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May 8, 2021

Sci-Fi Short Film, Paranormal, Unexplained, Past Lives, Reincarnation, Clouds

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." - John Muir, naturalist, explorer, and writer (1838-1914)

OddsnEnds -   
  • "I bought a paranormal property." Brandon Fugal. Newsweek. People often ask me, "Are you a believer"? My honest answer is, "No. I am an experiencer." #SkinwalkerRanch
  • Pentagon seems ready to legitimize UFOs - and the jokesters are having none of it. Futurism.
  • Picture yourself in a floating magnetic pod? Try it. Reuters. 
  • Novel approach. French Military taps Sci-Fi creatives to prep for future threats. The Debrief.
  • Boom to bust - Pandemic Puppy love was temporary. Shelter returns are increasing. (Dogs and Cats) BBC.
  • Fiona finds joy in a rainy day - catching raindrops in her mouth. Fiona the Hippo lives at the Cincinnati Zoo. BBC.
  • Dowsing. "Bull’s calling, he would learn, was in finding things the old way, with his intuition as a guide and a forked stick as a pointer, like dowsers have for centuries. All his powers would come in time." Outside Online.
  • Tick Gaudreau dowses to find ghosts and clear entities. Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview.
  • American Society of Dowsers. More Info.
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Sci-Fi Short Film: "A Week With Rebecca" - testing an android companionship model...

"A Week With Rebecca" by Marcus Shenn
Explore the DUST Multiverse on our App: https://bit.ly/DUSTChannel

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Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview with Dena Merriam. Link.
Dena says the memory of her past lives was so vivid she would enter a location and then
realize it was familiar and that would trigger vivid scenery and other images of that past incarnation.

When the Bright Moon Rises: The Awakening of Ancient Memories is Dena's third book about
her past life memories. She writes in novel form about a love story that spans 10,000 years and she includes the between life time encounters with a spirit guide who offers support and coaching in the interim.

Here is my joyful Elephant. 4.29.21 
- - -

The previous interview with Ann Bolinger-McQuade
was about Oracles.

She shares multiple pictures of images in clouds
on her website. I told her the one I chose while
exploring her site looked like an Elephant.

The trigger for reposting the show - although I didn't
know it until I pulled the show from the archives - 
was a unique dream about Elephants.

(Their specific actions indicate a metaphor I am still working with.)

Later in the week, after that interview aired, I was 
looking at the clouds above the house and realized
I was seeing yet another Elephant. 

Grabbed the camera to capture the image as quickly as
I could, before the form dissolved.

I now have my own Elephant cloud photo. [Elephant x3. Spirit Animal Meaning.]

- - -

Paranormal Trivia: Daniel David (DD) Palmer invented the field of chiropractic care. 
He said the idea for chiropractic care came to him from the 'other world' during a séance. -

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