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Apr 30, 2021

Paranormal all stars: Star People, UFOs, Sasquatch, Men in Black, Dreams and a Sci-Fi Short Film

 "What the people believe is true." - Anishinabe - Legends (Native American) of America

“Their bodies are tall and skinny, but their legs are huge. Their knees allow them to walk backward. We call them the backward-walking people. They have strange heads. When they are walking, their heads flip backward so they can see where they are going.” - Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, Sky People

[Amazon review: LC. "it was amazing" = "I loved this book. It was such a breath of fresh air, reading about UFO and alien encounters from a completely different point of view, that of the Native Americans. I think this book is an absolute must read for any serious UFO researcher, and for the average UFO buff like me. Great stories."] 

1. Interview with Ardy Sixkiller Clarke. Wendy's Coffeehouse.
Book number 3 on encounters with Star People. Traveling across the US and into Mesoamerica. In the interview, Ardy shares a story about Tom, a "traveler," who says there are portals across the world that form a highway of sorts. Me...step in? Only if I knew I could return.

Ardy says she met another man who told her he's been watching arrivals and departures at a certain location. He notes the date, time and details about the person in his journal and whether they returned or not. He says one who didn't return was a woman in a red dress. He watched her walk to the spot, throw her arms up in the air and disappear. 

2. Another interview "More Encounters with Star People". Conscious Living on Empower Radio

  • UFOs are Real. (About those decades of denial?) New York Post.
  • “I’m a firm believer in UFOs and Sasquatch," Baker Mayfield via Cleveland.com. “It’s real, I saw it. I’m glad the Navy finally confirmed some more pictures."
  • Has Sci-Fi already called this? "Robots of the future could use lab-grown muscle tissue instead of wheels, mechanical arms, and other mechanisms." Popular Mechanics.
  • Talking with Whales. "Project CETI (Cetacean Translation Initiative) will bring together leading cryptographers, roboticists, linguists, AI experts, technologists, and marine biologists to pursue the audacious goal of understanding, and talking back to, the species with the largest brain on the planet." Harvard.
  • Nothing you see is real. "Donald Hoffman is a cognitive psychologist, author of The Case Against Reality, TED speaker, and professor at the University of California Irvine." YouTube.
  • Sasquatch stories. "Multiple people share their experiences, take from them what you will....or leave it." YouTube channel with Pro Hunting Guide Steve Isdahl. Link. 

Sci-Fi Short Film, The Unboxing Video. Isolation is a tough time...


"The Unboxing Video" by Scott Pickett
Connect with the Filmmaker: http://www.scottpickett.net/ 
Explore the DUST Multiverse on our App: https://bit.ly/DUSTChannel​

Misc. and Etc. - 

Nature knows best. Feral donkeys and horses dig wells to desert groundwater. The wells didn’t just provide water for the donkeys and horses, but were also used by more than 57 other species, including numerous birds, other herbivores such as mule deer, and even mountain lions. The Conversation.

Healing Motherlode. "Now a searchable database, the Archive of Healing includes 700,000 pieces of data, digitized from more than 1 million index cards, ranging from folk sayings and rituals to incantations and recipes. The archive represents 50 years of research spanning six continents, two centuries of ethnographic study, and 3,200 journal articles." Atlas Obscura

In awe of Prince. YouTube. “17 years after this stunning performance by Prince, I finally had the chance to go in and re-edit it slightly — since there were several shots that were bothering me. I got rid of all the dissolves and made them all cuts, and added lots more close-ups of Prince during his solo. I think it’s better now. Let me know what you think. Joel.” LATimes

Trippy - Healing Grid - Best Illusion of the year, 2005. "As you stare at the center of the grid for say 20 seconds, the regularity of the grid pattern at the center spreads into the irregular parts in the periphery. This illusion seems to indicate the preference of the visual brain to see regular patterns."

Audio Notes - 
  • My recent guest appearance on The Dreams that Shape Us podcast with JM DeBord and Steven Ernenwein: "Fellow podcaster on extraterrestrial and paranormal happenings, Wendy Garrett, shares with us a dream encounter she had with the Men in Black that thrust her towards her calling in that arena! Jason and Wendy dive headfirst into the rabbit hole of the paranormal. Join them as they explore the many dreams and wild waking experiences of Wendy Garrett!" AnchorFM.

  • Already scheduling a follow-up interview with Professor WHAM - Paranormal, UFO, KC Serial Killer? Haunts Past, Present and Hudson Valley: Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview 5.2.21.

    "The Multi-Verse is weird and we like it." - Dr. C.S. Matthews, Professor WHAM

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