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Mar 22, 2020

McKenna, Lovelace, Swann, Psychedelics, UFOs, Psychics, Covid-2019. Radical Reality Disruptors ... seen/unseen the Alien fringe

Nature is alive and talking to us. This is not a metaphor. - Terence McKenna Wiki

OddnEnds - (current Cornavirus-Covid-19 links are on the top right sidebar)
  • Proceed with caution: Infectious disease researchers found that time between cases in a chain of transmission is less than a week and that more than 10 percent of patients are infected by somebody who has the virus but does not yet have symptoms. Science Daily.
  • STOP the conspiracy: "These two features of the virus, the mutations in the RBD portion of the spike protein and its distinct backbone, rules out laboratory manipulation as a potential origin for SARS-CoV-2" said Andersen. Source.
  • Online Toilet Paper Calculator ... for Inquiring Minds. CNN. FYI says "More than 2 million people have used the tool, the website says, and the average user has a whopping 500% more toilet paper than they need for quarantine." Curious? Check the Site. Retailers in the US and Canada now limiting the quantity per purchase.
  • (Prior to active TP duty) Carbon dating boost. Using Tree rings to rewrite ancient history. MSN
  • Extra time for OBE practice. Check out Bob Peterson's blog. Full of reviews and personal insight. Blog.  He posted one book online and it is available at no charge. Here's an interview with Bob: Wendy's Coffeehouse link.
  • Pioneering Animal Communicator Penelope Smith offers a unique and proactive take on viruses: "Restorers of Balance - Viruses flourish when there is an imbalance because they are the restorers of the balance. They rebalance and further the evolution of species." Link.
    She says, "This certainly is a more universal outlook than seeing viruses as enemies. In connecting with them, I felt viruses are just as full of dedication to their purpose in the circle of life as other species. They're fulfilling their function with love and devotion. The living cells and bodies that they contact are spurred to increase in consciousness. In the cleaning up process, they also can heighten our spiritual presence and awareness, if we are open to this opportunity."
  • This too, shall pass. Cats and Dominoes - 3 minutes.
    7 Meows - with Interpretation (13 M views. Cats own the internet.)

Entertainment options include Youtube.(free movies and shows)
Alternative downtime upgrade. Revisiting a few gems.

Starting with Terence McKenna Bio. Edited and paraphrased from Wiki - (11/16/46 - 4/3/00). American ethnobotanist, mystic, psychonaut, lecturer, author, advocate for the responsible use of naturally occurring psychedelic plants. Called the "Timothy Leary of the '90s", open to the idea of psychedelics as being "trans-dimensional travel".

He proposed that DMT sent one to a "parallel dimension" and psychedelics literally enabled an individual to encounter "higher dimensional entities", or what could be ancestors, or spirits of the Earth, saying that if you can trust your own perceptions it appears that you are entering an "ecology of souls"."

“The world is magic, not a little bit, one hundred percent. Every atom from one end of this cosmos to the other is magic, magic, magic.” - Terence McKenna

Calling The Butterflies - Workshop - 6 hours ... enjoy.

Another long chat w/Terence - 5 1/2 hours: Understanding The Chaos At History's End. Link.

Having ridden the cusp - the catastrophe is presenting - where on the manifold we land - yet to be determined. From higher plane awareness anything is possible. Time slips, altered states, Alien influence. It might be that required, demanded, mandated separation forces a reorganization of the individual focus and goals. How evolved is this human species? Evolve vs. Devolve. The world mirrors our state. Then again, when one is aware the world is a fantastic multi-planed illusion, one can shift reality as self-determined and imagine UP.

Creators each and every one. Focus. No thing here is permanent - but, on the whole - it is the best permanent we have managed to date. As such, we can do better. That challenge is presenting and playing out to us now.

Interesting footnotes -
Cusp Catastrophe Model for nursing. Link.
Catastrophe Theory. Wiki.
Catastrophe Theory. Science Direct.
- Revisit Cats and Dominoes at above link

Wendy's Coffeehouse Interviews -

3/22/20 - KCMO Talk Radio 710 am, 8p central - Legacy of Psychic/Grandfather of Remote Viewing Ingo Swann. Reissuing classics, adding unpublished work and updated material, Ingo's Niece, Elly Flippen, talks about life with Uncle Ingo and upcoming projects. Preserving the Psychic Child is out now.
Other new arrivals:
1/Penetration Special Edition (His UFO encounter is fantastic. Includes Chapter 9)
2/Psychic Literacy and the Coming Psychic Renaissance.
More info on Ingo at (some web links there are expired)
And the main site for Ingo Swann -

*One hour with Terry Lovelace. Abducted in 1977, Incident at Devil's Den. Decided to go public with his story after discovering an implant (tiny piece of metal with wires attached) while having a cyst removed from his leg. After going public, he now experiences military helicopter fly-bys. At one point, he grabbed the camera and ran out to capture the scene. Surprise! There were UFOs in the background.

*One hour with Jiulio Consiglio. The Healing Frequency. We talk about the current (changes daily) challenge of addressing new routines due to Covid-19. Attuned to the fast changes coming, he managed to warn his sister in Ireland to make another trip to the store for a few more supplies.

For me that 'acorn on the head ' moment happened March 9 as Coronavirus (now considered as Covid-19) hit our local community headlines with the first case noted (on my birth date) during the weekend and hitting Prime Time media full blown alert on Monday, March 9. That was the prompt to act. Time to hit the ground running. Wow!

*Archived, previously broadcast shows are 40 minutes, eliminating commercial and news content.

Thanks for listening!
Stay curious.

[...and wash your hands, please.]

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