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Jul 16, 2019

Life's Little Enchantments - Fairies, Intelligent Plants, Ghosts, Telepathic Interrogation, Doomsday Maps, Beanless Coffee, etc...

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." -John Muir, naturalist, explorer, and writer (1838-1914)

OddnEnds - 
  • Useful. Chiropractic care was inspired by a Ghost. National Post  
  • On the menu"food out of thin air"...  Look for it on the market in 2021. CNN.
  • Brilliant - Neural implant sight restoration for the Blind. Futurism.
  • Paradigm Shift - Thus Spoke the Plant, Monica Gagliano: Scientist making waves with her contention Plants are Intelligent. Forbes. 2013 debate on Intelligent Plants. New Yorker (long read).
  • If global warming kills coffee, beanless Atomo on standby. Oddity Central.
  • Heli' Exorcism - Mass holy water spritz to evict Demons. Independent.
  • Spooky times - Files from the CIA Weird Desk. Source.
  • Remote Viewed - Telepathic Interrogation. Joe McMoneagle is extraordinary. Via Twitter/Mark D Rudningen. As such, ridicule (Men Who Stare at Goats, Wiki lists names.) as subterfuge was effective until CIA records were declassified. Know this game is still in play. Somewhere.    
  • Manta Update - Diver removed hook from the eye of a Manta Ray who asked for help now says she's doing well. Standard.

Documentary - Searching for Fairies includes accounts of meetings and interactions. One family has a legacy - 'The Fiddler who had an encounter with the Fairies.' Neillidh Boyle (Neil) - as told by the granddaughter at 37:46. Kathleen Boyle. (Bio)

More background on Kathleen and her father and their musical background.

More Fairies. From New Zealand, 'Voices from the Forest' - Vimeo Trailer.
Sacred sites Researcher Gary Cook treks into the bush to see if Fairies are physical or from another dimension. Disappointed at the lack of anything special happening during the investigation, a review of the footage reveals otherwise. And THAT is what makes it even more interesting.

I ordered the film direct from Gary, hoping he will continue his research and follow-up with another film. Voices from the ForestAvailable on Gaia.

Supernatural fare - 
  • Good Omens. (Minus Fairies) Binge watching fun - bonus: was special rate/free on Amazon Prime. Angels, Demons, Miracles, Mayhem. Doomsday clock ticking -- countdown to Armageddon -- then someone fumbles.   6 episodes and poof! The End? Are there more to follow up? Apparently, that depends. Radiotimes. A review. Radiotimes.  An alternative: The Book.

Somewhat Armageddon related -

  • Billionaire escape plans and Doomsday Maps. Forbes.

  •   top 5 - above link takes you there
    appx. 40 minutes without commercials

    Penny Kelly, 11-5, 2016 - Kundalini and Men in Robes (ET)
    Nancy Talbott, 1-29, 2017 - Cognitive Dissonance (Crop Circles)
    Annie Kagan, 9-10, 2017 - The Afterlife of Billy Fingers - Billy's hereafter "reality" 
    Eben Alexander, 11-12, 2016 - Proof of Heaven NDE rocked the medical professionals
    Tony Cicoria, 11-19, 2016 - Struck by Lightning, NDE Musical Genius

    Thank you for listening!

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