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Oct 8, 2019

Aliens, Telepathy and Politics. Patrick De Haan and "The Committee" - Extraterrestrial Influence on Humanity.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and John Anster. See Quote Investigator regarding the origination.

OddsnEnds -
  • Viral UFO video creating buzz in North Carolina. Critics say 'Military flares'... Others are not so sure. Charlotte Observer.
    Really, the only person capable of validating a UFO sighting is someone who has actually encountered a UFO. There are distinct physical and telepathic senses that are stimulated with an encounter. The most frustrating thing about trying to prove your sighting is the fact - not everyone "sees/senses" it - and even then, they might not remember. (Read John Foster's account: Eminent Discovery. Goodreads.)
    Is it a UFO? One commenter said he saw something similar to this formation while traveling in the desert. Event is unexplained for now.
  • More from the Navy Pilot who reported the Nimitz encounter. He says there was a previous odd encounter with a UFO submerged in the ocean. Link.
    Following up on that with a response from Patrick De Haan and "The Committee": Link.
  • Fascinating report on a Thai UFO group communicating with Buddhist Aliens. CNN. Longer read on VICE. You can follow the group on Facebook.
  • Wet Cat mystery solved by pool security cam. The Dodo.

Patrick De Hann is telepathic, multilingual and he's traveled to multiple countries. Added advantage [expanding the database] for anyone who is a Channel.

Patrick says he had his doubts when "The Committee" predicted Donald Trump would become President - then it happened. With an accurate call on the 2016 election, what does "The Committee" have to say about 2020? And 2024? We briefly address that topic in the interview. We also talk about telepathy and how Patrick started channeling "The Committee."

All of that and much more is covered in The Alien Handbook: A Guide to Extraterrestrials. Summary from Ozark Mountain Publishing: "This book has information about highly evolved life from other worlds in our galaxy, visiting and observing Earth. There are channeling sessions between the author and his spirit guides (nicknamed GAGs as an abbreviation for Guardian Angel Guides), ETs in general and sessions with alien extraterrestrials visiting and observing Earth as the book was written, 2014 through early 2016." 

Patrick was a Presenter at the 2019 Ozark Mountain UFO Conference in Eureka Springs. [Sign up for  the 2020 event.] He talks about his focus as a Channel. He says he doesn't care so much about the entertainment factor or their names, he is interested in what Aliens/Extraterrestrials can tell us about Humanity. They have a lot to say.

Patrick provides answers from "The Committee" at his website and he welcomes interaction.
This segment is copied from a Q & A section to give you an example of the format and some of the answers already addressed. {Shared with permission.}

Old Souls, Past & Future Lives - Part 1 of 3. Link.

Question: SANTANU ACHARYA, 7/10/2019 01:44:39 - "My favourite topic.
Some questions for TC...
1. Did all the souls originate during the so called "Big Bang"?
2. "What other incarnations are possible?...: On Earth, as nearly any physical animal including quite small and on other planets or worlds" Does this mean that we were incarnated as animals once upon a time? And that animals may incarnate as humans?
3. What is the goal of the soul? Is it just to experience or is there any "higher" goal where we want to reach through our experiences?
4. Some souls reportedly do not incarnate. Some do. So what is the advantage of incarnating versus not incarnating? Why choose a painful path?
5. So there is no past or future lives. But there are some lives which influence others. Right? If so, why does it happen if Karma does not exist?
6. So there is no old or young soul. But there are advanced and less advanced souls. What makes a soul "more advanced" than other souls?
7. If there is advancement is souls, where does it lead to finally? Do the most advanced souls eventually merge with God or something?
9. Was there a purpose behind the creation of the whole universe / all the universes?
10. When the Universe dies eventually, what will happen to all the souls, all the matter and all the energy?

RESPONSE: PATRICK, 7/10/2019 20:12:57.
Responds The Committee:
1. No, this was a physical event, not a creation of consciousness, parts or pieces.
2. Yes, many souls incarnate as animals and humans both. This does not change the soul.
3. The goal is growth.
4. Most souls do not incarnate, it is a small, small minority of all consciousness which chooses such physical experience. How advantageous the experience will be, is purely and solely [see what we did there?] the decision of the soul, after-the-fact and upon reflection. The path is not painful, but can contain some difficulty. Massive growth of the soul erupts from passage through difficulty, emotional pain, loss, renewal, forgiveness and love.
5. No, one life does not influence another life or lives. Only a soul can choose to re-visit and re-solve something from one life against the circumstances and setting of another. Karma both exists and does not, based on the definition one might wish to have. Where it can be described to exist, it is voluntary. There is no bank of payback built-up from bad deeds and intentional misteps which is released upon the transgressor after a trigger is activated. Only a soul may choose to address some aspect of a negative act, and it is affirmatively voluntary to do so.
6. No, no advanced souls either, not according to the human understanding of advancement. These words are semantics, a different form of the old & young soul impression.
7. There is growth, not advancement. There is no hierarchy where a more authoritative soul has power to promote or advance. Ultimate growth leads back to our creator and the collective of which we are always and permanently a part, all of us. There is no merger with God, we and you are all God, we compose it. God is our collective existence. We're always a part, we cannot disconnect, thus cannot merge or go back into it.
9. There still is a purpose, which is growth.
10. Nothing, and such death will not occur. There will be another re-birth and more growth will come.
"Number eight, we do await."

- Answer to number 8 - is continued on the post. Link.

Questions? Connect with Patrick on his site: TheAmendment.net
Read The Alien Handbook: Amazon.

Thank you for listening!
Stay curious.

*My previous interview with Patrick De Haan on Empower Radio.

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