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May 19, 2021

Sci-Fi Short Film, Space Colonies, Science, UFOs, Fruit Flies, ET Contact and Walk-ins

“Maybe I'm wrong," Mom said. "Maybe the world really is coming to an end." "Should I try Fox News?" I asked. Mom shuddered. "We're not that desperate," she said.” - Susan Beth Pfeffer, Life As We Knew It, Goodreads

OddsnEnds - 
  • Fascinating conversation via the Space Studies Institute. Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill and Dr. Isaac Asimov discuss Space colonies and how it is more practical, for multiple reasons, to house people on space vessels rather than a planetary surface - such as the moon. Soundcloud.

    Asimov used the term “planetary chauvinism” to refer to the systematic bias of science fiction toward planetary exploration. O'Neill proposed an alternative vision in which human beings would not seek to colonize planets, but instead build their own enclosed cylindrical space habitats. Source.

    "We should ask, critically and with appeal to the numbers, whether the best site for a growing advancing industrial society is Earth, the Moon, Mars, some other planet, or somewhere else entirely. Surprisingly, the answer will be inescapable - the best site is "somewhere else entirely." - Dr. Gerard K. O'Neill

    Long Read on this project. Source. Somewhere Else Entirely by Mike Combs.

    For Space enthusiasts who desire further exploration. "Space Settlement is a unique concept for colonization beyond the Earth." Deep dive recommended. Space Settlement.

  • "Here’s how UFO sightings jumped from the realm of science fiction to the halls of Congress." - NBC.

  • Archived 2008 Interview with The Daily Grail includes discussion about UFOs and ETs.
    Michio Kaku "regarding Active SETI (beaming messages out to space, rather than listening).
    “I think it’s an awful idea to advertise our existence in space, without understanding the
    motives and intentions of possible alien civilizations,” he said, comparing us to the inhabitants
    of the New World encountering “Cortez and his band of cut-throats”. Instead of David vs. Goliath, Professor Kaku suggests it would be more akin to “a fruit fly versus Goliath”. Related site post.

  • Present day Michio Kaku. There are various sources for this clip but I like the way TMZ sums it up. "But, here's the comforting or disappointing part ... depending on your point of view. Kaku says if the Navy pilot's UFO sighting was indeed an alien spacecraft, it means earthlings are totally useless to them." (Still a fruit fly.)

  • UFO Research could give our science a tremendous boost. MIT Researcher Rizwan Virk "argues that the “profound lack of curiosity” in UFOs resulted in a mess of taboos and biases amongst the ranks of academia." The Byte.

  • Echoing that view - regarding the current vibe that we are being threatened by UFOs and need
    to muster our best offense/defense, Contact/UFO Experiencer John Foster offered his perspective, link on the recent UFO buzz: "Some people believe UFOs do not belong in our restricted air space. However, my UFO experiences indicate that at least those entities who I encountered had a hand in our creation…the creation of humankind."

    If you have not read his content - he provides and in-depth view of his lifetime of encounters - many in the presence of witnesses who could see them while others were totally oblivious. What we are dealing with - if his ETs are in charge is quite capable of manipulating our reality and keeping us in the dark until such a date they determine otherwise.

  • Another Echo via Paths to Contact - True Stories from the Contact Underground. Amazon.

    Note the date on their website: 12.12.12. True Stories from the Contact Underground, is a collection of true stories by and about normal people who have had contact with extraterrestrials and how that contact has affected their lives. We hope that by sharing our stories:

    1. Awareness of the non-threatening nature of the extraterrestrial presence will increase.
    2. More people will become motivated to seek contact and the certain knowledge that we are
    not alone.
    3. The culture of ridicule surrounding all things ET will diminish so that others who have had contact experiences will feel free to talk.

    I'll add this Paths to Contact interview to the Wendy's Coffeehouse archives once it is edited to fit the format. For now, it lives in the archives of Conscious Living on Empower Radio - yep, 2012. Link. I honestly don't remember it being that long ago. But the stories are the key. Regarding the view that ETs/UFOs a Threat and we should somehow ramp up to combat them as such? We are not on the same playing field level or even in the same dimension.

  • Why you have dreams. New study. Interesting perspective. "It is the very strangeness of dreams in their divergence from waking experience that gives them their biological function,” he said. “Life is boring sometimes. Dreams are there to keep you from becoming too fitted to the model of the world." Nothing about this explains the precog element. The Debrief.

  • Fantastic images of the Kogi from Julian Lennon. "Lennon hopes that this set of pictures gives people 'a sense that these [tribal] worlds still exist and that the whole world is not, as yet, just one big commercial machine'. Pictured, Kogi elders meet to discuss various topics." Daily Mail

Sci-Fi Short Film. Stevie's Aliens. Science doesn't have all the answers - but Science is where
questions are a good start and experience is a catalyst for better questions.


"Stevie's Aliens" by Austin S. Harris
Website: http://www.austinsharris.com/
Subscribe to the DUST Newsletter: https://bit.ly/signal_newsletter



Close Encounters of the Playground. "The striking images in UFO Drawings from The National Archives were sourced from these and an older collection of UFO files, some dating back to the Second World War, that have been opened to public inspection under the 30 year rule." Source.

Schoolyard UFO EncountersAmazon. Preston Dennett


From ET Contactees in 2012 to 2021 where my recent interview in Wendy's Coffeehouse archives is about Walk-ins. Shelia Seppi is the author of Walk-ins: The Cosmology of the Soul. Amazon.

Shelia offers her story and that of 15 other walk-ins. Each has a unique experience. Circumstances
vary but there are some aspects that present a common theme. Note the date she highlights on her website: December 2012. And that of the Paths to Contact? Synchronicity.

Completely different perspective than that of Ruth Montgomery and her book on Walk-ins,
Strangers Among Us, in the early 1980s. This is an effort by Walk-ins to support and encourage others who might find themselves in similar unfamiliar circumstances and need confirmation they are not alone. Help is available. Link.


Parting shot 

“Life is extraordinarily rare, extraordinarily precious. Opening the high frontier means making possible and ensuring the survival of the human race.” - Gerard K. O’Neill, The High Frontier Movie. Also at Planetary.org

Big noise echoing across various news and media channels: UFOs are REAL. Welcome one and all - they are real and have been all along. Theirs and more recently, to complicate the issue, ours. All are real. While this is just now gaining official credence in Western society, many Indigenous Peoples/Cultures have long included reference to their presence (among others).

The real story is Agenda. About face on denial and deliberate mainstreaming of the concept of UFO, UAP, ET, Alien, Unknown presence suggests a motive that may or may not be obvious on first glance. 

Watch for it.

In the meantime, yeah! The giggles and nervous throat clearings might stop at the mere mention of UFO. Too early?

Need to report a sighting? MUFON.

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