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Aug 22, 2019

Consciousness, Aliens, Earth Changes, Prophecy, Ghosts, Fairies, PMH Atwater and a friendly Duck

“Consciousness has quantum field properties. Because of that, at the most primal level, we are all connected. We are part of, live in, and respond to the same or similar vibrational fields.” - PMH Atwater, A Manual for Developing Humans, - *PMH Atwater interview coming November 3, 2019.

OddsnEnds - 
  • Screwing up the timeline. Ancient Bones and Teeth may rewrite Human History. NPR.
  • Chaos on the planet. Fire. Amazon/CNN. Water levels up. Great Lakes
  • Stone Age Boat - Ancients smarter than given credit. BBC
  • "Methuselah star" est. 16 billion years old. Problem - older than Big Bang est. 13.8 billion years. New est. pegs star at 13.7 billion. Poof. Solved. Space.
  • Oral story keepers have "direct memories of events that occurred 10 millennia ago." Sapiens
  • Aliens knocking. Researchers have detected eight fast radio bursts (FRB). Independent.
  • Already here - 3 Alien Encounter Movies. Exo News. (Sherry Wilde UFO HUB interview.)
  • Hopi Prophecy. Something's coming. Link.

    Diversions - 
  • 1/Recent - Ghost on Baby Monitor. MSN An image in the 1st. Closet door opens in the 2nd. 
  • 2/Previous - Ghost on Baby Monitor. Cosmo. Baby had scratches. Couple moved.
  • Cool Duck and Flip-Flop. The retrieval. Dodo.

In my interview with Shekina Rose we mention Fairies. My sighting - this week - prompted by the rare appearance of a Yellow Cardinal. We tried to get a picture and I noticed a small gray object - comparable to the size of an owl feather - flying from one branch of the tree to another. The unusual movement caught my attention. Fortunately, Andy saw it too.

It flew a second time to an area blocked from our view. Leaf? No. Feather? Didn't move like a feather. It looked self-guided. We found no trace of the object where it had appeared to land. Not a feather.

*Interview with Shekina/Wendy's Coffeehouse archive date is 8/25/19.

Communicating with the Fairy Realm since 2004. The blog. And the book preview.

Sign up for a free guide Link -A Real Fairies Guide to the Common Types of Fairies. Includes some, but not all of the types of fairies interviewed for the book.

Real Fairies Podcast: Show number One, How it all began.

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Wendy's Coffeehouse - 

Upcoming interview with PMH Atwater (Nov 3, 2019). Her newest book is
The Forever Angels - Near-Death Experiences in Childhood and Their Lifelong Impact

•"Draws on interviews with nearly 400 childhood experiencers, both fully matured and young, as well as more than 40 years of NDE research involving over 5,000 people." 

•"Reveals how those who experience a near-death state at a young age are profoundly affected for the rest of their lives, including developing psychic and intuitive abilities, “wisdom beyond their years,” and a pervasive feeling of being “homesick for heaven”..."

Near Death Experiencers will appreciate the additional insight provided in this material.

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Thank you for listening!
Stay curious.

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