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Oct 4, 2019

SciXFriday - "Good Luck Jeffrey Brown" - plus 'the Hum' and an awesome Float session

"If there is a cartographer of altered states of consciousness - of the highways and byways of the inner trip - it is John Lilly, a rare combination of scientist and mystic." - Psychology Today [Programming-Metaprogramming of the Human Biocomputer.]

OddsnEnds -

*Probably more aware due to the float session today. Later in the post.
  • Is the *Hum annoying you? Why ask? According to this feature in New Republic. - It’s in Overland Park, Kansas, where it sounds like “a metallic sound of something vibrating” - I just get the ringing and that's supposed to be a symptom of ascending to 5D: "It is said to be a message from the higher realms that an important life change is coming, and this is an energetic way of higher energy forces tapping into our conscious awareness so that we stay alert and pay attention." Elephant Journal.

    I don't know if that is true. I have talked to others about the ringing and I am not alone. Ringing is also supposed to be an indication of ET presence. Alien frequencies: Crystal Anne Compton Blog. That might fit. The ringing started in 2009 - about the same time we started experiencing increased paranormal phenomena and telepathic ET contact. So, the connections are interesting. Here's the Hum Map Link.

    Another possibility. Ultrasonic Sound Sensitivity. Live Science.

    None of the exotic options fit? Try WebMd: 1. Tinnitus and/or 2. Misophonia.
  • Viral Owlet - making the rounds since early Summer - a gentle reminder everyone has to go through a learning curve of some sort adjusting to the scary unknowns here on planet Earth. Her first encounter with thunder. (Owlet is fine and off on her own now.) Adorable. The Dodo.

Sci-Fi Short Film
. Safe in his bunker, Jeffrey must live out the next 3 months with only himself for company. He waits for the radiation to clear ... and maybe has a few second thoughts.

'Good Luck Jeffrey Brown' by Christian Debney, IMDb
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Here's a quick plug for Float Therapy. Floating KC. I was reminded today that it has been 3 years since I had my first float. Wow!

That puts a lot of this in perspective. My first float was pretty incredible but there has been an interesting progression. While there have been some fantastic sessions, there was also a lull. I still had a good float and felt revived but the tone was subdued minus visions/epiphanies. 

After experiencing ongoing sessions in a float room, I can say every single time is different. Today's float was almost completely opposite of my experience a few weeks ago. Last time was mellow and relaxing. This session - time expanded - in a good way - with so many things happening I wanted to get out and write down all the insights as soon as I could. I also felt incredibly energetic and motivated, totally invigorated.

At times, I had wondered if I had just become so acclimated that I was unable to progress to a deeper level. Then, today - with that huge influx of energy - I realized, just like meditation, it isn't IF the epiphany will come, it is WHEN - and simply continuing the practice. 

Bottom line: If you have ever wondered about Float Therapy, try a session. Be prepared. A true assessment will require more than one session but one gets you in the door.

View that first time as a practice session - anything can happen - but you will be adjusting to the novelty of various aspects like ear plugs; whether to wear them or not and how that feels while you float, feeling sensations of buoyancy in the water, hearing your heartbeat, noticing the waves as you breathe. Falling asleep is also a possibility. I could go on - but not here.

I can recommend some books: Float Tank Therapy and/or The Book of Floating: "A superb book for initiates into the tank.” - Dr. John C. Lilly, author, The Deep Self. You may want to start your own float journal. When I have had any sort of muscle ache or soreness, the float has been a wonderful assist to loosen and relax stiff joints. It also helps to have a session in the Zero Grav massage chair. Reviews on Yelp.

Today's session was a consciousness boost and an affirmation that my intuitive connections are in sync with activities I have planned. Once again, I am revived and motivated to continue using Float Therapy as a method of stress relief, pain management and mind expansion.

Floating KC offers special rates for Veterans (PTSD relief), First Responders, Police Officers, Firefighters and EMTs. And Floating KC is on Groupon. Plan ahead for Christmas Gift Cards - and get one for yourself. If you can't take a break from all the end of the year chaos, you'll definitely appreciate it in January.

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Stay curious.

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