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Mar 31, 2020

Mystery, Wonder, Unexplained - Paranormal playgrounds, 'The Tall Whites', the Ocean and the Teaspoon and Mice

"Metaphysics means nothing but an unusually obstinate effort to think clearly." - William James

OddsnEnds - 
  • Energy-harvesting design aims to turn Wi-Fi signals into usable power.
  • De-magnet-ized Astrophysicist told Guardian Australia he's done experimenting with  magnets and face-touching, and plans to occupy himself otherwise while home alone...(suggestions belowThe Guardian
  • The Edge of Memory: Ancient Stories, Oral Tradition, and the Postglacial World/Amazon "...makes a strong case the details in oral stories sometimes provide fuller records of the distant past than those readily obtainable by other methods." Discover Magazine. Original story: Sapiens
  • “Well,” he said, “there are little men who live in these hills. They’re called aluxes. They’ve lived here for centuries. If you see one of them while you’re walking around in the forest you’ll get so frightened that you won’t be able to speak. Your voice will get caught in your throat. I really don’t like coming up here.” Sure enough, he dropped us off, turned around, and sped away. I thought, “Well, that’s kind of strange.” - Mitch Horowitz, continued on Medium.
  • Sign of the times - seeking out positive news. Most popular recent post on my Facebook page is about the guy who built a tiny village for the mice in his backyard. Bored Panda.
  • Escapist Entertainment [if that is possible]:
    Music trends indicate the popular choice is to refresh the classics from Talking Heads, MC Hammer and Billy Idol on the Coronavirus Playlist. Seattle Pi.
    Television shows for Coronavirus down time: This list offers 100 titles to start. USA Today.
  • Pushing Daisies - The perfect Self isolating romance... tips for the novice...
# # # 

'Walking with the Tall Whites' - "Story based on the book series "Millennial Hospitality" by Charles James Hall, who claims he was living with extraterrestrials for two years in Nevada, Indian Springs. Charles was scared to death during his first encounters with the "Tall Whites", as he called them, but after about a half year, he overcame his worst fears and started to communicate with the extra-terrestrials."

Sometimes an Experiencer must accept that the greater society is not yet ready for an introduction and tell the story anyway - knowing, eventually, the tide will turn.

Walking with the Tall Whites is available on Amazon Prime and at this link, Amazon.

Nothing here is what it seems. Unfortunately, we are limited in the language to express the vast realms that present in their existence beyond the materialist physicality.
# # #

Interviewing Elly Flippen, Ingo Swann's niece, she says there are two things she always remembers:

1. Carry money for cab fare.
2. Avoid the (specific) intersection
Reading Purple Fables Quartet
Preview on Amazon
because of the Gremlin/Gargoyle
who hangs out there and plays with the traffic light.

The intersection was notorious for accidents.

Like countless others who see into realms mainstream
considers fantasy - Ingo honored what he saw and could
suggest a rule that would apply regardless of belief about the origin.

In the archives:
Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview: Elly Flippen and 'Uncle Ingo'.
# # #

I can't help that my reality [the nightlights and their paranormal origin] doesn't exist for some.

Trying to describe the greater reality around us
is equal to trying to fit the ocean into a teaspoon.
Here is a linear formula.

Again. Teaspoon vs. Ocean.

Awareness of wonder and a solid reality to me doesn't grant me full knowledge into the role of other players in this engagement. I can simply appreciate that doors into other realms do not register to all and remain closed to those who are not prepared to enter. Each is privy to his own course. It is a safety mechanism.

Rather than try to beat a brick into submission with a reality that air, water and metal are real states of being, separate and connected, I trust and honor the brick to evolve under its own timeline if/when imprinted with those experiences.

Tasked with exploring, integrating and managing what I am given, I link with the seen and
Presence and not ... 
unseen who have come before and are now marking the open door for all called by the light.

Alternate realm teachers, guardians, guides - offer support and inspiration. Solid and non-solid exist without benefit of external validation on this plane because their alternate realm domain is alongside our physical world.

We visit the between-state in the day dream and night dream. Some remember, some don't. Learning happens on multiple planes to all that register the dream imprint.

To awaken in the dream - is to level up - remembering source and One illuminate the grand illusion calling those who see to remember - light is the gateway home.

 The solid plane offers exercise in knowing, being and becoming. We forget and we remember and, after we have completed our role in the play, all return home to create anew in form and non-form.

Ocean and Teaspoon. 
# # #

Incident at Devils Den - Terry Lovelace had his own beyond belief encounter with UFOs and Aliens. He served in the USAF from 1973 to 1979 (and had an alien abduction in 1977 while he was on active duty). He has an implant as a souvenir.

No doubt the PTSD that keeps him away from open fields is also a reminder that what he encountered ensured his concept of 'normal' would include a larger field of options than most are comfortable with.

There are now two interviews with Terry in the archives. At 39 minutes, this interview has been edited to fit the KCMO Talk Radio 710 format. Link.
# # #

Stay Curious! And wash your hands. 

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