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Jun 11, 2021

UFOs, Aliens, Sightings, Contact. Are 'ETs' micro-managing their methods of exposure? Plus Edgar Cayce, T.J. and Reincarnation

"It's not about seeing lights in the sky, I mean it's not. It's beyond that. It's about what goes on around you. And Rob says this all the time, like you need to be aware of the different level of things that happen around you, synchronicities, coincidences." - Mark McNabb

[As I watched the Interview I posted here, I got my signature check-in to prompt me to highlight Mark's words. The bedside lamp light blinked off and on. Off - pause - on - pause. 5 or six times. Not a coincidence. Year number 25 experiencing this interaction. The activity is an intentional prompt to urge me to pay attention. I listened to Mark and shared what he said at the moment my light blinked. - wendy]

OddsnEnds -   

  • UFO Sighting. 6.8.21. Cape Coral, Florida. Unexplained. NBC-2  According to the expert, 24-year veteran Air Force pilot Kevin Russo, red and green lights are considered a standard attribute for a known craft. The behavior - silent flight - is not standard nor known to be possible with current tech. [The 'UFO' I saw and reported had red and green lights. It was small. Also silent and indoors. - wendy]

  • For those holding out on believing in UFOs/UAPs until an official determination from the US Government - according to recent reports the determination is inconclusive. Regardless, as evidenced from the previous news item, UFOs/UAPs continue to make headlines. Challenging reports that suggest they don't exist. Reports of sightings, interaction and experiences continue. UFO Stalker.

  • UFO research project resource. University of Colorado at Boulder is available. "The United States government will release a report detailing all of the UFO information they've acquired over the years. Some of that information has been accessible to the public before this report. As a part of the federal depository library program, our collections contain reports from Roswell about the alleged UFO incident, but even more importantly, we have expert librarians who can help you navigate the information that the government publishes so you can do your own UFO research." Colorado.edu.

  • Personal encounters with UFOs make all the difference. Priorities shift and life changes. Although I have posted several interviews with Experiencers, I continue to highlight information shared by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke as a primer on the subject because of the wide range of encounters she has documented from Native American experiencers [who remain anonymous] - positive and negative. Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview. And you can check out the other shows with related content in the archives.

  • 1091 Pictures has acquired worldwide rights to “Varginha: The Roswell of Brazil,” James Fox’s follow-up to “The Phenomenon.”  Variety. Want more info? UFO Crash in Brazil: A Genuine UFO Crash with Surviving ETs by Roger Leir, Amazon.

    *Twitter response: UAP Watch @UAP_watch.  As a Brazilian who was living in Brazil when this blew up, I’m hugely excited for this! Though I was a child then, I vividly remember this being all over our National news for a while. It really is our Roswell, and deserves a spotlight. Thank you James Fox!

  • FYI. Depressed? Laughing Gas might be a potential treatment option. Vice.  

Keeping an eye on this work in progress. Engaging the Phenomenon/James Iandoli interviews Rob Freeman and Mark McNabb about their upcoming documentary.

"Across 14 countries, Making Contact Team have recorded UFOs using state of the art skywatching technology."

Rob's interest in UFOs was triggered by a sighting when he was 12 years old [1966]. Fortunately, the story doesn't end there. It's what happens during the next sighting that fuels this life-long, ET-seeking adventure.


Reincarnation: Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Joanne DiMaggio - Edgar Cayce and the Unfulfilled Destiny of Thomas Jefferson Reborn.

What would it be like as a child to have your mentor - a renowned Psychic [also known as the Sleeping Prophet] - teach you how to see auras and talk with fairies? Observe him levitate a client? And what if he said you would make a name for yourself - and more than that - change the world just as you did in your previous incarnation as Thomas Jefferson. 

Author, Teacher, Researcher, Past Life Therapist, Joanne DiMaggio calls herself "A Reporter for the Universe." She spent almost a decade researching the details and fine-tooth-combing through the extensive archives at the A.R.E. Association for Research and Enlightenment to compile the history, past and present for the man known as the reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson. The one who had his fate pronounced by Edgar Cayce when he was only 2 days old.

This extraordinary story still has a future. Thomas Jefferson [reborn] may have more insight to add from what he gleaned from Edgar Cayce in his formative years. According to Joanne, only in the past ten years has T.J. begun to talk about events he witnessed as a child in the Cayce household.

Our conversation will post in the Wendy's Coffeehouse Archives. Link.

While the kids at school studied the 3 Rs, T.J. was pondering Atlantis. What else did Edgar Cayce share? Volumes. Joanne hopes her book will give him an opportunity to offer more insight on what he learned from the man known as the 'father of holistic medicine' and according to multiple sources, the most documented psychic of the 20th century.
  • Read Edgar Cayce and the Unfulfilled Destiny of Thomas Jefferson RebornAmazon.
  • Curious about those 14 thousand readings? Consult Edgar Cayce's Famous Black Book. Amazon.
  • Road Trip? Trip Advisor Reviews suggest a positive experience. The Spa is the highlight. Source. Website for more info. EdgarCayce.org.
Wondering of lingering present day issues are due to unresolved past life karma? Book a past life session with Joanne DiMaggio (Zoom). Link.

Paranormal footnote - 

On the morning of our interview, I heard the distinctive voice of an older man beside my bed. He said one word and it sounded like a question. "Again?" 

There are multiple synchronicities with that word: 1. Reference to Joanne's previous book title. 2. Life forecast T.J. would have had but didn't get at age 13. (Cayce died when he was 9.) 3. Nod to reincarnation.

As I left the room after our interview - my 24/7 office nightlight blinked off. It was on again when I returned. We are never alone.

The link between all of the above topics and events: Consciousness. As always - more will be revealed. 

Stay curious!

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