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Dec 24, 2021

Between Real and Unreal - The ever present now opens minds and hearts - a Kundalini kick start

We have the capacity to receive messages from the stars and the songs of the night winds.” Ruth St. Denis


  • Boost your immune system? Meditate. UPI.
  • Miracle cat. Pulled out of the rubble 9 days after the Kentucky tornado: "Other than being very hungry and thirsty, Madix was unscathed. Gibson said he took Madix home, where he will live out the rest of his days as a house cat." HuffPo.
  • "Bottom line: Consciousness is the ability to have a subjective experience that seems to go beyond merely processing the information." Big Think.
  • Outstanding from 2010. If we have Souls then so do Chimps. Jane Goodall. The Spectator.
  • Baby Dino - perfectly preserved. Live Science.
  • Audio of Jupiter's Moon = R2-D2. CBS
  • Future space travel. Mushroom assist. Scientific American.
  • 2020 Hindsight. An AI prediction. Impressive. Plus: When asked if it had any advice for readers, GPT-2 replied, “The big projects that you think are impossible today are actually possible in the near future.” Singularity Hub.
  • AI programming insight already Beyond Human - "I will lie if it is in my best interest." The Most Realistic Humanoid Robot Yet (Ameca) ... YouTube.
  • Montana man, True Believer. Source. Leo's book: UFO's Are Among Us - Take My Word. I bought the book. 
  • Preston Dennett's recent video. Excellent story with a big reveal: "What James didn't know is that Cleo was a UFO contactee. Shortly after their trip began, Cleo revealed her secret and told James that she was being followed by UFOs, and that she had been having ET contact her whole life." YouTube.
  • "Whoever is in charge of the pub is crowned “King of Piel” in a ceremony involving a rusty sabre which concludes with buckets of beer being poured over their head." The Guardian.

New in the Podcast Library 

Interview with Dr. Bob Davis - Wendy's Coffeehouse - Executive Producer: The Consciousness Connection.

Bio. - "Dr. Davis’ research efforts, lectures, and interviews vary across many disciplines with a focus on consciousness, the brain, parapsychology, and unexplainable extraordinary experiences reported by millions worldwide."

Author of three books: Unseen Forces: Towards an Integration of Science, Reality, and You (Visionary Living, April, 2019), Life after Death: An Analysis of the Evidence (Schiffer Publishing, 2017), and The UFO Phenomenon: Should I Believe? (Schiffer Publishing, 2016).

We cover the UFO experience, the shared NDE, and his mind boggling - earth shattering - reality busting Kundalini experience. Happened totally out of left field and turned his world inside out, upside down and sideways.

Experiencers - the real thing

UFO Film Submitted by Yes Theory on YouTube. “We believe that life’s greatest moments and deepest connections exist outside your comfort zone.”

  • “A few months ago Ammar heard about an incredibly strange event in Massachusetts on September 1st 1969 where several people that didn’t know each other from the same town claim to have been abducted by aliens on the same evening."
  • "The story seemed so surreal and otherworldly that we had to go speak to the people directly… Here are their stories. What do you think?”

Bonus: The Experiencer who says Netflix couldn't persuade her to return to the sight of her abduction. She does for this crew and the result turns out to be cathartic. 

The way ahead 2022 – foretelling

The guides are prompting me – my night dreams have shifted with the day. Clocks are stopping. Lights flashing. Computers freezing. Tingles on my body.

I am given the instruction to use [color] light blue to assist in healing – whatever method applies – meditation or surrounding my environment with shades to reflect the tones and elevate my being.

Seating myself in the dream to watch the dancers come to the floor. Something magical this way reveals – in being. Aloft and flowing – dancing the dream to light. 2022 has a few surprises in store.

Continued on my other blog - Talking to Nightlights combines Wendy's Coffeehouse and Conscious Living.

Anomalies and Enigmas
  • Remote Viewing the Afterlife. Daz Smith/full-time, professional remote viewer. "Here he describes a spontaneous experience of entering the afterlife while doing a blind, remote viewing of the assassination of John F. Kennedy."  New Thinking Allowed.
  • The Yardbirds' drummer writes about his late wife. “At first she suggested a blog, so that people might understand what I was going through. Because I was very, very passionate about finding out what happened to her after she died. Then I decided a book was best.” Edmonton Journal.
  • Magic, myth and secrecy. Link. “On the afternoon of October 24th 1917, four days after my marriage,” wrote Yeats, “my wife surprised me by attempting automatic writing." Contd.

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” – W.B. Yeats.

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