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Jul 1, 2019

Gerard Aartsen - George Adamski's message still resonates. Space Brothers are here.

"Was it not the so-called professed authorities in times gone by, as they are today, who criticized and dis­paraged everything proposed for the betterment of man? The kind of proof demanded was premature and could not in wisdom be given. But time and patience finally vindicated those who brought forth the ideas. Humanity is that much better off today because of them - not because of the skeptics!" - George Adamski, Inside the Spaceships, Goodreads.

OddsnEnds - 
  • Warning about Aliens rebuffed, thus the bombCoast to Coast
  • Former Senator Harry Reid: if Russia and China are investigating UFOs then the US should be as well. Link.
  • Dogs in Space - Scientists are floating the idea. Futurism. Famous space dog: Laika and a very sad history lesson. Story.
  • ET Survey - 7/1/19 - your opinion counts. Futurism. Question: If ET/Aliens try to contact us, how should we respond? Survey Link. Follow on Twitter.
  • Alternate Universe Dogs come to Planet Earth, seek to dominate the minions. Comic.
  • Outstanding Japan UFO Story [photos and contact] remains a curious mystery. Link.
  • “I think, in the ocean, I have come across potentially beings from another heavenly body that are more highly advanced than humans.” - Nat Geo Photographer Lu Lamar  has a lot of experience documenting oceanic wildlife. Video at UFOSightingsHotspot.
  • Human Longevity Film Project - Aging well. Factors that influence Health and Wellness. Eco, Lifestyle, Diet, Wealth, Stress. It's all in there.
  • 80 inch symphonic gong. Epic OM. Link
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Wendy's Coffeehouse Interview - The Invisible Ocean in the Sea of Consciousness by Gerard Aartsen - includes George Adamski's lost debut. 

Who was George Adamski? He was the first of the 1950's Contactees to say - not only had he met Aliens/ETs - he had been aboard their ships and traveled off planet. Adamski's messages from the Space Brothers challenged Humans to expand their consciousness and upgrade their awareness beyond planet inhabitant to galactic citizen. Adamski Foundation.

Quotes" Innumerable suns exist. Innumerable Earths revolve around these - Living beings inhabit these worlds." - Giordano Bruno, 1548 - 1600, Burnt on the stake for heresy.

Gerard's research focuses on the common theme of evolving consciousness in the messages from contactees. 

Other books on George Adamski:
1/ Here to Help: UFOs and the Space Brothers: "Exploring the facts behind the myths, this book reframes the debate about the reality of the space visitors in view of the unprecedented changes engulfing the world today." Share International Video Interview.

2/ A Herald for the Space Brothers Revised Edition: "...a unique book that reveals the true scope of Adamski's mission in preparation for a complete restructuring of our world and re-frames the discussion about the relevance of his work. It provides the first comprehensive outline of Adamski's teaching, largely based on publications that were never available to the larger public and were never reprinted, and thereby shows that there is nothing 'alien' about the visitors from space. It also features the most complete Adamski bibliography to date."

To become more familiar with the messages from the 1950's Contactees and their significance in present day world affairs, read Gerard's book, Priorities for a Planet in Transition - The Space Brothers' Case for Justice and Freedom: "...this book uncovers the patient and sustained efforts of the space people to interact with people of Earth."

Amazon Review: 2015, S.S. - Space Brothers show us better ways to live: In my opinion, this is a very important book and I hope it’s widely read. Most people who have researched extraterrestrial life know that our Space Brothers’ technology is much more advanced than ours, but this book shows that their social and economic systems are just as advanced. It would behoove us to consider “borrowing” some of their ideas if we expect to create a world that works for everyone.

This is the video Gerard referenced in our interview - Ending the Disclosure Nonsense.

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  • Who were the 1950's Contactees? Link
  • An inside look at the International Space Brothers Community. Link.
  • 'Inside the Space Ships' online: Link.
  • Film: Seeing is Believing. Includes a classic interview segment with long-time night radio host and UFO talker Art Bell at 5:49.
  • Gerard is a long-standing co-worker of Share International, the worldwide network of groups affiliated with British esotericist Benjamin Creme. [Masters of Wisdom] He writes about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. Share International MagazineLink.
  • Gerard Aartsen talks with Shirley Maclaine fill-in host Brit Elders. Interview.
  • About the 4 UFOs positioned around the planet: YouTube.

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Stay curious.

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