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Jul 28, 2021

Time, paranormal tickles, brains in sync, dogs, cryptids, UFOs, God, Aliens and retro cool trash cans

Nothing here is what it seems.  


4am. Cat wakes me. Say, No. Launch pillow toward meow. [This routine can sometimes start at 2am.] Quieter meow under chair. Say, No. Firm tone of voice. Too early.
4:33am. Still awake. Let cat out.
4:36am. Dozing.
Base of neck. Slight tickle? Rub neck. Epiphany. Look at clock. Time is 5am.

Inform invisible helper clock is set 10 minutes ahead. Wait 9 minutes. Silence phone before alarm wakes puppy.

Time is relative. As is dreaming.



  • NASA conversation starter from Uri Geller. "I can't tell you what I saw there. But use your imagination. What could they have been refrigerating?" Source.
  • What has security experts baffled by UFOs? Answer: Combustion. MSN.
  • Long overdue. Research suggests "Brains Might Sync As People Interact — and That Could Upend Consciousness Research."  DiscoverMag.
    "Scientists have peered into people’s minds as they complete tasks in pairs and groups. They noticed something unexpected: Functional links appeared across people’s brains when they cooperated during certain tasks. In other words, different people’s neural oscillations aligned when they cooperated."
    Related article: Inter-brain neural synchronization and its implications for theories of human consciousness. Link.
  • Shazbot! Electromagnetism is a property of spacetime itself, study finds. Source.
  • The ancients may have left a breadcrumb or twenty about this. Physicists Have Developed a New Way to Levitate Objects Using Sound. MSN.
  • Interconnected. Source. Dreams and Visions of Death. "In early 1979 David Booth dreamed "ten nights in a row" of an aviation disaster involving a plane veering off a runway and bursting into flames. Later on May 25, 1979 the disaster of American Airlines Flight 191 occurred, in which more than 270 people died when an aircraft crashed into a trailer park less than a mile from the runway. Link. (Wiki lists 273 fatalities.)
  • NDEs are nothing new. "NDEs have been popularly recognized in the West since the mid-1970s, but people from the largest empires to the smallest hunter-gatherer societies have been having them throughout history. Accounts are found in ancient sacred texts, historical documents, the journals of explorers and missionaries, and the ethnographic reports of anthropologists." - Gregory Shushan. Researcher of near-death experiences and the afterlife across cultures and throughout history. Psyche.
  • Researcher Stan Gordon on the link between UFOs and Cryptids. "UFOs and creatures “commonly occur in the vicinity of high energy sources. So you have a lot of cases around power plants, high tension power lines, radio and broadcast communication towers, railroad tracks, gas lines, gas wells, goes on, and on and on. I have no doubt there’s an energy connection to the phenomena.” Interviewed by George Knapp. MysteryWire.
  • Two Heartbeats a Minute: Invisibilia. Climate Change - "The strange story of an unlikely crew of people who band together to take on one of the worlds' largest problems using nothing but whale sounds, machine learning, and a willingness to think outside the box." NPR.
  • Dogs KNOW. Moral of this story: Don't lie. "Even more interesting was the fact that the dogs also refused to follow the wrong advice of the human who had been present during the switch-up - indicating that they knew that they were being lied to." PhysOrg.
  • Before ordering a Baker's Dozen. What if the Universe is a Giant Donut? VICE.

God and other problems with infinity. Link.


God tries to create the Universe. Kids run amok.

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Recent Facebook convo - 

Q - Gary: Hey Wendy, I have a thought for you. What if the Wachowskis’s brothers were correct! What if we really are in the current Matrix? Most of us have no idea that we are in the Matrix and very few believe that we are. Both the Oracle and the Architect realize the human need machines.

Councilman Hamann states, “I like to be reminded that this (Zion) city survives because of these machines. If we wanted, we could smash them to bits, although if we did we would have consider what would happen to our lights, our heat, our air.” So we need the machine and they need us.

Now the question for you to ponder, in the Matrix, the Smiths were agents (programs) to protect the Matrix’s program and keep the Resistance contained. In the movie, when an Agent enters the Matrix they abduct a program (human). Where does this program (human) go while the Agent has control of this program (their body)?

Is it possible that these are Agent (Alien) abduction? Maybe, just maybe, we are transported to the REAL (Alien) world and our “Matrixed” minds can only explain it as an Alien abduction?"

A - Wendy: Excellent. Good interpretation. Many would agree. - Through a glass, darkly.... what we see is only what our [individual] software is capable of accessing and integrating .. and that is unique to each perceiver ... lots of cool stuff gets lost or misperceived in translation ... and that's a fun challenge!

No matter what it seems -- no one here has a full deck. 😉 Fun times! 😃

Soooooooooo... the challenge is to level up! Cheers!

Reply - Gary: Excellent response.

PS. Philip K. Dick. The Guardian: The author and journalist Charles Platt did a definitive interview with Dick three years before he died. 

"All his work starts with the basic assumption that there cannot be one, single, objective reality," he wrote. “Everything is a matter of perception.”


Alternate realities among us - 

John Foster UFOs. He blogs about his 46-plus years of experiences with UFOs and includes
drawings of the encounters.

Example: Illustrated post from John Foster.

"The mysterious light made all of us appear completely unusual.

I don’t know exactly how I looked,
but the nature of the lights
seemed so peculiar

it transformed my two companions
into a whirling speckled array of radiance."

Location: Nebraska, USA.
Dated 1976.


Etc. -

Entertainment. "In 2003, Spirited Away was awarded Best Animated Feature at the 75th Academy Awards, becoming the first—and to this day, only—non-English-language movie to win the award." Time.

Kudos to Canada for Retro fab trash cans. "Highway signs would signal an upcoming opportunity to "Put your trash into Orbit," with a countdown sign every minute starting from 10,
and then the final 10 seconds as well." Link.

Humor. Time to update the portfolio? Facebook.

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