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Oct 29, 2021

Ghosts, Haunts, Skinwalker, UFOs and Angels ... Just bunch of Paranormal stuff

“You have to take seriously the notion that understanding the universe is your responsibility, because the only understanding of the universe that will be useful to you is your own understanding.” - Terence McKenna

  • Don't Panic. Nasa calls for new ways to announce discovery of alien life amid fears of misunderstandings.
  • Uri Geller tweet - October 27, 2021· Today the CIA posted a statement on their website - admitting that their research on me, and other psychics, had produced 'enough accurate' findings to 'defy randomness'. But what they are not telling you is that they are STILL using intuitives, psychics and remote viewers.
  • 20 Most Haunted places in the World.
  • Real Estate speed bumps. Ghosts.
  • Flip side - Happily at Home with the Haints - A 2018 poll revealed that one-third of prospective buyers wouldn’t think twice about buying a haunted house if the price, location, and amenities were appealing enough. And 18 percent said, in effect, “Hey, a ghost is all the amenity we need! We’ll take it!”
  • True haunts on Reddit - Spooky tales.
  • Paranormal Beliefs - Gallup poll results.
  • I Didn't Know If I Believed In The Afterlife. Then My Dead Father Sent Me A Message. I called my mom. I wasn’t sure she would believe what I had to tell her, but I wanted her to hear it. HuffPo.

Skinwalker Ranch beyond UFO Spooky. Special edition of Whitley Strieber's show - open to subscribers and non-subscribers and commercial free. Youtube. George Knapp and Colm Kelleher: the DIA's High Strangeness UFO/Paranormal Project.


Follow up with the Books - 

Reagan, Gorbachev and Aliens. 1985 Reagan asked him if the Soviets would come to the United States’ help if they were ever attacked by aliens. Gorbachev replied: “No doubt about it.”. Then Reagan said: “We too.” WeirdFactsblog. Original source. Smithsonian.

Experiencer John Foster's newest post. Haunted by an experience. Run with the horses

Wendy's Coffeehouse interview with Tricia Barker - Angels in the OR, NDE 

"I was an agnostic. I was like, okay consciousness survives. But then I saw the angels and I was like, What is this? This is different! This is otherworldly! I felt like a kid. They were so unexpected!" - Tricia Barker, NDE

It doesn't matter that Tricia's NDE was in in 1994, the awe and excitement is still in her voice when she talks about seeing the Angels. Angels in the OR: What Dying Taught Me About Healing, Survival, and Transformation, Amazon. 

Amazon Author Bio: As a college senior at The University of Texas at Austin, Tricia experienced an extraordinary near-death experience after a massive car wreck. In the afterlife, she learned that she must change her plans and work as a teacher. Tricia’s near-death experience story has been featured on A&E’s I Survived: Beyond and Back and covered by National Geographic.

Amazon Review: Chris Brethwaite 5.0 out of 5 stars A beautifully written memoir centered around an exceptionally profound NDE - As a former IANDS (The International Association for Near-Death Studies) chapter head I have read a slew of NDE books over the past forty-some years. Tricia Barker's "Angels in the OR" is definitely one of my all-time favorites. Not only is her book beautifully written, but her mastery of the English language allows her to overcome the ineffability problem of describing an indescribable experience to a far greater extent than most experiencers.

Connect with Tricia.


Dining with Ghosts sold out this year. 2017 Weston Ghost Encounter - during the last night of the event, at the end of the evening, as the staff was cleaning up, someone was heard coming up the stairs. The footsteps sounded heavy and a large person was expected. No one appeared.
Earlier in the week, Verna said a woman who looked quite confused, told her she saw and felt a woman walk quickly past her in the hallway to the restroom but the door didn't open and the bathroom was empty.

That same tourist had her hair pulled by something when she went downstairs and then vacated the building to look in through the window. She returned as her friends searched with their cell phones trying to get a response or a glimpse of the ghost. They asked if the ghost was in the pictures on the wall. The woman said, 'Yes, that's her', and quickly departed for a final time.

She identified Creola [deceased former owner] as the woman she saw. Verna said the women had been ghost-hunting in Atchison with no results. Weston delivered.


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