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Apr 20, 2021

Paranormal Miscellanea: UFO Sighting? Levitation, Reincarnation, Self-Healing, Earth Day and Indigenous Wisdom

"Though one should in battle conquer a thousand times, he who conquers himself has the more glorious victory." - Buddha

Spring Surprise

4.20.21 - Snow. Beautiful coating on everything this morning. Gone now. But the yard is vibrant and alive with all trees and flowers in bloom.

4.18.21 - Sighting. Sunday night, Andy wanted me to see the two stars lined up above the moon. He decided to take a picture with my phone and was playing with the settings to adjust the view.

That's when he noticed something odd. A blue light darted across the sky that he hadn't noticed in the previous pictures or with the naked eye. 

He realized he couldn't see it without the magnification
view on the cell phone. At x8 it was there, 
a bright blue object dancing across the scene.
Sky view 4/18/21  KS, USA

Everything else was stationary. There were no other lights in that area. He said the blue light was animated and darting across the sky as he watched. 

I did enhance the image to highlight the blue object
on the right side of the frame.

The two stars are near the top and the moon is centered at the bottom of the image. The blue light is almost directly below
the star on the right side.

The activity was centered in the same area he was trying to capture on screen. Almost like it wanted to be seen.

As always, fascinating.

Today, while it is still light (7:15 pm) and I am writing this, Jack asked me to let him outside. I went with him and then watched
as he stood in the yard and barked at the sky.

After a few minutes, a jet flew directly over us, coming from a different direction.

Not that I think he saw a UFO. Then again, I don't know that he didn't. 

Human Anomalies  

"Can levitation be initiated? The answer is a resounding, yes! In fact, different cultures each have their own unique approach to the attainment of levitation. As we shall see, there are many different methods you can use to initiate your own levitation experience." - Researcher Preston Dennett. 

He lists seven main categories. Continued on Weebly.

His book, Human Levitation: A True History and How-To Manual, is available on Amazon.

This review was my favorite: (Edited. Italics are mine.) "Fascinating and useful to those willing to do the work! Perhaps the reviewers who were so hard on the book were expecting a magic wand to be pasted in the back. "Wave this and fly instantly!" Sorry, kiddies, it doesn't work like that. Unless you are extremely lucky, you aren't going to levitate unless you put in a huge amount of effort (I know, I've tried!) But, if you are serious, this volume will give you the lay of the land as far as those who have succeeded before and possible avenues of approach."

On his Youtube channel, he offers a Top 20 cases of Human Levitation.

FYI: Official YouTube channel of Preston Dennett. "I began researching UFOs and the paranormal in 1986. Since then, I have written dozens of books and more than 100 articles about UFOs and the paranormal. Thank you for the opportunity to share some videos about my research. Enjoy!" Subscribe.

Reincarnation and Healing

I recently posted about Helen Wambach's work on reincarnation. Another resource for information on reincarnation is Dr. O.T. Bonnett, Reincarnation: The View from Eternity. "The Universe is a continuum of intelligent consciousness, and we are inseparable from it."

Bonnett says: "We must keep in mind that the entire purpose of individuated human consciousness is to attain wisdom. To the degree that goal is achieved, each of us can contribute to the wisdom of the Universe."

He also writes about the effects of beliefs and thoughts on healing. Watch the Ozark Mountain Publishing presentation on Youtube. For information on healing, start with his book: Why Healing Happens.

This Amazon Review also provided a testimonial: "Saved me a lot of pain and I set records healing. I read this book before I had a double knee replacement and used the tools (visualizations etc.) to prepare myself. I am 73 years young, and the doctor said in the 10 years he has been doing knees he has NEVER seen a patient recover as quickly as I did. Home in 2 days with no need to go to rehab inhouse. Back on my bike in 7 weeks. Coincidence? I think not.

No place like home: Earth Day 2021

Earth Day Site. Streaming 3 days of climate action.
Earth Sky. - Hosting events Wednesday through Saturday.

Indigenous Voices

Oren Lyons on the Indigenous View of the WorldYouTube.

About: Oren Lyons is a faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan, Onondaga Council of Chiefs, Haudenosaunee (Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy). He has been active in international Indigenous rights and sovereignty issues for over four decades at the United Nations and other international forums. 

"What is the Earth Telling Us Right Now?" featuring Oren Lyons, Paulette Blanchard & Portugal. The Man. Discussion including and regarding Bright Path Strong - Movie on the life of Jim Thorpe and Native stories and wisdom of the living Mother Earth. YouTube.

Site for the Movie and 501c3. BrightPathStrong.


"There is no death, only a change of worlds." - Chief Seattle, Speech. Seattle Times review of the Biography Chief Seattle and the Town that Took his Name.

Coming up - Oracles. Symbols and signs, messages from the Universe. Wendy's Coffeehouse.

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