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Jul 15, 2021

Wonderful world of Weird, Odd and Unexplained: Bigfoot, UFO, Haunts, Oracles, Astrology and Quirks - in the news

"Bypasses are devices that allow some people to dash from point A to point B very fast while other people dash from point B to point A very fast. People living at point C, being a point directly in between, are often given to wonder what's so great about point A that so many people from point B are so keen to get there, and what's so great about point B that so many people from point A are so keen to get there. They often wish that people would just once and for all work out where the hell they wanted to be." - Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  • Biz Opportunity - Ye Olde Haunted Inn. Gloucester, England. £1.65million (just under $2.3 million in American funds) Mysterious Universe
  • Sasquatch or CGI? Link.
  • Unexplained - "...cases involving humanoids with no associated craft." Link.
  • Anglo-Saxon cave dwelling - home to an English king who became a saint? CNN.
  • Clippy 3D upgrade. TheVerge.
  • Out of this world Jelly Cake is a wonder. AtlasObscura. More yum on the website. Solid Wiggles.
  • Games, toys and other fun. Review/interview. “Oracolarium isn’t just an astonishing deck of cards. It’s an enigmatic, multi-layered experience, using virtual reality technology to enhance your readings with hidden visuals, music and narrative." Ready to dive in? Website.

Fantasy short film. Adventures in Reading 101. Anything is possible at the Library.


Summon a Fiend
Writer/Director Eleanor Cho - https://www.eleanorcho.com/
Omeleto: Subscribe.


Astrology by Moon Rabbit - Spring Update 2021 excerpt: "A primary astrological marker for the pandemic, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, has completed, but in its wake comes a new astrological cycle where Saturn, our stability and safety is being challenged (squared) by Uranus, the planet of change and unpredictability. We see this reflected in the ongoing difficulty of controlling the spread of the virus. This heavenly square stays in effect until March of 2022. It seems like we face another year of world-wide struggle with the pandemic." - To schedule a reading and/or sign up for the newsletter: Astrology by Moon Rabbit 

AKA - Divine Intervention

Grant Cameron with Preston Dennett - Healing encounters with UFOs, ETs, alien abduction, portals, healing stories, plants, zoos, flying the ship, the inside of the ship, TTSA, good vs evil aliens. 

The Healing Power of UFOs: 300 True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials, Amazon.

UFO Healings: True Accounts of People Healed by Extraterrestrials. Amazon.

Recent Interviews

Susan Calvin, 7.11.21 - Changeling. Transitioning from male to female - a remarkable journey. Courage, perseverance, trust, faith. Divine assist? In completing the transition - she became a person who at last felt comfortable in her own skin.

Professor WHAM - Dr. CS Matthews 7.18.21 - Hudson Valley Paranormal
We talk about the night she was driving home and being extremely cautious, anticipating the ever possible deer encounter and hoping to avoid contact. Then she saw Bigfoot.

About her (ahead of its time) 2001 dissertation - Taken: Constructions of Race, Biology and Colonialism informing the Alien Abduction Narrative in the United States. 568 pg. PDF. (Contact her.) Underscores the need to further explore the differences between cultures, Indigenous, African American vs White narrative in the UFO experience. Tons of reference material. Worth an update! Website: https://www.professorwham.com/

Stay Curious! 

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