Jan 8, 2022

Experiencer? Connecting UFO dots. Cats, Dogs, Elk, Owls, rescues and random reality bites

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.” - Lewis Carroll

How to bring a laundry list of anomalous personal experiences into a common framework? Find a label that allows for a wide degree of variation in terminology. Experiencers. It's all about dots connecting. 

"In the end, the abduction phenomenon seems to me to be a part of the shift in consciousness that is collapsing duality and enabling us to see that we are connected beyond the Earth at a cosmic level. No common enemy will unite us, but the realization of a common Source might." John E. Mack, Passport to the Cosmos.

Enhanced PSI. Telepathic Interaction. Paranormal quirks. Lots of people now experiencing "contact" - interaction. Each has their own language/interpretation/expression and their own method of connecting. 

Experiencer Chris Bledsoe, featured in the series UFOs Over Earth, posts his video sightings of UFOs on Facebook. He says the activity is increasing.

In this video, Grant Cameron interviews Experiencer Annette Williamson and The Beings. Familiar material here. She mentions Soul Contracts.

In the comments: "The video is a huge validation for my "meditation" group who are now in contact with similar beings. I can totally relate to everything that was presented in the video. Our reactions were the same. "They" tend to be "matter of fact" in their presentations. They meet us on our levels of understanding and then raise those levels through presentations."



  • Portl M will allow folds to beam into homes as a hologram. New Atlas.
  • Ameca is making waves. "Now this humanoid is out in the wild at CES 2022, and sci-fi just got real." CNET.
  • Recent Billy Cox post [Link.] Ball Lightning incident that triggered a lifelong interest in UFOs. There was this small white ball about the size of a quarter just sitting there in the oven,” Jan Aldrich recalls. “It wasn’t touching anything, but it rolled over towards the door and it fell off and exploded like a cherry bomb." The rest of that story includes how it relates to the present Pentagon interest in UFOs. Follow Life in Jonestown on Substack.
  • From that article we learn about PROJECT 1947 "... a world-wide effort to document the origins of the modern UFO phenomenon. Research for the project has yielded many early-era UFO reports via the FOIA, newspaper articles and contemporary accounts."
  • Mysterious Moon Cube = Rock.
  • The Arc Thrift Store employees discovered a cat hiding inside a donated recliner chair. UPI
  • Christmas Eve rescue of 6 Elk who fell through the ice in a frozen river. Link. 
  • Spirit Animal. In a Blinding Blizzard - an Owl led him back to his campsite. Now 64, he was 20 at the time. Source
  • Tinsley the dog lead rescuers to the scene of a crash. She did her best to get someone to follow her to a site that would have been easy to overlook. Source.
  • Cat Magnet. Snow Melt Mode. Link.


    Posted to Ley Lines and Earth Mysteries Public group on Facebook: Invergowrie NSW Australia -
    I am a dowser of 28 years. My grandfather was a dowser. I didn’t know this until many years after he passed. A series of (coincidences?) led me to a workshop and I found out I could dowse very easily. Then my mum told me about my grandad. Blown away! Anyway, years passed and we realized the land we had purchased had huge energy lines running through it. After much deliberation and visions which appeared to me, we decided to build a stone circle on the lines. We envisioned small stones, however, the universe had other ideas, and after an incredible series of events, we ended up with these massive stones (too long to go into). We are one of the 83,000 sites around the world that creates a new world grid that will reflects the heavens on earth, therefore ushering in the age of Heaven on Earth.

    Uri Geller's new quest. Locating (Dowsing) the Ark of the Covenant. Daily Star.

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