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Sep 20, 2019

"Listen to Me" - in a world of different - Clarity rings true. Plus Aliens, UFOs, Palmistry and Calling Earth ITC, assorted links.

"It also is true that some ideas naturally work themselves out over a longer period of time than a single human life can encompass." -  James E. Gunn, Aliens of James Gunn, Lawrence Magazine.

OddsnEnds -
Palm Reader, Sandy Jorgensen says she is
getting an assist from her son-in-law
to offer readings on Zoom.

  • Alienstock party weekend. “People ask me if I’ve been abducted,” Barrios said. “How would I know? They zap your brain so you wouldn’t know.” RGI.
  • While the official StormArea51 Party has been relocated to Las Vegas, the party is still on in Rachel. ABC News.
  • History - US Navy has confirmed the UFO Footage, released in 2017, is legit. Also says it was not intended to be made public. Unexplained Mysteries.
  • Example of a sighting that demonstrates the interdimensional nature of UFOs. "Like the others it went into the cloud. Almost as soon as it entered, the cloud turned a slightly yellow color then seemed to just “wash itself out of the sky” - Stan Gordon UFO Anomalies.

    - Empower Radio Interview 9/18/20 -
  • KC area Palm Reader, Sandy Jorgensen offers classes
    on palm reading. We worked together on a (expired) Talk Shoe podcast a few years ago and reconnected at a recent metaphysical fair in Topeka when Mom had a reading. She confessed that at one time she had wanted to learn to read palms.  
  • In the interview, Sandy shared a few Palmistry basics; straight lines, curves and hand shapes and how the choice of finger for wearing rings is significant. She also mentioned that she tries to avoid observing preliminary tips from handwriting cues.  
  • Then we reminisced and I surprised her when I said I remembered the time her signature disappeared and asked if she would tell that story. Talk about magical. Her son was furious not impressed at the time. And the US Army had no explanation. An amazing example and a real world demonstration of the power of intention.
  • Here's the link for the interview: Sandy on Empower Radio. And a few more links: Palmistry basics with Sandy: Evolving Magazine. Connect with Sandy on Facebook at Mystic Afternoons.

Award winning Short Film: "Listen to Me" ... Bullied, she sees no future... until ...

Windstruck Production
Best Film Narrative - Qhia Dab Neeg Film Festival
2017 Best in Show - Media & Design Show 2017
Ai - Chicago Best Overall Film - Frozen Film Fest 2018


The most incredible things happen when one connects with that which cannot be seen. Reality is far greater than the mind can fathom. That's a big carrot.

*Calling Earth, Produced, Directed and Edited by Dan Drasin, is a documentary on ITC, Instrumental Transcommunication Contact with the deceased through electronic devices.

With permission from Dan Drasin, I appreciate the opportunity to share the full program on this previous postOr watch on Vimeo. Contact with the deceased in this film is anything but subtle. Researchers provide clear and distinct audio communications, authenticated by those who knew them.

"FOREWORD Because the conscious survival of physical death makes no sense in terms of our materialistic (essentially 19th-century) scientific paradigm, Western science is only now beginning to play catch-up in this arena. So please don't take this documentary as the final word. In another decade or two we may well look back on this type of research as primitive, but for now it's a start. Just try it on for size and see what you think, keeping in mind that a documentary film can only scratch the surface of any subject. We hope you enjoy it."

Unexplained. Woman found unconscious on a beach near the place she was thought to have drowned over a year before. Dressed in the same clothes. Family had not believed her to be dead. Uncle dreamed she told him to look for her on the beach where she disappeared. Recurring dream. He finally decided to check it out. Oddity Central.

*Original post Calling Earth - July 2018.

Thank you for listening!
Stay Curious.

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