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Jun 25, 2021

UFOs without the stigma, Paranormal, Contact, Consciousness, Baseball Gods, Music Gods. Synchronicity and Reflections

"The sky is not the limit. The limit is the mind." - Wim Hoff website, Quote site Fearless Motivation

  • Covid Reset. Americans are quitting their jobs in droves. Economist.
  • Taking the lead. Talking about UFOs. US News and World Report.
  • Stanton Friedman takes on on bogus Debunkers. Mentions Delphos, KS. UFO Believers Twitter.
  • Real and unreal. 1954 Time Slip. UFO Insight.
  • Spirit Box on Twitter: "If you like The Beatles and ghosts then this one is for you." -- Glass Jar with possible ghost inside.
  • Laurie McDonald interview via Spirit Box Podcast. Alien Contactee. Abductions, Paranormal. "As a lifelong experiencer Laurie gives her views of what is going on on a grand scale, what aliens want and how to prevent unwanted intrusion." YouTube. Laurie McDonald Bio. Website Link.
  • My interview with Laurie. 2019. Wendy's Coffeehouse Link.
    Her goal is to help empower those who are gob-smacked in the face of a reality we are told can not exist and made to feel silly and naïve for suggesting and experiencing otherwise.
  • Pioneer of UFO Research Coral Lorenzen. Source.
  • Kansas born Christopher Bartel’s “The Skinwalker Ranch Portfolio” - Washington Post. Art Portfolio online exhibition. Site. WP reviewer says there is nothing special (paranormal/spooky) to see in the images. Maybe it depends on the viewer.


Sci-Fi short film. "Ava In the End"


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Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview Jonathan Fink, Baseball Gods, Music Gods, Ghosts, UFOs and Reincarnation 

Beyond the paranormal and the metaphysics we highlighted in this interview, the real story is Synchronicity - a play by play.

Follow along with Jonathan - in his documentation of the ongoing journey [over the past 5 years] - related on case by case basis throughout multiple volumes of The Baseball Gods are Real and The Music Gods are Real. Several more books are slated to be released from now through 2022.

Fascinating. Jonathan engages with just the right person or piece of information in his various interactions along the way. Even when others might be doubtful - Jonathan remains strong in his mindset - that whatever the outcome - it will work in his favor.

Through his adventures we see just how effectively the mindset he demonstrates delivers {in some cases - miraculous} manifest and credible results. 

The Music Gods are Real: Volume 2 The Religion of Music
The Baseball Gods are Real: The Religion of Baseball


 As you think, so you are.

Light Inspired. Highly charged. And active since 1997. The anomalous wonder of my daily life. Interactive. Ever-present. My nightlights. YouTube.

Parting shot.

Wicked. The Tao of Now on Twitter: "Newfie Mosquito trap.. The mosquito lands on the salt, thinking it's sugar. They get thirsty for water, but the cap has rum in it. The mosquito gets drunk, trips on the stick and bangs its head on the rock..."

Stay curious!

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