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Aug 5, 2019

The Medium is also a Doctor, Dr. Ian Rubenstein. Odd news links include Ghosts, UFOs and an Emotional Support Alligator.

"One day in 1924 when I was in trance an invisible personality announced himself as Fletcher and said that henceforth he would be my permanent assistant on the unseen plane. Just that simply our partnership began. Of course it was not I to whom Fletcher spoke directly; he announced himself to a friend of mine who was having the sitting - "Tell Ford that I am to be his control and that I go by the name of Fletcher." - Arthur Ford, An Arthur Ford Anthology.

OddsnEnds -
  • News that the title of America's Most Haunted Hotel, according to USA Today, is the Fainting Goat Island Inn (New York), took the owner by surprise. However, she doesn't  deny the activity. One young boy told his parents he couldn't sleep because of the footsteps on the stairway - a stairway no longer in use.
  • Ahem... the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas owns the website, America's Most Haunted Hotel and a reputation to support the claim. I know some people who can vouch for their ghosts.
  • Keeping up with the times. Live streamed Funerals. Wired.
  • Clock ticking. Kurzweil on when AI will match Human intelligence (2029). Gray Scott
  • Eco Liberation. Giving rivers the right to protection. Reuters.
  • More Orbs reported as UFOsmultiple orbs on video. Oil City News. At the time of this post, no response from the FAA. Evansville is part of Casper, Wyoming metro.
  • New series, "Contact", Green lighted for Discovery Channel - hunting for evidence ETs have visited. Hollywood Reporter.
  • When Metallica saved the day. Stalked Hiker says she finally blasted the noisiest thing on her phone. Vice. Bookmark Cougar Repellent: Don't Tread on Me.
  • Anne Lubenvendor at the upcoming KCParacon has a wonderfully unique Tarot with a Midwestern theme: Tornadoes and Windmills.
  • Free Hugs. Wally the emotional support Gator. Oddity Central.

Dr. Ian Rubenstein the Medium. Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview

Even with the amazing odd knowings, including an incredible medical diagnosis and revelation prior, the fact he chose to fully examine and immerse himself to become a Medium required no small bit of bravery, given his profession as a Medical Doctor.

The plus for those of us who are curious, Doctor Rubenstein makes the story very practical and real, no matter how unreal the circumstances. Given strong impressions and nudgings from Spirit and synchronistic support from the physical realm, he checks in to see what the heck its all about.

His supportive life partner is a big asset because stepping into the PSI realm does involve personal vulnerability and professional risk. Throughout the journey, his wife urges him to explore and learn what he can about his experiences. A true explorer, he dives in.

The "Snow Queen" encounter was a bold PSI knock on the door. He talks more about that in our interview and in this video feature story. Sorry I don't have part two. (If you do - please share a link!)

If you have even the slightest ability - intuitive, medium, energy healer, psychic - this story is a tremendous benefit because he walks you through the list of support techniques of grounding and protection and a few groups and organizations that are specific to helping train and advance psychic talent.

'Consulting Spirit: A Doctor's Experience with Practical Mediumship', available on Amazon or through the publisher: Anomalist Books.

Amazon Review: Amy in LA., 5.0 out of 5 stars, loved this book.
As a budding medium myself and a health care practitioner as well, I completely appreciated this book. A delight. Well written and highly readable.

Sample the book and you'll get a feel for how it goes, a day in the life of a Doctor Medium.
Chapter 30, page 217, starts with a request to help out with a poltergeist. Naturally, it progresses to a few somethings more. One Winter's Night.

Bio: "Dr. Ian D. Rubenstein is a U.K. doctor who works in Enfield, North London. Since training as a medium, he has attempted to use the mediumistic skills he has learned in his medical work as a primary care physician."

I am really hoping we will be able to catch up with Ian on how his medical practice has evolved as a result of having access to alternative sources of information.

Support Links:
Dr, Ian Rubenstein 
Spiritualists' National Union
Scientific and Medical Network


Alert FYI - Excellent Recommendation on Ian's book from Stanley Krippner, Ph.D (I interviewed Stanley about Medicine Man Rolling Thunder.) He is known for his volumes of groundbreaking PSI research, Example:Environmental Influence on Clairvoyance. 

I do believe further study should include additional factors as I notice situations and places where my own results improve or wane. Those additional elements include weather, time of day, physical health and the presence of others - animals and humans, amplifying or draining the flow.

There is also a GoFundMe program now set up for Stanley, 6/19, job recently terminated - due to relocation of Saybrook University.  

Brilliant [and Rare video] with Micky Hart - talking about PSI experiment with the Grateful Dead audience and transcending time.

Thank you for listening!
Stay Curious.

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