Mar 26, 2021

Sci-Fi Short Film, Science, Dog with a Unicorn, Sasquatch, Supernatural, Consciousness, Elves, Paranormal, Devils Den, Contactees, etc...

"The universe exists solely of waves of motion. There exists nothing other than vibration." - Walter Russell

  • Rare visible Nova. Gizmodo.
  • Hint of New Physics. - Dr Mitesh Patel, of Imperial College London, told BBC News: "We were actually shaking when we first looked at the results, we were that excited. Our hearts did beat a bit faster.BBC.
  • Life saver - Dog springs into action when owner passes out. People.
  • App identifies Indigenous LandCNN.
  • Real or staged? Frozen in place. September 21, 2019, in Buffalo, New York, USA. Video
  • Fascinating. How trees talk to each other. Suzanne Simard. TED
  • Australia’s Oldest Known Rock Art. 17,300-Year-Old Kangaroo Painting. My Modern Met.
  • Thanks to a kind heart - Dog determined to get his Unicorn - succeeds. Source. After a photo shoot with his Unicorn - they have been adopted. Facebook.


Sci-Fi Short Film - "How Is This The World" - VR    

"How Is This The World" by Sadie Rogers
Explore the DUST Multiverse on our App:


Options for exploring beyond the physical - the mindscape.

"I am more than my physical body." - Robert Monroe.          

Example: The Monroe Institute - Exploration 27 

Dr. Franceen King and Dr. Joe Gallenberger discuss the course.


Paranormal/Unexplained Roundup - 
  • David Paulides - Missing 411: Case close to home. Kansas. 1936, Missing child.
  • Steve - How to Hunt: Focus on Sasquatch - Habitat, Encounters, Behavior. This episode mentions activity at Nuclear facilities.
  • Eyes from the Pines - Bigfoot film due out 2021. Site.
  • Worked on a Paranormal Reality Show - "Driving home late that night, I found myself continuously checking my rearview mirror to ensure there was nothing - or no one - in my back seat." HuffPost.
  • Consciousness: "Thus, we begin to see that the real issue between religion (spirit) and science (matter) lies in the data of consciousness studies. It is consciousness that eludes us; it is consciousness that can not be isolated." The Near-Death Experience: An Ancient Truth, A Modern Mystery, Elizabeth W. Fenske, Ph.D., International Association for Near-Death Studies. Continued. Site.
  • Docuseries requires sign up. "Have you ever had a gut feeling to act on something and were glad you did? How do you explain the unexplainable?" Superpower.
  • Hidden wonders - Iceland's Magical World of Elves. BBC.
  • "Melissa Hogenboom and I went Troll Hunting for BBC Earth. This is a small variant of vid here." 2015 Vimeo

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview Terry Lovelace. 

New Book from Terry Lovelace - Bombshell reveal: Omitted from the first book - contact since childhood. In addition to opening up about his personal encounters, Terry received hundreds of stories in response to the first book and selected 30 to share. The stories these experiencers relate suggest 'normal' is the flatland of our reality. 

Amazon review [edited] Devils Den: The Reckoning, 5.0 out of 5 stars
"An Amazing New Book by Terry Lovelace, Philip & Ronald Kinsella"

"Once again, Terry Lovelace's new book gives a fresh perspective to his UFO/Alien experiences and which categorically proves that the phenomenon is real. The haunting and most revealing accounts within Terry's latest offering looks closely at the trauma and understanding about alien intervention, along with its long-term psychological effects, past, present and future. A brilliant book and something which is important to the continual study of not only UFOs, but also the rather revealing alien intrusion which continues to this day. It's 5 stars from my twin, Philip Kinsella, and myself."

In the words of Carl Sagan, "Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known."


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