tiny iridescent feathers all over his body.

Face to face – 6 inches between us.

Spoke with his eyes. Wanted me to know they existed. Energy of warmth between us = invitation and welcome. The Bird Tribe. I knew I couldn’t follow him but was astounded at the sight. Humans are not as beautiful as this being was.

Plaque doesn’t show the tiny feathers I saw on his face.

This is the plaque I found [years later] that affirmed the memory of our meeting.

Visit Casey’s sitelink. And the next link with a video.

*Post cover image is a collage from one of my Kaleidoscopes and a rock. I apologize because it has been awhile and I can’t remember the exact method of creation for the image.

*Hoping to confirm an interview with Casey to talk with her about the Beings.